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Retrieving lost password for a sdf file

Posted By:      Posted Date: August 30, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server
i created database using sql server ce a few days ago but i've forgetten its user name and password. is there any solution to find my user name and password of my sql server ce database. thanqs for help.

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Accessing Username, password, roles in xml file


Currently I am storing my username and password (passwordFormat="SHA1") credientails in my web.config.  I would like to figure out how to access them in an xml file that I have stored in my App_Data directory rather than the web.config file because I do not want my application restarting everytime I manually add a user (small list of 5 authorized users for the CMS section).

Here is what my web.config section looks like:


<authentication mode="Forms">
      <forms name=".Administration"

retrieving file from database

hi All,i saved files into database. when i'm displaying i wrote code like thisDim mySqlDataReader As System.Data.SqlClient.SqlDataReader        Dim mySqlCommand As New System.Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand("pl_Resumes", mySqlConnection)        mySqlCommand.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure        Ict.Ds.AddParameterToSQL(mySqlCommand, "@resumeId", SqlDbType.Int, 10, ParameterDirection.Input, myCandidateDetails.resumeId)        mySqlDataReader = mySqlCommand.ExecuteReader()        If mySqlDataReader.Read Then            Dim ftype As String = mySqlDataReader("resumeType")            If ftype = "rtf" Then                Response.ContentType = "application/x-rtf"            ElseIf ftype = "txt" Then                Response.ContentType = "text/plain"            ElseIf ftyp

Retrieving Lost Code

I have built a test application in vs.net using a lot of code samples I found over the web, now for some strange reason I never included this project in my regular backups (Duh!) So all I have available are the aspx & ascx Files and the dll that was compiled for the application, Is there any way I can get into my DLL to see what code I used or will I need to spend hours and hours on google again? Thanks for the advice

How to reset lost sql sa password?


Have you ever forgot or lost your SQL Server sa password? Did you hava any ideals to reset your lost sa password? Or choosed to reinstall MS SQL Server on your PC again? I once forgot my SQL sa password and I reinstalled SQL Server at last, because I failed to find some good methods to solve the problem. What annoying and terrible experience it is! In order to avoid reinstalling SQL Server for a second time, i collect some methods and try them by myself, to reset SQL Server Password for sa account.

Method 1: Reset SQL Server sa password by Windows Authentication

If Builtin/Administrator is present in SQL Server, you can login with an ID which is member of Administrators group and reset sa password in SQL Server. Just do as follows:

Step 1. Login into SQL server using Windows Authentication.
Step 2. In Object Explorer, open Security folder, open Logins folder. Right click on sa account and go to Properties.
Step 3. Type a new SQL sa password, and confirm it. Click OK to finish.

retrieving data records from xml data file using xaml(WPF).


I have an XML data file, and I have designed a XAML file with data binding to the data fields found in the XML data file.

When I run the XAML application, the first XML data record is displayed in the correct fields on the panel.

Is it possible to design an application to retrieve multiple records (multiple instances of each data field) using XAML alone?  or are C# (or VB) "code-behind" event handlers necessary to retrieve(or add) beyond the first record?

Visio File Type Requesting for Username and Password


Hello all,

PS2007 to PS2010 migration went well in a Test Environment, but only one issue remains. When opening Visio file for editing, it constantly requests for username and password. I have ticked 'Remember Password', but that doesn't seem to work. Opening it in Read-Only mode is fine.

Please note that I asked this question in the Project Server Upgrade Forum, but I was told it is related to SharePoint. Can someone please assist?

Thank you,


How to reset Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 password if you forgot or lost windows password


It is truly very often for us to meet the password problem, sometimes we would forgot windows password or lost windows password, and could not login windows system and make a big trouble. At this time, you would hope to find a way to reset and recover the forgotten password.
Actually, a lot of methods are available to recover or reset the Windows password. But most of them are designed for PC experts, not common PC users, those solutions are too complicated to get it work for us. And in this article, I will show you a professional software tool which could help you to reset forgotten windows password easily.

Total Windows Password Reset is powerful password recovery software to reset Windows admin
passwords for you to login Windows OS without reinstalling the OS when you forgot windows password or lost windows password. It could remove windows password and set the password to blank. Just boot from the program CD/DVD or USB flash drive, choose the account you wish to reset and all will be done. It is not a method to crack or bypass windows password, just remove or delete windows password and set it to blank so you could login windows to set new password.
Below is the guide of how to reset windows password with this software, only 3 steps are needed to reset windows 7/Vista/XP password:

Step 1: Download the setup file of Total Windows Password

File Connection with UTF-8 format lost some chars if source file encoding is ANSI


Hi folks

I have a situation where I need to read some UTF-8 files, but for some reason the system that is providing me the files is sending me mixed formats ( ANSI and UTF-8)

Researching on the situation, the system is converting the files automatically if they do not contains any unicode data.


The problem is that if the file is ANSI and it contains some extended ascii ( for example char 160 ) the dataflow is converting the ascii 160 to asci 63 and this is causing problems on database.


I am thinking this is because the ETL is expecting UTF format but insted receiving ANSI.

Is there any way to tell the SSIS to keep the extended ASCII ? 


Thanks in advance



Batch file to pass parameters - Masking password entry


I am writing a batch file which would accept input parameters like username and password.

I would like to mask my password entry while typing it.  Is there any way to do it?


password on mdf file



i have crated a web application.on client system i have attached my database but client can access the database information like table and data inside tables. i want password on my database so that client can't see the tables and data using management studio. on client system i have installed sqlexpress and ssms. uninstalling ssms is not solution anyone can easily install it.  what should i do

thanx for reply


Deepak Tripathi

SEcuring a set up file with user name and password from another users.


Hai ,Everybody,

the requirement is securing the setup file from other users.

the server having all the users details having UserName and password.

when ever the installation starts the setup has to ask the username and passwore.

at this time the setup will connect with the server and cvheck the details

if the provided is correct only the installer will continues other wise it will exists.


how to Protect with password or any other way *.sdf file (sqlCE) ?

is there any way to protect with password or any other way
*.sdf file - (sqlCE file)
thanks in advance

File Splitter in .Net

I love to do utility programs in .Net. And this is one of them. As I was playing with JSplit (a free file splitter program), I wondered if I could do it in .Net. The framework supports file operations like reading files in bytes and creating them. It is indeed easy to do file operations in .Net Basics on File operations

Upload Multiple File using JQuery in asp.net

In this article I have explained how to upload multiple files using file upload control. I have used jQuery plugin for uploading multiple files.

I have also explained how to check for file type, file maximum size limit using jQuery & also using server side validation code.

Creating Excel file from C#

I used below coding for create a excel sheet.I got from on web site.
In below coding there is no problem.Its create the excel file.If i run second time,its ask to overwrite the current excel file.If I said "Yes" then it ok ,but If I select cancel button,its generate the Error message.The exception is

How to Encrypt and Decrypt a Password using SQLSERVER 2005?(Video)

Encypt and Decrypt a Password using SQLSERVER 2005(Video)

Upload a File to a SharePoint Document Library - Part I

The following helper class demonstrates a few techniques that allow documents to be uploaded to a SharePoint document library programmatically without using the API or a custom web service. You don't need to specify a document library name, and it will create any folders specified in the URL as required. File meta data will be updated if any properties are passed.
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