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How to use ASP.Net C# to integrate with video streaming?

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 01, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net
Hi,          Can anyone tell me how to use ASP.Net C# to display video streaming on the ASP.Net Web? Another thing is the video can only run for one time. Do I need to use any plugin to develop it? How to use C# code to control the video? Please provide the details. Thanks Wesley 

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IIS Smooth Streaming: Enhancing Silverlight Video Experiences with Contextual Data


Adaptive streaming addresses the problem of smooth content delivery and decoding. We walk you through the basics of IIS Smooth Streaming and demonstrate how you can manipulate audio, video and caption data in your own Silverlight projects.

Jit Ghosh

MSDN Magazine March 2010

Live audio-video streaming in an asp.net website using windows media encoder


The project is to provide the facility of providing live lectures in an intranet. So the bandwidth is not an issue. Also it means that I cannot use any internet streaming server like ustream (the project being limited to intranet).

I created a C# console application and successfully created a live stream using windows media encoder sdk. I was also able to capture the stream on another LAN PC in VLC player.

I want to know if I can implement this in my asp.net website. It should be something like this : The faculty visits the site and clicks on a start button on a webpage. This will start the live stream of the faculty. It will be received by the students on different computers by accessing the same website. Also, the faculty should be able to view himself on the webpage (just like in the windows media encoder predefined UI).

Is this possible to implement in the website? I mean both the facutly and the student will implement the same website. Also, the stream has to pass via a streaming server.

Or do I need to create a different application to start streaming and the students will view the stream from the website?

Also, which player do I embed to view the stream? Windows media player (I heard that it has issues with firefox) or the ever-available flash player? Will the flash player be able to capture the media encoder stream?

Please share a

Live audio-video streaming in an asp.net website


My project is to create a website that facilitates giving live lectures on intranet. Hence, the bandwidth is not an issue here.

Also, I have implemented some basic code of live streaming using windows media encoder SDK in a C# console application. I was able to view the streaming on another LAN PC in VLC player.

Now, how do I implement my code in the asp.net website? What I want is that in order to start the streaming (i.e., start the live lecture), the facutly just clicks on a button in a webpage. This will stream his movements to the students (via a server). Also, this will enable the facutly to view himself on the webpage.

Is this even possible? I mean it would be like : both the student and the faculty will access the same website. The interface to both of them will be different - one will start the stream and the other (student) will receive the stream.

Or will I have to create a different application to start the streaming? So it would be like the facutly will start that applicaiton to start the streaming and the students will access the stream throught the player embedded in the website.

Another question is : what player should I use to receive the stream (on the student side)? Windows Media Player (I heard that it has problems with firefox)? Or the ubiqutous flash plugin will succeed in capturing the media encoder stream?

Video streaming through Sharepoint 2010 MediaWebPart object?



I have used a MediaWebPart object in a SharePoint site to play videos (exist in a Video Library). The MediaWebPart object is placed through this piece of code:

//Get relevant parameters from the Data Form Web Part.
var mediaTitleValue = (document.getElementsByName('TitleFieldValue'))[0].innerText;
var mediaUrlValue = (document.getElementsByName('UrlFieldValue'))[0].innerText;
var previewImageUrlValue = (document.getElementsByName('PreviewImageUrlFieldValue'))[0].innerText;

//Create the media player.
document.getElementById('MediaPlayerHost'), //The <div> tag into which to insert the Silverlight object.
'MediaPlayerHost', // The ID attribute to assign to the "Object" element that will be inserted on the page and used to access the media player later.
'600px', // The w

WPF: displaying streaming\live video from the byte array


Hi All,


I am getting the video in chunks of bytes. When i get all the bytes, then i write them to a file and give a a source to media element and that works fine.

But what i want is that I don't have to wait for all the bytes and i can start showing the video as soon as i receive the first chunk of bytes and then the video should continue as i get the secong chunk of bytes and so on. So the video should keep on streaming and appear as live.

Can someone help me out here?




Webcam video Streaming using WIA


Hi guys, I dont know anything about WIA. But i need to use WIA in C# to get webcam video streaming . Some one explain me how to do it...

Thanks in Advance


video streaming


I would like to share/stream videos via silverlight and make it secure. this videos i would like to share with selected list of people. is it possible with sharepoint and if yes what kind of licence option for sharepoint should i select

video streaming


I would like to share/stream videos via silverlight and make it secure. this videos i would like to share with selected list of people. is it possible with sharepoint and if yes what kind of licence option for sharepoint should i select


further to this can i use all the silverlight and iis features to create a streaming content from sharepoint. if yes then to have all this features what edition of sharepoint do i have to use. can i use sharepoint foundation for this.

 My purpose is basically is to create a site wherein authenticated users will upload video content and then it will be streamed to users with authentication



How to use UdpSingleSourceMulticastClient in silverlight 4 for video streaming as udp unicast?



I am creating a video/audio streaming application. As its runs successfully on tcp protocol in silverlight 4.0 but due to slow speed i have to implement udp inspite of tcp. Can any body help me how to do unicast in silverlight 4.0 and only multicast is only  supported ? Any sugestion, links or sample will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

How to Display a Video Streaming from an MMS url?


There is a live video recording on a mms url e.g. mms://<servername>/LiveRecording/Id100

How could I display this on a web browser? what technology can be used? HTML object, ASP.NET, Silverlight, WPF, etc?

Is there any .NET control for this purpose?


flv video handling and streaming capabilities of a sharepoint site, thoughts and ideas :)

Here is the thing.

We are re-designing an already working site but now we are using moss 2007.

In the new site we want an area where are users can see videos of the company. We will use the flv format for our videos. How does moss handle these kind of files? Is it easy to create lists with these kind of files and then using a gridview to lets say make a shocase of the data stored there? I mean the videos, perhaps a thumbnail and some metadata etc. When something is uploaded to a sharepoint list everything is stored in the data base, so if I use a grid view i will pull the data out of the data base?

I am walking blind here, this is more of a general discussion question. I have no idea on how to even start to implement this sort of thing, I am just trying to figure it out and see how I can go about this.

Thank you all in advance, hope my post is clear.


MOSS 2007 Tutorials video

This link about how create sharepoint website ,blogs,team site,document lib etc

How to Encrypt and Decrypt a Password using SQLSERVER 2005?(Video)

Encypt and Decrypt a Password using SQLSERVER 2005(Video)

SQL Server Backup and Restore (video)

Restore your full backup, then run a few queries before you keep restoring transaction logs. Brent shows how to use the Standby option for restores.

In this five minute video, Brent demonstrates how to do it by creating a database, populating data, and then showing what disaster recovery is like by doing RESTORE WITH STANDBY.

Integrate Reporting Services with Silverlight and RIA Services

One of the most wanted future features in Silverlight is the possibility to create business reports using Reporting Services. In this article, I will show how to use the existing Reporting Services technology with Silverlight and RIA Services combination.

Play video


Hi to all 

 I have asp.net 2.0 & VS 2005. I want to play a video file in my web application, is there any control for this else help me how to play video in browser. Is this complex ?

video tutorial link for composite and rendered custom server control


hii all

i am new to technology so go easy on this post

according to what i read from web there are 3 type of custom server controls

1 superclass

2 composite

3 rendered

i found video tutorial for superclass custom server control but couldnt find video tutials for other 2.

please forward me link for composite and rendered custom server controls video tutorial  

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