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What is meant by conditional bloating ?

Posted By :karthi     Posted Date :February 21, 2010    Points :10   Category :ASP.Net 
It is one of the activity used in ajax control. That is used to improve the performance.

It is done by using the property UpdateMode

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What do u meant by "SBI" of an object?

SBI stands for State, Behavior and Identity.Every object has the above three.

State:- It is just a value to the attribute of an object at a particular time.
Behaviour:- It describes the actions and their reactions of that object.
Identity:- An object has an identity that characterizes its own existence. The identity makes it possible to distinguish any object in an unambiguous way, and independently from its state. (More...)

What is meant by Rich Internet Application(RIA)?

Microsoft .NET RIA Services provides support to make the n-tier application pattern by combining the ASP.NET and Silverlight platforms in a simple manner.
RIA Services presents a pattern which a help of that you can write application logic that can run on the mid-tier and controls access to data for queries, changes, and custom operations.
It support data validation, authentication, and roles by integrating with Silverlight components on the client and ASP.NET on the middle tier. (More...)

What is meant by EndPoint in WCF?

It's an Interface, it paves a way on how the client should communicate with the service.
It has three points, they are;
1) Address - defines where the service resides
2) Binding - defines how to communicate
3) Contract - defines what the service does (More...)

What points to be kept in mind while using conditional operator i.e. AND, NOT & OR operator?

AND operator: does not hurt the performance of the database engine the reason is that it in fact reduces the result from the result set.

OR operator : When Index is used with the OR operator then all the column used/referenced by the OR operator in the where clause must include in an index or none of the indexes are used.

NOT operator: It hurts the performance of the database engine the reason is that the query optimizer which optimizes the query is not able to use index for the where clause when ever a NOT operator is used/specified in the where clause of the query (More...)

What is meant by DataSet?

A DataSet can represent an entire relational database in memory,complete with tables,relations and views. (More...)

What is meant by WS Addressing Standard in WCF ?

The address for an endpoint is a unique URL that identifies the
location of the service. The address should follow the Web Service Addressing (WS-Addressing) standard, and they are :-

(1) Scheme - This is typically "http" followed by a colon.

(2) Machine - Identifies the machine name, which can be a public URL such as "www.google.com" or a local identifier such as "localhost".

(3) Port - The optional port number, preceded by a colon.

(4) Path - The path used to locate the service files. Typically, this is just the service name, but the path can consist of more than one level when a service resides in a directory structure.


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