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Remove Previously Promoted Fields

Posted By:      Posted Date: August 31, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint
I am having trouble removing previously promoted fields from my form library.   Scenario:   InfoPath 2007 SharePoint Server 2007 using Forms Services   I had published my infopath form as a content type and made that content type the default for this form library.  I then promoted several fields when I published the form and I gave them custom names in the publishing wizard.  I then changed the custom names when I published the next version of the form template (because I decided to call them something different).    The problem is that the old promoted field names are still showing in both the content type and the library along with the new names (I now have twice as many columns as I should have).  I was able to delete these extra columns from the content type but they still show up in the library.  When editing settings on the library, these columns are not editable (thier names are not clickable).  I have deleted all form instances from the library (thinking that maybe an old form instance that used the old names caused them to stick around) but that had no effect.    How on earth do I get rid of these columns that were created by field promotion?  I would rather not delete the entire form library because that means recreating my workflows that I have built on the library.

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How to remove * for validation fields in Infopath 2010



I am using Infopath 2010 and i had written validation rule for a fields.While loading the form field is showing with red * mark.It will go away as soon as i enter value but i don't want to diaply red * even i don't enter value just display a tooltip message saying that "Please enter vale" on submit button click.

Please help me in this out?


ObjectDataSource doesn't remove previously added Parameter



I use an objectdatasource programmatically to use a parameterless method when SearchWord variable is empty and a Search method with one parameter when SearchWord is not empty, the event I use is objectdatasource selecting so that I can adjust parameters conveniently, I have a problem here: I can add a new parameter and set its value but I can't remove a previously added parameter from objectdatasource selectparameters and an error raises because of this, this is the selecting method:

 Protected Sub objWebUploadLog_Selecting(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Web.UI.WebControls.ObjectDataSourceSelectingEventArgs) Handles objWebUploadLog.Selecting

        If SearchWord = "" Then
            If objWebUploadLog.SelectParameters("search") Is Nothing Then

            End If
            objWebUploadLog.SelectMethod = "GetWebUploadLogByUserID"
            objWebUploadLog.SelectCountMethod = "GetWebUploadLogCountByUserID"
            If objWebUploadLog.SelectParameters("search") Is Nothing Then
                Dim param As WebControls.Parameter = New WebControls.Parameter("search", TypeCode.String)

Promoted fields not available in SPD work flow


I have an InfoPath form that I have published to a form library. I initially only promoted one field called departments to the library. After messing around a bit, I decided I needed three other fields promoted and wanted to use them in a SPD work flow.

We have MOSS 2007 and I am using Forms Server publishing for this form as our people only have Office 2003 w/out InfoPath on their machines. It is a one WFE setup with a separate SQL box.

I re saved the form, and republished it adding the new fields to promote. They were not available to the SPD work flow when I choose "Set field in current item."

The only fields I see available to choose from in this area are the originally promoted department field, as well as the stock "Title" and Name (for use in forms).

So I figured maybe I need to publish to a new library. I deleted the old library, and published to a new library. Same problem.

I have tried a variety of actions including closing and opening SPD, removing spaces in the field names on the form and re adding them as fields to promote, but SPD is stuck on just the three fields. I don't understand why I likes department and not datesubmitted or requestnumber.

Any suggestions?


3 promoted fields in infopath 2010 not displaying in spd 07


This is driving me nuts.  First I thought it was a refreshing issue.  So i closed SPD and opened it again; i refreshed, restarted the computer, made changes in the form, re-uploaded.  You name it. 

I have 3 fields that are not displaying is SPD; they are 2 text fields and an option list with 2 options (yes/no).  I selected file -> info tab -> form options -> property promotions and added them to the column list in InfoPath.  When that didn't work I read on this site to try doing it through the actual publish area.  So i did that instead when you go thru the publish wizard.  Still nothing.


This is an administrator approved form.  Moss 2007 | 1 WFE | SQL 2005 | SPD 2007 | InfoPath 2010

Thanks, as always any help is greatly appreciated,

Remove #Region from whole web site


Hi All,

I need to deliver source code to client and my boss need to remove all the comments and #region sections from the whole web site source code.

So is there any functionality available in visual studio 2010 or may be in an other 3rd party tool available to do so, which can remove all the #region from all over the source code ?

Otherwise my developers has to do donkey work.... :(( and I don't wish it. 

Any help or tips/tricks would be appreciated.


Create ID (uniqueid?) from two fields when data is entered


I need to create an ID from two fields when they are entered into the db for the first time.  I thought Uniqueidentifer would do this, but it looks like uniqueidentifier is random and i have no control of the process. 

My user will enter 4 letters into a column called INIT and 4 numbers into a column called NUMB.  What I would like to do is create an id by combining those fields.

