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FROM db2 TO sql

Posted By:      Posted Date: August 31, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server
this is part of a stored procedure that I need to convert to sql - it is called in sql to db2 db via openquery but this function need to be parsed and made to loook like something in sql leaving the dbd db out... , VARCHAR( CASE WHEN HOUR(pf.NXT_DAY_APRV_DTS)>12 THEN HOUR(pf.NXT_DAY_APRV_DTS) - 12 ELSE HOUR(pf.NXT_DAY_APRV_DTS) END) || '''''''':'''''''' || LEFT(''''''''00'''''''', 2 - LENGTH(VARCHAR(MINUTE(pf.NXT_DAY_APRV_DTS)))) || VARCHAR(MINUTE(pf.NXT_DAY_APRV_DTS)) || '''''''' '''''''' || CASE WHEN HOUR(pf.NXT_DAY_APRV_DTS)>12 THEN ''''''''PM'''''''' ELSE ''''''''AM'''''''' END APPROVAL_TIME

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