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Hide background horizontal line in Chart

Posted By:      Posted Date: August 31, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server
Hello, I am using SSRS 2008.  I have a simple question which i hope someone might be able to help me with. I have a series chart The chart area has horizontal lines for which i see no option to hide or remove before report rendering.  Is there a way to control this so that my chart can have a blank background look.   Regards

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Horizontal Bar Chart and Overlaying Line Chart

I am using SSRS 2008 and developing my reports in BIDS.

I have a report with two data points. I want to chart the first as a bar (horizontal) chart and then the second as an overlaying line chart.

I created both data series, originally, as a bar chart. I have clicked on the second series in the "Drop Data Fields Here" area and changed the chart to a line chart. When I do that, it changes both series to a line chart.

However, if I use the column (vertical) chart for the first series, it will let me make the second one a line chart.

Is this a limitation of SSRS 2008? Can I not have one data point be the horizontal bar chart and the second one a line chart?

If so, are there any suggestions how to get around this?


crystal report -visual studio 2008 dual axis chart (bar & line)


dear all, 

i use crystal report integrated with  vs.2008, and i want to make chart with dual axis (bar & line).

i have used bar chart and input the data with 2 values..

then in chart options > template, i activated the dual axis..

my question is, how i can change the 2nd value with line chart not bar chart??

i'd tried to find the right settings in "chart options" but still can't find the solution.

for information in "chart options" there are 4 sub menu : template, general,titles,grid..

i read in a tutorial there's more sub menu called "series" in crystal report (stand alone version)..

is it possible doing it in Crystal Report VS. 2008?

please,, i need your advice and solution..

Thanx before..


Line Divider i n Column chart in SSRS 2008

Hi,  Any one pls tel me how to do the single line divider in Column chart in SSRS 2008 example: --------- |               | |     20      | ---------- |       100 | |               | -------------------------------   i want to show the above example. Thanks in advance Regards, Abdul2010

side by side DIVs don't line up on same horizontal line.

the following html is intended to render 2 fixed height DIVs side by side, on the same line. Odd thing is, when I add some text content such as <span>, <p> or <h1>, to one of the divs, that div is drawn down by a varying number of lines. ( depending on the number of lines of block level content. ).  When I duplicate the content in both divs, they snap back up and line up on the same horizontal line. I am getting this behavior in both chrome and IE8.  Is there an explanation? <div style="height:160px; width:200px; display:inline-block;            border:1px solid black;margin:0;padding:0;"><p>line 1</p><p>line 2</p></div> <div style="height:160px; width:200px; display:inline-block;            border:1px solid black;margin:0;padding:0;"></div> thanks,  

stack chart line at 0 value

i have stacked chart  i want only grid line at 0 value all other grid lines should be visible false how can i do that 

set the proerty from code behind line chart wpf

< Style x:Key = " InvisibleDataPointStyle " TargetType = " c:LineDataPoint " > < Setter Property = " Opacity " Value = " 0 " /> < Setter Property = " Background " Value = " Yellow " /> </ Style >

Regarding WPF Line Series Chart how to set this