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Remove "I like It" , "Tags & Notes" , RecycleBin and the default search box

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 01, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint
Hello Is it possible to remove the "I like It" and "Tags & Notes" buttons? , the default "Search this site..." box in the top? And Recycle Bin... I want to remove/hide it so we cant see it on any of our websites. Thanks in advice...

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Search - How to remove a meta tag ... / custom column is not showing up in Crawled Properties after

Hi I got the following warning after I crawled a site. Info out of Crawl Log: "The content for this address was excluded by the crawler because this item was marked with a no-index meta-tag. To index this item, remove the meta-tag and recrawl." Sound easy but I don't no where I could do it. The other problem is that I try to get a custom column from a custom list showing up in the crawle properties. I am using also a custom scope with the behavior "INCLUDE" ... In MOSS 2007 it was a lot simpler ;-) Thanks Regards MIA    

Searching for custom properties in a default search

Hi all, I have added some custom properties in to Manage User Properties in my User Profile Service Application. The issue I'm having is that I'm unable to obtain search results from these properties. For example, if in the Enterprise Search / People tab I enter "Dave" and click search, then I'll be presented with results of people who's name matches "Dave". If I enter "Information Technology" then I'll get a list of all users who's department is "Information Technology". So far we're okay! But let's go back to the custom property. Let's say it's called "Clients" and it is for storing client names against the staff profiles. If I search for "Microsoft" and a user has Microsoft in their client property then no results are found. I've created the managed properties in the Metadata Property Mappings of my search service application, done full crawls but nothing. If I search for "clients:microsoft" then I get results. So the question is how do I or is it even possible to get custom metadata properties to show up in a default search? Thanks!

Search Administration: Default content access account - 'Error'


In Search Administration; Default content access account show 'Error'.
To fix it, I have to always restart 'Office Search Service'.

But need to find permanent solution.

I went through various blogs and found below blog with sucess response.
I tried same on my server but did not help.

Can someone help?

how to remove "This Site" from search dropdown box

how to remove "This Site" from search dropdown box

I'm running moss 2007

Default number of search conditions


Does anyone know if you can increase the number of search conditions in SharePoint from the default 5 to something more, 10 perhaps?  and if so, can this be done in SP2007 as well SP2010.

Thanks in advance...

Remove Default Links from Quick Launch


Hi, i am using Sharepoint 2010 Enterprise RTM trial on Windows Server 2008 SP2.

I have a team site having a quick launch in which i have grouped my List's Links as:


 Payroll List

 Payroll Documents


 HR List

 HR Document

By default, when i add a custom list to the site, its link is added to "Lists" link ("Lists" link would appear in the Quick Launch). I want to disable / Hide / remove that link...

Any Ideas ?

Why is word stemming not enabled by default in SharePoint Search?


I am just wondering why it is not enabled by default in SharePoint while most popular web search engines enabled it by default.

For example, for plural, if you google "Hiker", results will contain "Hikers" and "Hiker".


Remove Default Gauge Values


I have created a DUNDAS gauge within SSRS 2005, which work properly, it display the count value based on a table...

The report uses a parameter which allows user to select School Class Type; based on the parameter the DUNDAS Gauge will show the count of students within that Class....

But when there is no data in the table based on the specific parameter, the gauge shows the default 367 number, how do i remove this?


show search result as default parameters when initiation of business data list



I want to show search result as default parameters when initiation of business data list.

Is there any solution to solve this problem. Thanks.

Sharepoint 2010 Advanced search box webpart - apply a default scope


My Advanced search box webpart return result from all the web appications and not just the one that it is in, i know i can create scope and spcify rules on it but i dont see an optoin of forcing
only this instance of web part to use a spific scope.

1. any way i can force it to use a scope behind the scenes instead of having the user select it.
2.i tried to use search core results web part but  ASB webpart is not open to connections even though in the properties i select "Allow connection", any way to make this combination work
3.since all my web application are using the same Search service appliction, could that be the reason that the ASB is returns results from those sites as well or is it that it returns result from all the web application in the farm?
3. Is there any place on the internet where i can find documentation on all the web parts.


"Remove URLs From Search Results" is not working.

In "Remove URLs From Search Results", I enter URL 'http:\\servername/sites/<sitename>' and do OK. Per the Microsoft article the crawl rule should be created for the same and site content should be removed immediately from the search results. I can see the crawl rule getting created, but, content is not removed from the search results.

Search Drop Down Box - remove "This Site:"


In our Search Drop Down box, we define search scopes that appear in the list.  (i.e. All sites, custom document libraries, business data catalogs, etc...)


However, for some reason it automatically includes an item for every site/sub-site that says "This site: <sitename>".  I don't want that in there, because when a user selects that, it will take them to the ossSearchResults.aspx page instead of our custom search center.


So how do I prevent it from adding that item to the list?





Search Services Application error. Can I restore to default? Or other ideas?



I posted an question but I think I may have put it in the wrong forum. 

When trying to create a new Search Services Application (after deleting old one) I get the following error:

An unhandled exception occurred in the user interface.Exception Information: Some or all identity references could not be translated.

This is the only application that gives me an error.

Original post was here:  http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en/sharepoint2010customization/thread/86fa1a52-5a57-4ffe-8153-f9646a1b87c6

Help is Greatly appreciated!!

Thank you,

Search Scope Default to "this site"


I am trying to limit the search on a SharePoint site to each individual site collection..  These sites are all on the same server.  I have found a way to do this by following the article below –



 I change the dropdownmode on the masterpage to DropDownMode = "ShowDD_DefaultContextual"  this works for all my publishing sites.

Search Scope - Default to "This Site"

I have created a root level site collection via MOSS.  I have then added a site directory with both WSS and MOSS sites created underneath the site directory.  The default search for all of these sites is "All Sites".  Is there any way to make the default search for the team sites under the site directory "This Site"?

The issue is when users search for a topic using the "All Sites" scope, the results page is at the root level and it takes them out of their team site.  They then have to navigate back to the team site. 

I am assuming that I am creating a WSS site when I use the "Team Site" template under "Create SIte" in the site collection page.  Is this correct?

What is the correct way to remove the authors and date from search results?


I'm trying to remove Authors and Date from the search results on my Search Core Results page.  I've succeded in doing so by editing the Search Core Results web part, using the XSL editor and commenting-out or removing the section that begins with <div class="srch-Metadata2">. 

Could that cause any issues moving forward?  Is that the best method to hide these attributes?  Any advice is appreciated. 

Matt H.

People search - remove My Site link URL?

Is it possible to remove the URL link to My Sites from the People Search? If so, how can this be achieved?
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