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replacing " with ""

Posted By:      Posted Date: August 31, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net
I have a string value that contains items inside single " characters.  I need to replace each instance of "  inside the string variable with "", is there an easy way to do this ?

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replacing ok and cancel button of an alert message with YES an NO button in asp.net web application.


i want to replace ok and cancel button of an alert message with YES an NO button in asp.net web application.When a user will click yes the data will be saved in the database and if user clicks that will act as a reset button and do not save the data in database and the control will move with as usual to the redirect page.Any pointers will be highly appreciated.I am usin g C# language.

dropdownlist bound to sqldatasource adds items instead of replacing on change



I have a series of dropdownlists on webform in ASP 4.0. The first drop down is filled upon load, and then when a user selects a value from that list, it populates the second dropdown. To accomplish this, I have a SQLdatasource with a parametersource of the first drop-down list control. This works great, except when a user changes their selection from the first drop down. It performs the query, but then adds the list of items to the ones that were already there from the previous selection, instead of replacing it with the new data. Here is the code:

 <asp:DropDownList ID="ddlMajor" runat="server" DataMember="DefaultView" 
      DataSourceID="SqlDataSource1" DataTextField="majortext" 
      DataValueField="majorkey" AppendDataBoundItems="True" AutoPostBack="True">
         <asp:ListItem Value="0">Select Major</asp:ListItem>
<asp:DropDownList ID="ddlReq" runat="server" DataMember="DefaultView" 
      DataSourceID="SqlDataSource2" DataTextField="req" DataValueField="admreqkey" 
            AppendDataBoundItems="True" AutoPostBack="True">
                <asp:ListItem Value="0">Sel

Replacing with multiple words

I have a string "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" and i want to replace a few words in the string. Like "The slow red fox climbs over the sleeping dog" I have setup a table called match with 2 fields [pattern], [Replace] with some data. quick slow brown red jumps climbs lazy sleeping How could i use the replace to achieve this? Thanks

replacing menu in a master page - Sharepoint Foundation 2010

I'm in the process of replacing a menu using Jquery and a sharepoint list.The menu data would be retrieved from webservice. But the problem i have is where to place my js menu script the master page. I tried disabling the asp: menu and the content place holders by setting visible to false and the place my div with the new menu just before the first content place holder. But i discover that any time i try and hover the menu.The hover kind of get blocked and it doesn't show. What do i need to take off and where should my js menu be place..

What is the best method for replacing natural keys with surrogates in SSIS?

The title says it all. I have dimension tables with the surrogate keys and staging tables. Currently when I'm creating the fact tables out of the staging tables I'm using subqueries in the OLE DB source select command to get the surrogates. However, this isn't possible always and updating the fact table afterwards doesn't work either without having a temp table. So, is there a way to do this with SSIS transformations?

Replacing HTML tag on Page Load

Hi,I have  a css menu on a master page:<ul> <li id="mb_home" runat=server><a href="default.aspx">Home</a></li> <li id="mb_cars" runat=server><a href="terms.aspx">Cars</a></li> <li id="mb_faq" runat=server><a href="terms.aspx">FAQ</a></li> </ul>what i am trying to achieve is that. when any of the links is clicked. the <a href> tags are replaced by <span> tags. Is this possible? i tried playing aroung with HtmlGenericControl class but i could not solve it.Any advice will be appreciated.

Getting error messages after replacing the domain controller

Version: Sharepoint 2007 We installed new servers, including a new Domain Controller.  When I remove the old DC I start getting the following error: Error Please contact your administrator.  There was an error contacting the server. Technical information (for administrator): HTTP code 500: Internal Server Error Do I have to tell sharespoint to use a new DC somehow?