How can I do this?



LINQ with GridView and edit fields


My project includes a grid view which displays information of inventory items (Assets), data is quried from AssetTable. The GridView has a command field to allow editing, below is a description of the tables and how data is displayed


BuildingTable: (BuildingID, BuildingName)

AssetTable: (BuildingID,..,....,....)


ItemTemplate: Using a LINQ query I join the two table and displays in a label control a string which includes BuildingID and BuildingName (5 North Building)

 EditItemTemplate: Using a LINQ query I populate a DropDownList with strings of BuildingID and BuildingName same as above.
Here  issue which I need to resolve:
1.  ItemTemplate display the correct information (BuildingID BuildingName) but when I switch to EditItemTemplate the pair that is 
displayed is the first one on the list, how do I make is scroll to the item which was displayed in the label ?
<asp:CommandField ShowEditButton="True" >
                    <ControlStyle Wi

I want Er Diagram for Fees System of small institution ,can u plz guide me what fields are necessary


I want Er Diagram for Fees System of small institution ,can u plz guide me what fields are necessary to store Fees information ...


Web deployment project - web.config section replacement does not add remove tag


I have a web application that is actually installed as a component of a third party site.  In some configurations, I need to remove certain connection strings and re-add them.  I'm replacing this web.config section with a xml file that includes the following:

      <remove name="MyOverridenConnection"/>
      <add connectionString="Integrated Security=SSPI;Persist Security Info=False;Initial Catalog=MyDb;Data Source=MyServer" name="MyOverridenConnection"

For some reason the remove tag is left out during the substitution and I end up with the following in the installed config:

      <add connectionString="Integrated Security=SSPI;Persist Security Info=False;Initial Catalog=MyDb;Data Source=MyServer" name="MyOverridenConnection"

Is there any way to issue removes in replaced sec

Remove characters in a string


i have a string like this   sravani/, asdfff/, lsdsf/
i want to remove last character '/'  in the above string...
which function can i use?

pls help me....

Cutting Edge: Custom Data Control Fields


In ASP. NET 2. 0, the GridView and DetailsView controls are designed to work together. They don't merely provide complementary services, they also share a number of helper classes and components. The output of the GridView control consists of a sequence of rows, each with a fixed number of columns.

Dino Esposito

MSDN Magazine January 2006

How To Remove a Query Parameter from a URL


for a string such as this:


how would I remove the parameter id 12?


Using Ajax AutoCompleteExtender on dynamic fields



I have quite a problem with a form that contains an autocomplete function. The page is an aspx page with c# codebehind.

On the form there is an address field that the user can type in any string address. This field is using an Ajax autocomplete extender, which suggests roadnames to the user. This works fine.
Furthermore the user has the option to add multiple address fields when clicking a button. This works fine now with Jquery. Jquery copies the table which contains, besides other fields, the address field, and "paste" it underneath the existing adress field.

Problem is, how do I attach the Ajax autocomplete extender to the address fields that gets added? Or is there another workaround to make all these fields have this autocomplete function?

Here is my simplfied code:

aspx page:

<td width="200">
  <asp:TextBox ID="TextBoxStopRoadName" runat="server" Width="200"></asp:TextBox>
      <asp:AutoCompleteExtender runat="server"

Enable Go Button after entering data in all fields using javascript funtion


Hi friends,

My page is having one gridview with check boxes,two textboxes and one button just like this see this link now i want to enable go button whenever user has select checkbox in gridview and he needs to enter text in two textboxes. i have written onkeyup event for two textboxes to test whether user enter text in textboxes or not but i am unable to write javascript function to check whether user has selected checkbox in gridview or not to enable go button .My requiremnet is user need to enter three inputs select atleast one checkbox in gridview and he needs to enter text in two textboxes.please friends pls tell me how to write javascript function to find whether user has selected the checkbox in gridview or not

Delete spaces created by combining 2 fields


Howdy, this is kind of a continuation of an answer I got from this thread:  http://forums.asp.net/t/1592766.aspx

My users will enter a city/station where an incident occured, and the date.  The trigger below does work, but it will occasionally put spaces between the citystation and the date.  I think this happens when the citystaion name is not very long, but not sure.

(ex: city____08242010)

How can I make sure that if the incidentid is going to have spaces, that sql deletes those spaces?  I need the id to be space free.





TRIGGER [dbo].[tr_AddID1] ON [dbo].[tblIncidents] INSTEAD

Linq join fields for return data


  how would I join fields together?

           return (from c in storedb.Product_Categories

                         where c.Category_Name.Contains(searchText)
                         orderby c.Category_Name
                         select new {
                                    c.Category_Key && " ;" && c.Category_Name // HOW CAN I DO THIS.....

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