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How to launch EULA.rtf for the end user agreement before the winforms setup project (installer) actu

Posted By:      Posted Date: August 31, 2010    Points: 0   Category :.NET Framework
Hi, I am using Setup Project to create installer for my windows applcation. I need to have the user read and accept to the terms in EULA document. So this has to be displayed BEFORE the installer installs the applciaiton. I tried adding the EULA file via Setup Project-> Application Folder -> Add -> File -> EULA.rtf assuming that installer will identify the license file by default and display it before installing the app, but it did not. Please Help.   Thanks

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How to validate user interface values in vs 2010 setup and deployment project

I created a setup and deployment project in vs 2010 and I added some dialogs in user interface. Now I want to validate values in dialogs when I click next button during installing. Are there any functions to do that?
I can't understand what they are trying to say in the above link?
Can anybody put a walkthrough on it.

knowledge glows

Best Way to Upgrade Using Web Setup Project


Hi there,

I am using VS2005.

I don't have much experience with web setup projects, but I now need to create a decent windows installer in order to allow customers to install one of our web applications. I have created a simple web setup project and it works fine, but not when it comes to upgrades of the application.

If for instance I install version 1.0 on a machine, and then later I try to install version 2.0, I don't seem to have the control that I would like... I can specify in the web setup project that the installer must enforce an uninstall of previous version, but then all application files and logs are uninstalled as well. If I let the application just install itself over the older version, it seems to leave some old DLL's there - it then causes issues in the application because DLL version conflicts.

My basic requirement is that I would like th installer to upgrade the old version with all the files required, but leave any application and log files in tact - this way the customer won't have to reconfigure the application after install.

What is the best way to handle this?

Creating a Web Setup Project


Hi all,

I have a sample Web Application Project and using Web Deployment Project i'm generating the precompiled version of that.

Now i want to create a WebSetup project in my solution using the Output generated by the WebDeployment project.

Please let me know how to achieve this.



Data Deployment: Streamline Your Database Setup Process with a Custom Installer


Database setup can be a tough and time-consuming process and sometimes fall victim to human error. Microsoft Installer or InstallShield can help, as can your own custom installer. In this article, the author tackles one approach to writing database installers and demonstrates the process with a working code sample.

Alek Davis

MSDN Magazine September 2004

want to launch modal Popup from created User Event handler




I have a create user wizard on my page and in the event handler (Created User) I get extra information from the user

via textboxes within the aspx etc.


I then do a response.redirect to another page.

What I want to happen is this


When the CreatedUser Event is fired, I  want a Modal Popup to show up with a message Processing your registration.

once the registration code is processed it will close and the users get redirected.


On my ASPX I have the Modal PopUp and a Panel.

In the code behind in the handler I put ModalPop.show()


but this does not work.


thanks for any suggestions



Specify [TARGETDIR] in Setup project (msi) runtime


I am not sure if here is a proper place to ask this question. I look for other forums, and don't feel this question can fit in any. If this is not a correct place to post, I appologize. Please let me know where I can get answer for this question. Thanks.

Here is my question.

I wrote a website, and not I am trying package it with a setup program (msi), so I created a "Web Setup Project" and specify outputs as the standard tutorial on this. And then I'd add custom action to msi which modify Web.config file during msi installation. Output looks ok, but msi install the website under "C:\Inetpub\wwwroot" folder, and I don't have control on it. I followed an example (http://www.codeproject.com/KB/install/ChangeVDirWebSetupProject.aspx) use orca.exe to remove WEBCA_EvaluateURLsMB, WEBCA_EvaluateURLs and WEBCA_EvaluateURLsNoFail from corresponding tables in msi and provides TARGETDIR value while calling the msi file. And then I fall in a problem, either the custom action is not called any more or I get a error "Configuration file cannot be created".

