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Hiding and showing the columns depends upon the filter condition

Posted By:      Posted Date: August 30, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server
H,   We developed around 70 ssrs reports for our new application.Its like,all the report names are menrioned in the left hand side and if we click it,.Net calls the SSRS reports and shows the filters in the top of Right hand side.   We will select some filters there and then 'GO', it will fetch records. The issue now is, assume we have 6 columns in the report and depends upon the selection in the filter area, the columns should vanish.is it possible?

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Filter search over multiple text columns


Hi everyone,

I'm working on a library that stores information on various cases. The case table has several columns that contain descriptive strings on what happened in the case. I would like to create a single filter that returns all cases where the search string is found in any of the columns. I've looked at Dynamic Data Filtering, but as far as I can tell, the "Contains" filter only allows you to connect to each column individually. Has anyone tried this?



Hiding Columns (not column groups) in a Matrix, can it be done

Hi.  I want to be able to hide some of the columns of this report.  For example , I don't want to see the % of State Total for Total column, and I don't want to see the % of Location Total for the other column groups.  Can this be done?  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks J I am using Visual Studio 2005   Total   Anaheim CA Arlington VA Atlanta GA Count % of State Total % Of Location Total Count % of State Total % Of Location Total Count % of State Total % Of Location Total Count % of State Total % Of Location Total Count % of State Total % Of Location Total USA   3 100.00% 0.02%   0.00% 0.00%   0.00% 0.00%   0.00% 0.00%   0.00% 0.00%   AB 2 100.00% 0.01%   0.00% 0.00%   0.00% 0.00%   0.00% 0.00%   0.00% 0.00%   AE 8 100.00% 0.04%   0.00% 0.00%   0.00% 0.00% 3 37.50% 0.10% 1 12.50% 0.07%   AK 32 100.00% 0.17%   0.00% 0.00%   0.00% 0.00% 3 9.38% 0.10% 1 3.13% 0.07%   AL 161 100.00% 0.85%   0.00% 0.00%   0.00% 0.00% 17 10.56% 0.54% 84 52.17% 6.11%   AP 3 100.00% 0.02%   0.00% 0.00%   0.00% 0.00%   0.00% 0.00% 1 33.33% 0.07%

Creating (hiding/showing) admin menu for my Website?

Hi there!I am currently developing a website for a friend of mine who is a dj. I have a login page, which works fine however i want to inplement a menu that only users with the Administrator role can view. I have done alot of research and i have found ways to stop a user from visiting a page, when they click on it it takes the to the login page. But i want to completely hide the menu from Non Admins. Any suggestions would be greatly Appreciated.Thanks in advanced,Jordan.

Hiding rows/columns completely in SSRS tablix even when they have data

I have several columns and rows in my tablix.  I don't want to see all of them at once.  I am using a parameter that controls the visibility of the columns or rows of the tablix.  The issue is that it hides but the white space is left.  How do i take out that white space?

Showing/Hiding web parts



I am trying to show or hide web parts based on a set of rules. I'm not sure which programming language to use, whether I even need to use one (or if I can accomplish this through sharepoint), or where to put the code if I do need to use a programming language. I do however know how to program in general but not in tandem with sharepoint. My rules are similar to (show web part 2 if web part 1 has content equal to X). Please tell me what the best course of action to accomplish dynamically showing/hiding web parts would be.


I have looked into IRuntimeFilter and LimitedWebPart but I'm not sure if either of these is a good idea. Just looking for a little direction. Thanks.


EntityDataSource not showing all columns


I have an EntityDataSource which when I configure the data source via the wizard, I do the following (and it is driving me NUTS):

Select the only option available for Named Connection: BTSModelContainer which then fills in DefaultContainerName.  When I click on Next, and change the EntitySetName to Jobs I'm missing a couple of the (fairly newly added) columns.  I went through the xml up and down and can't figure out why.  Everything seems to be mapped properly and when I access the properties of a single Job, I see those properties.  The visual map (edmx) shows them, the xml markup shows them, they appear in the strongly-typed entity instance but not in that wizard so I can't get those columns to show up.  Any ideas?

I know this is QUITE long but I'm just going to paste the xml from the model anyway below just so anyone looking at this has it.  I'm missing the Description and DDSId columns and have everything else. Also, just so you know, I've tried adding a new EntityDataSource (even on a completely new aspx page), closing and reopening Visual Studio (2010 / EF 4.0), and deleting that table from the model and readding it with "Update Model from database" and selecting that table.  None of them seemed to do the trick.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you in advance!!!

filter condition on dates report builder 1.0


Hello I am using reort builder 1.0 . I am connecting to oracle database using a report model

I would like to get data from the tables.. the condition in pl/sql looks like this how can we convert it into .. report builder.. functions or should i create query in report model itself and use it in report builder




Thanks in advance..

Hiding members in a Filter



Here is my scenario

Hi have a dimension Product related to a fact Sale (SSAS 2008 R2)


I am using excel 2010 and I want to filter by Product, but I want to hide some members of the filter. Let's Say that I want to consider only Product 1 and Product 2 for the filter. The user only can only see this products. I can't use Roles to do this, since in another excel I want that the some user can only see Product 3 and 4.


In fact, what I wanted is to have tha ability to control the grant to members by perspective: in this perspective, the members of this dimension to consider is Product 1 and Product 2.


How can I do this?


