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Posted By:      Posted Date: September 01, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint
Hi, Is it possible to add/remove information of an user on the organization (slverlight) on the myprofile page? For example, if I want that the phone number visible is for every user... Where can i do that? tnx

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Scott Mitchell

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Organization Hierarchy - Manger not showing


SharePoint 2007 SP2 on Server 2008 R2

I am doing a custom profile import using AD and a BDC connection.  All the data comes in and populates correctly, including the 'Manager' field which is being populated from the BDC entity. All main fields are being populated from the BDC entity.  Fields are; First name, last name, email, office and cell phone, and manager.

However, when viewing the Organization Hierarchy, the users 'Manager' is not showing up in the Hierarchy. Nothing above the current user is shown in the Hierarchy.  The Manager field is populated with a valid user.  If I display the Manager field in the 'Details' section, I can see the name and click on it to see their profile page as well, so it is all valid and accurate.

Colleagues ( users with the same Manager ) are listed in the Hierarchy, but none of their hierarchy's show the manager either.

I have deleted every profile and then done a full import several times with the same result. Incremental import does ont have any affect either.

Any suggestions or advice on how to get the Manager to display?

Thanks to all!


SharePoint 2010 - Organization Browser Web Part

am trying to use the new SharePoint web part "Organization Browser", and actually by default its working fine, but when I tried to customize it to render the users starting from specific user(profile), I mean show only the profiles under specific user, i did not found any such property to do that, I tired to inherit the web part using VS 2010 with no luck, any help please.

On MySite the "Organization hierarchy" has a subtle bug

On MySite the "Organization hierarchy" has a subtle bug. If a manager chooses a person, that has said manager as manager, the person will not show up on the manager's "Organization hierarcy". How to fix this?

SharePoint 2010 organization installation without access to Central Administration?

Our organization of 5000+ internal users and 1000 external vendors wants to integrate SharePoint 2010. We are are being mandated to use an offering of SharePoint 2010 in the cloud. All peer organizations are also being told to use this service, and we are all going to be on a single SP farm. We want to have several internal site collections, customization of MySites, an extranet, and a public facing site. We will not have the ability to access central administration ourselves, we have to go through a centralized state IT department and have them make changes for us. We will only have admin abilities for our own site collections. Installing 3rd party web parts will be a nightmare process as well as making small changes to central admin resources as we are dependent on their time-line to test and integrate these for us. What issues are we likely to see because of this, and is this even a feasible option for us? BTW, they do not uphold SLA agreements and currently they sometimes take days or weeks to fix issues, where our people would take care of it in hours if possible.

Organization Profile

Hi, Is there any use of the Organization Profile define in the User Profile Service Application?I have tried to define a few organizations profiles with leader and members. but I do not see any use of this information in SharePoint.Is this information can only be used programmatically?Thanks,Elad    

Why organization browser web part shows nothing?

I see my visualized organization chart in the my profile, but when I add a Organization browser to the site in public side I see nothing. Why organization browser web part shows nothing?Kenny_I

Organization browser webpart on any webpart page

Hi there, has anyone got the organization browser to work on any webpart page (e.g. default.aspx)? It does work in the MySites, but not in a "normal" site collection. Cheers, Andi

Organization Browser Web Part


I have put an orgnization browser web part on a page. It displays blank, though, on the mysite it displays complete hierarchy.

In html view: It shows javascript error: Access Denied and shows popup "The Server Method 'GetUserSLProfileData' Failed.

In Silverlight view: its blank

Any help will be appreciated!

Organization in Site Collection Administrator



when assign Site Collection Administrator for new Site Collection,can i assign the user that define formerly in Organization Chart?

in other words when you click on notebook beside "username" in "primary site collection administrator" , how work or what include  "organization" part?


Organization in Site Collection Administrator



when assign Site Collection Administrator for new Site Collection,can i assign the user that define formerly in Organization Chart?

in other words when you click on notebook beside "username" in "primary site collection administrator" , how work or what include "organization" part?


Organization Filter (Direct Reports) Web Part


According to this Technet article, there is a filter web part called the organization filter: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc262682(office.12).aspx.

I can't find any information about it so I figured I'd ping the gurus... Ideas on what it is and/or where I can find it?

Organization Tab - SharePoint 2010

We are syncing AD with SharePoint, so when viewing the Organzation Browser, you see our organization's hierarchy.  My problem is now my CIO has come to me telling me that HR does not want that info to show.  Is there a way to hide the various organizational views, or are we kind of stuck just deleting the manager info in AD?
Faye Jasman

Error sending email outside the organization from SSRS

I have a subscription that I was asked to start emailing to the client instead of internal personnel.  The subscription now fails with (The email address of one or more of the recipient is not valid).  My network guy told me you can't send email outside the organization without authenticating and is asking me for a log and I cannot find where reporting services stored detailed info about this email failure.  Can someone please point me in the right direction

Organization hierarchy My site




Organization hierarchy on my site profile page is not showing proper hierarchy connections. Let me explain – I have imported user profiles from AD, most of the profiles are showing correct hierarchy (for example – CEO – President – VP). But some of the profiles are not showing correct hierarchy(not in correct order). Someone can please help me regarding this?




Organization browser blank (missing)


I'm testing SP2010 to see if it will do what we need.  I have three servers (VMs): DC, SQL, SP2010.  I did a small farm install and ran through wizard in Central Admin after the install.  I then removed the initial site collection that was created with the wizard (it pointed to \\server).  I then created a site collection that used SSL and pointed directly at FQDN. 

The problem that I have is that the Silverlight control that is supposed to show the organization tree has no data.  It is empty.  I'm fairly new to the permission requirements and relationship between site collections, site templates, and my sites.  I'm not sure what of these might be causing problem.

Any suggestions?

Retrieving user information and organization structure from AD?



We are going to use SharePoint office 2010, and are going to modify active directory to build our organization structure by setting active directory properties such as manager, department, First Name….

We want to be able to retrieve user information,  department's manager, user colleagues, permissions, is user active/disbled and organization structure from active directory for the user who was added to SharePoint.

we need to access all the above information through code.

My question:

Can we retrieve all the above information from UserProfile? Or there is another way?

I read that we need to run user profile synchronization in order to keep user profile database in sync with AD, and we have to install SharePoint on farm installat

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