Replacing GridView Edit/Delete Buttons With Icons

Hello, is there a way to replace the autogenerated edit/delete buttons with icons instead of hyperlinks? Thanks

Replacing a text question in a Survey using JavaScript at runtime (document.body.innerHTML.replace)

Hi, I want to replace some of the text in a SharePoint Survey at runtime.  The idea behind that is to add a "header" or "title" to questions that are related together.  For example, let's say I have 2 related questions, a page separator, and 2 more related questions: (yes/no type of questions): Q1.  Are you between 20 and 40? Q2.  Did you went to college?   --page separator-- Q3.  J2EE Q4.  C/C++ The result on the final Survey should look like this: Tell us about you. Are you between 20 and 40?  Did you went to college?   --page separator-- Indicate what programming languages you know: J2EE C/C++ Simply, I tried to use the document.body.innerHTML.replace() in order to replace:  - Q1 with: <h2>Tell us about you.</h2>  - Q2 with ''  - Q3 with: <h2>Indicate what programming languages you know:</h2>  - Q4 with: '' Using the technique below, I added the following code in SharePoint Designer in NewForm.aspx: <asp:Content ContentPlaceHolderId="PlaceHolderTitleAreaClass" runat="server"> <script id="onetidPageTitleAreaFrameScript"> document.getElementById("onetidPageTitleAreaFrame").className="ms-areaseparator"; document.body.innerHTML = document.body.innerHTML.replace(/Q1/g,'

Inkcanvas Recognizing and replacing shapes

Looking for some sample code or guidance for doing the following below. Thought this would be somewhat common.....

1) Using InkCanvas to allow drawing of shapes
2) Forcing the inkcanvas/inkanalyzer to limit its recognition to specific shapes (ellipses, circle, rectangle) 
3) Replacing the drawn and recognized shape strokes with a proper shape control that has a textbpx inside the shape

(Using 2010)


Replacing numbers from a string


I am trying to run the below but I cant get it to work. Anything that can be done here, I just want to remove all the numeric characters.

select REPLACE('abc3434343','%[^0-9]%','')

Inserting or replacing image on SQL


I have a table right now with just customer_id and customer_name and I want to add an image field to upload their logo.

I've searched and found articles on how to create a table and to upload an image for a new row but how do I update or add a picture to an existing row.

So if I browse through my table and found a customer without a logo or an outdated logo, how do I replace and update their logo?


replacing Group By with row_number(partition by ...)

I have an indexed view and I query this view to get counts on how many products each seller has in a specific category. This query works perfect and produces results in 45ms. I want to join additional tables and apply additional WHERE filters to the result set. I am not able to do it because I had to get products_pid out of With clause to be able to join other tables after CTE. I couldn't add products_pid to the select list because it would require me to have in the Group By. After reading articles in this forum, I found out that Group By can be replaced by row_number() over (partition by...). I re-wrote my query using row_number(). But this query takes 1100 ms to execute. Is this the write way to get rid of Group By? What am I doing wrong here and why it takes so long to execute?
Thank you,

Original query:
set statistics time on
with keys as (
select getproductssellers.productslocation_cid,
count(distinct getproductssellers.products_pid) as CNT
from GetProductsSellers WITH (NOEXPAND)
WHERE getproductssellers.products_subcategory=26
group by getproductssellers.productslocation_cid
select customer.businessname as Seller, productslocation_cid, CNT
from keys
inner join custom

replacing or removing an existing file in asp.net


i wanna make a system through which a file uploaded replaces a file on the same location and with the same name. how can i do it. please help

replacing function within a join


I am trying to replace a function and I'm thinking of the cleanest and neatest way to rewrite this, I can rewrite this within the SQL statement but I can see that it has a lot of string manipulation within it. I am thinking that one can use a cross apply here or other techniques.




CREATE                FUNCTION fnReturnFunction(
	@FAMILY_STD_FLAG char(1),
	@SUB_INDUSTRY char(8),
	@REIT_INDEX_FLAG char(1),

Replacing ampersand and single quote in XSLT


Hi All,

I want to replace single quote and ampersand in XSLT of data view web part.
I tried to use translate function. But when i do a translate of &amp;#39; then &amp; is also getting replaced. Could some one help me on this.


Empty dates replacing with '1/1/1900 12:00:00




When i insert empty datepicker value, database is inserting this value  '1/1/1900 12:00:00


How can i stop that and insert null values to empty date pickers

i have done like this, but it didnt work



 private object  DateVAlue(Telerik.Web.UI.RadDatePicker d)


        if (d.DbSelectedDate != null)


            DateTime d1 = (DateTime)d.DbSelectedDate;


            //return d1.ToString("yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm");

            return d.DbSelectedDate;




            return System.DBNull.Value ;




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