Thanks in advance


Filter on web part not working for certain columns


Hi all,

I have a list of "Faults" - this contains the Shop Number that the fault was logged against (which is a lookup column to the "Shops" list), who logged the fault ("Created By") and the details of the fault ("Title").

If I add the list as a web part and filter by Created By, it works perfectly - I get multiple entries in the list for all faults logged by a certain person.

However, if I filter by a Shop Number - I only get a handful of entries in the list, going back a few days - anything older than that is simply not there.

Yet if I go to the main page for the Faults List (AllItems.aspx) and change to Datasheet view - the filter works perfectly, I can see EVERY entry for a particular Shop when filtering on Shop Number.

Any ideas? It only seems to happen when using a Web part OR a DFWP - as a result, I can't pass the Shop Number as a filter parameter to it, nor can the users see a complete history of faults when viewing individual shops.

I've no idea what has changed recently, other than deletng some custom views we had created in the Faults list - could this have caused a problem? Can the Faults list be "reset" somehow without losing any data? To clarify - it's ONLY happenning when the list is viewed as a web part of DFWP, when it's viewed in Datasheet m

How to make number of columns of Gridview depends on a textbox value?


I have a Gridview with 12 columns, Jan, Feb...Dec.
I have a textbox value that could be 1, 2,...12

I want if textbox value is 7, then column Aug-Dec in Gridview is editable when in update mode and the column in Jan-Jul is not updatable (eg make it label instead of textbox).

How can I do this ?


Third Party Filtered Lookup is showing RENDER FAILED on clicking to sort Lookup Filter Column.



i know this isn't a Microsoft Plug-in, but I have downloaded and installed the following third party control for WSS 3.0 (Not MOSS). 


Has anyone had this problem. For some reason when I try and sort on a "Filtered Lookup" field I get RENDER FAILED. The column is in my Document Library that has 2,462 documents.

I need to switch off sort on it if possible. I have tried doing with JQuery (using Web Content Web Part), but no luck. 

Can anyone help as this is so important - even if someone can tell me where to start looking in the database. Could it be an incorrect/corrupt link in database or XML Schema File?

Your help would be really appreciated in this hour of need.



Using the [me] filter on columns promoted from Infopath 2010 form


Hi there,

I've got an Infopath 2010 Form which i publish to a Forms Library in SharePoint 2010. In this form is a people picker field which i promote to the library but it gets promited as a text field and i cannot make it promote as a People or Groups data type.

I've set up my workflow to try and populate another column which i created (this one is a People or Groups column) with the promoted value but it doesnt do anything at all.

So now i cannot use the [Me] filter on either of the columns!!

How can i work around this?

The world is the mollusc of your choice

Hiding Columns in Matrix (RS 2005) Report Based on Columns' Values



Is there a way to hide automatically columns in a Matrix type raport in RS 2005.  The columns I want to hide have only 'N/A' values in them because there is no data available to populate them.  Here is the example:

  Fall 2010 Fall 2009

Hiding Columns In Create View Page


Is it possible to hide one or more columns where the columns are chosen to add them into the view? The users (who is creating the view) should not be able to see some of the columns in the create view page so that it is not possible to add them in the view.



Filter Form Library View using promoted columns from InfoPath

I have a form that requires two levels of approval. This is published to a form library on SharePoint 2007. I only want users to see their own forms as there are monetary values involved. I can achieve this using the view filter “Created by” & “Modified by” = [Me], however the line approvers can only see the forms after they have interacted with them. Once the next person in the workflow edits, they cannot see the form.

I have tried using columns I promoted where I have stored the username of the approvers and using the [Me] filter, I get a “Filter value is not a valid text string”. I created two more calculated columns in SharePoint making them equal to my InfoPath fields, and I still get the same error.

Can anyone tell me how I can set a filter so that these line managers can at all times see any forms that have required their approval?

Many thanks in advance.

Problem trying row filtering - Need Filter Template for string columns


I'm still really new at DD.

I need to do straightforward filtering of tables on columns that are simple string/text/varchar type.

I'm trying to follow the direction given in http://blogs.msdn.com/b/morebits/archive/2009/04/14/customize-table-rows-filtering-in-dynamic-data.aspx 

 I have added the DynamicFilter in my markup like this:

<asp:DynamicFilter ID="SellerFilterID" DataField="SellerUserId" runat="server" OnFilterChanged="DynamicFilter_FilterChanged" />

I have added the QueryExtender and Dynamic Filter expression like this:

            <asp:QueryExtender ID="CustomerCustomQueryExtenderID" TargetControlID="GridDataSource" runat="server">
                <asp:DynamicFilterExpression  ControlID="SellerFilterID" />
I get the error that I expected because the blog warned that "It will throw a 

Applying a condition (filter) on addcalculatedmember


I have a MDX query as given below


SET [A] AS {Descendants([Product].[Product Categories].[Subcategory].members,[Product].[Product Categories].[Subcategory],LEAVES),addcalculatedmembers([Product].[Product Categories].[Category].&[4])}


 {[Measures].[Sales Amount],[Measures].[Extended Amount]} ON COLUMNS, 


FROM [Adventure Works]

My requirement is to apply a condition using another dimension on the value returned by addculatedmembers. for instance i want [category].&[4] sales done only within a date-range or only to a specific customer. but this condition should not be applied to other sub category values. How can I achive this? Any help is greatly appreicated.



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