Looking for suggestions or ideas how to setup to capture search criteria and present to user if they

Requirements call for the ability to save search values so that they can select them at later times to return the results without having to re-enter the values. They have the ability to search on 4 different types of data (Date, Time and Lat/Long), so they would like to capture what was entered and ONLY if they chose to save those values, it will be saved and next time they login, if they are searching, they can pick an old search and submit it again.   Im thinking that i add a checkbox next to each button, if they check it, it saves the data into a table with there values and username. Next time they login and go tothe search page, if there are any records for them in the table, i present them with a link that displays all the values stored and if they select one, it will run the search again and present them with the results.. does that sound like the right way to handle this request? 

web setup project failing

I am trying to create a web setup project for a web service.  When I run the installer, I get an "Installation Incomplete" dialog that says: "The installer was interrupted before ... could be installed.  You need to restart the installer to try again."  Any ideas on what is causing this or how to fix it? Thanks!

Setup Progress bar get stuck when launch the executables.

Hi I am using Visual studio 2008 to make setup without using Installer class. I have created Primary Output for custom action and called at Commit and set the Installer Class propety to False. Setup launch the application but at the back end setup progress bar get stuck. Is there any work around so that it shoud close. Thanks Himanshu  

how to make a .exe file execute after installation of project using setup and depoyment project in c

hi all,   i am trying to execute a .exe file included in application folder of my setup and deployment project, such that it executes after installation of main project is complete.How to do this. plz help. thank u in advance. Raghu

Display a Web User Control in the Web Browser control of WinForms

Does anyone have an example of how to do this, or can you point me to a good tutorial that explains how to do this? Thanks

Custom NEW User Setup


I'm having trouble setting up a custom NEW User Screen.  Here is my situation, I have a Request for Access Screen that uses the CreateNewUser Wizard Control.  I want to leave the Question and Answer for this, however I also want a custom NEW User Setup which I build myself to allow the system administrators to setup users, but for this setup I don't want the administrators to have to pick the question and answer for the NEW user, so I would like to bypass this for this setup.  However, my Membership.CreateUser keeps asking for it.  How can I accomplish this?  I've included a copy of my current web.config file.  You will notice a AspNetAdminMemberhip which I use to allow the System Administrators to reset passwords.























xml version

VS 2010 - How can I integrate .NET 4.0 setup into my MSI project?

The main idea is to invoke & setup it in unattended mode. How is this done?

Installer project fails to detect dependencies to COM interops



The issue pertains to the Visual Studio 2010. I have two projects: a class library and a setup project. The class library exposes a COM object (plugin) using the .NET COM interoperability. The library depends on a number of COM type libraries. For each COM type library there is a corresponding primary interop assemby, properly registered using "regasm /codebase". The target framework is 3.5 (the hosting application that loads the plugin only supports 2.0 runtime). The library compiles without any issues, but setup project fails to detect any of the COM dependencies. The issue is easily reproducable, just create a simple class library in VS2010, change the target framework to 3.5, add a reference to a COM type library. Create a setup project and add the "Primary Output" to it. The COM dependencies  would not show up.

It seems to only happen if I switch the target framework to 3.5 BEFORE building the deployment package. Switiching the framework to 4.0 and changing the "Embed Interop Types" to "False" does fix the issue.

I was going to submit an issue to Microsoft, but want to see if there someone out there who ran into the same issue.

Thanks for any suggestions



Getting user id - Website project


I there a way to get the user id that they signed on to the computer with from web site project, without changing IIS so they will have to login?  This will be interanet and remote internate users.

Creating setup for VSTO 2008 project

Hi, I have developed an AddIn for Powerpoint 2003 using Visual Studio 2008, Now when I am creating the setup of the project and testing the deployment in other system this AddIn is not appearing, while the same is working fine in my computer, the values are also appearing fine in Registry Editors as in my computer for other computers. Also I am having an issue with PIA 2003, Please help me to workout for this issue

.MDF file's Security permision is get changed after creation of Setup project - it become read only


To All


I have generated a windows application. I have used .MDF file. The project is working fine but when I have attached setup project to it and installed it.

The security permissions of .mdf file get changed and become read only not able to write/update.(When Setup project copying the .MDF file that time the permission of the .MDF file is get changed and become read only)

I am able to change the permission of .MDF file manually then after working fine.

But is not correct way of deployment So please guide me what should I do now so I can read, write and update properly. What code should i use/ technique should i use so I can do so.


I am using :

Visual Studio 2008,

C#.net 9,

dot net framwork 3.5 sp1

MDF FILE of Microsoft Sql server 2008 Express RC2

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