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What is method to get XML and schema from Dataset in .NET Framework?

Posted By :Amit Mehra     Posted Date :January 31, 2010    Points :10   Category :.NET Framework 
There are two method of DataSet class by which you can get XML and schema

1) GetXML() //For geting xml string

2) GetXmlSchema() //For Schema string

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What is typed dataset in C#?

A typed dataset is similar to a dataset with only difference is that the sehema is already present in typed dataset. so if any mismatch in the column will generate compile time errors rather than runtime error as in the case of normal dataset. Also accessing the column value is much easier than the normal dataset as the column definition will be available in the schema. (More...)

What is .NET Framework?

The .NET Framework has two main components: the common language runtime and the .NET Framework class library.
You can think of the runtime as an agent that manages code at execution time, providing core services such as memory management, thread management, and remoting, while also enforcing strict type safety and other forms of code accuracy that ensure security and robustness.
The class library, is a comprehensive, object-oriented collection of reusable types that you can use to develop applications ranging from traditional command-line or graphical user interface (GUI) applications to applications based on the latest innovations provided by ASP.NET, such as Web Forms and XML Web services. (More...)

What is Method overloading?

Method overloading occurs when a class contains two methods with the same name, but different signatures. (More...)

What is Method Overriding? How to override a function in C#?

Use the override modifier to modify a method, a property, an indexer, or an event. An override method provides a new implementation of a member inherited from a base class. The method overridden by an override declaration is known as the overridden base method. The overridden base method must have the same signature as the override method.
You cannot override a non-virtual or static method. The overridden base method must be virtual, abstract, or override. (More...)

Can we call a base class method without creating instance?

Its possible If its a static method.

Its possible by inheriting from that class also.

Its possible from derived classes using base keyword. (More...)

What happens when we issue Dataset.ReadXml command?

Reads XML schema and data into the DataSet. (More...)

What is Method used to bind the data into gridview ?

DataBind() Method used to bind the data into gridview (More...)

What is the .NET Framework?

The .NET Framework is an environment for building, deploying, and running Web Services and other applications. It consists of three main parts: the Common Language Runtime, the Framework classes, and ASP.NET. (More...)

Does the .NET Framework only apply to people building Web sites?

The .NET Framework enables you to create great Web applications. However, it can also help you build the same applications you build today. If you write any Windows software (using ATL/COM, MFC, Microsoft® Visual Basic®, or even standard Microsoft® Win32®), .NET offers many advantages to the way you currently build applications. Of course, if you do develop Web sites, then the .NET Framework has a lot to interest you-starting with ASP.NET. (More...)

What programming languages will the .NET Framework support?

The .NET Framework is language neutral; virtually any language can target the .NET Framework. Currently, you can build .NET programs in a number of languages, including C++, Microsoft® Visual Basic.NET, _JScript®, and Microsoft's newest language-C#. A large number of third-party languages will also be available for building .NET Framework applications. These languages include COBOL, Eiffel, Perl, Python, Smalltalk, and others. (More...)

What is the relationship between the .NET Framework and COM+ Services?

The .NET Framework gives you full access to COM+ services, while also making it easier to build serviced components.
.NET Framework components can be added to a COM+ application. There they can take advantage of automatic component services such as transactions, object pooling, queued components, events, and so on. (More...)

What is the relationship between the .NET Framework and DCOM?

DCOM is the COM infrastructure for cross-process communication. The .NET Framework supports a number of pluggable channels and formatters for cross-process communication. When making transitions between managed and unmanaged code, the .NET Framework uses the COM infrastructure, specifically, DCOM. All scenarios using COM+ services use managed-to-unmanaged transitions, and thus use DCOM by default. The .NET Framework also supports SOAP, the Simple Object Access Protocol, for cross-process communication where interoperability is critical. (More...)

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