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What is datagram in a TCP/IP network?

Posted By :Abhisek Panda     Posted Date :January 30, 2010    Points :10   Category :Networking 
At the network layer of TCP/IP model the data unit created is called the datagram.

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What are the major data structures used in RDBMS, Network data model & Hierarchical data model.

RDBMS - Array (i.e. Array of structures)
Network data model - Graph
Hierarchical data model - Trees (More...)

What do you mean by network communication standards?

Network communication standards are certain rules and specifications framed by standard organisations for manufacturing network hardware and developing network software.

Major communication standards have been formed by the organisations like ISO, IEEE etc. (More...)

In an IP address can a network ID be 127?

No, a network ID can't be 127. Because 127 is not assigned to any IP address classes. It is reserved. (More...)

What is the minimum and maximum length of the header in the TCP segment and IP datagram?

The header should have a minimum length of 20 bytes and can have a maximum length of 60 bytes. (More...)

Computer Network?

1.Interconnection of two or more computers and peripherals

2.Allows user to share and transfer information (More...)

Local Area Network (LAN)?

1. Covers a small area
2. Connects computers and workstations covering a local area like, office or home (More...)

Campus Area Network (CAN)?

1. Made up of multiple LANs within limited area
2. Connects different LANs in a campus (More...)

Metropolitan Area Network?

1. Interconnects networks within a city
2. Supports data and voice transmission (More...)

Wide Area Network?

Covers a wide geographical area which includes multiple computers or LANs e.g. Internet (More...)

Network Selection Criteria?

Helps to improve network functionality:

1. Performance
2. Reliability
3. Security (More...)

Various Network layer?

1. LAN types are Ethernet, Token Ring, Token bus and Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI).

2. OSI layers are Physical, Data Link, Network, Transport, Session, Presentation and Application layer

3. The factors of network selection criteria are Performance, Reliability and Security

4. Standards organization is unit which develops, maintains, improves, amends and revises standards (More...)

Extending the network ?

1. A computer network can be extended using repeaters, hubs and bridges.

2. In computer networks, a bridge is an Internetworking device.

3. Repeater regenerates signal.

4. Repeaters remove the unwanted noise in an incoming signal.

5. A hub is a multi port repeater which provides a common point for the connection of network devices. (More...)

AppleTalk - Network Components ?

1. Sockets - Location in AppleTalk node which is recognized by a unique address.

2. Nodes - Device which is a part of an AppleTalk network e.g. computer, printer or router .

3. Networks - Consists of a cable with multiple nodes connected to the cable .

4. Zones - Constitutes a group of nodes and network which are logically associated . (More...)

AppleTalk - Network Address ?

1. AppleTalk uses addressing to identify and recognize every device on a network similar to other common protocols .

2. Address is broadcast to all other nodes to determine whether it has been already utilized.

3. Fields in AppleTalk network address:

Network number
Node number
Socket number (More...)

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