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WSE is Obsolete - Use Only If Necessary

Posted By:      Posted Date: August 30, 2010    Points: 0   Category :.NET Framework
To my fellow Web Service Developers:I have repeatedly encountered developers who learn about WSE (Web Service Enhancements) through Google or some other search engine. In many cases, they were not searching for WSE, but instead were searching for "web service security" or "web service outside of IIS". Because the search turned up a WSE article, some of these developers are starting off with WSE when they don't need to.I want to make clear what I so frequently have to repeat: WSE is obsolete. It has been replaced by WCF (Windows Communication Framework). WSE is not supported by Visual Studio 2008 or above. This should give you an idea about how Microsoft thinks about WSE. If your project is at all important, and if you expect it to last more than a few months, then you will not be doing yourself any favors by depending on this obsolete software.WCF is supported by .NET 3.0 and above, though your best option would be .NET 3.5 SP1. Some organizations will not upgrade to .NET 3.5 because they are concerned about the impact on their existing .NET 2.0 applications. There is little need for concern: .NET 3.5 SP1 consists of .NET 2.0 SP2 and some additional assemblies that are not used by your existing .NET 2.0 applications. It will also not change your IIS script mappings the same way the upgrading from .NET 1.1 to .NET 2.0 did.Obviously, if you are working on an

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ModelBinders obsolete in MVC2?



I have a shopping cart that uses MVC 1 (guide from the book "Pro ASP.NET MVC Framework" by Steve Sanderson). Now that MVC 2 and VS2010 are released, the shopping cart no longer works.

Is there any changes about the ModelBinders.Binders.Add(), is it obsolete in MVC2? The code binder below wasn't hit at all in Application_Start(). Sad


    Sub Application_Start()

ModelBinders.Binders.Add(GetType(ShoppingCart.Model.Cart), New CartModelBinder)
End Sub


Imports System.Web.Mvc

Public Class CartModelBinder
Implements System.Web.Mvc.IModelBinder

Private Const cartSessionKey As String = "_cart"

Public Function BindModel(ByVal controllerContext As ControllerContext, ByVal bindingContext As ModelBindingContext) As Object Implements IModelBinder.BindModel
If (Not (bindingContext.Model) Is Nothing) Then
Throw New InvalidOperationException("Cannot update instances")
End If
Dim cart As ShoppingCart.Model.Cart = CType(controller

Help! "You must rerun snapshot because current snapshot files are obsolete" every 90 minutes!

I'm having difficulty with SQL Server replication getting machines in the field to replicate correctly.   Here are the specifics of my installation:   100 remote tablet PCs using web sync to update. 1/2 running Vista, 1/2 XP (all latest updates applied) SQL Server Express 2005SP2 w/ cumulative update 6.   Server: Win2003 (all latest updates) SQL Server 2005SP2 CU6   There is 1 database. For each tablet I create a separate publication (PUB001, PUB002, PUB003, etc.) with filtered articles containing data for the tablet. Each publication has a single subscription -- the tablet to which the subscription is assigned. Subscriptions are set to expire after 14 days. Snapshot agent was run when subscription was created, and is set to run automatically every 14 days.     This is a "test" system which is scheduled to roll out into production in 2 weeks.   For the past month I have been running 6 tablets A-OK with no problems (had 6 separate publications/subscriptions on the server/tablets).   I use a stored procedure to create the publications and subscriptions. This stored procedure hasn't changed in months.   Yesterday, we added another 6 tablets w/ separate publications on the server, using the same aforementioned stored procedure.     The tablet application is set to auto-sync over the internet every 15 minutes.   Starting yesterday afternoon, at random, tablets would st

Snapshot files obsolete?

I recently had a problem with one of my publications that I haven't been able to figure out.  Hopefully someone can help me with it.    I got this error last week:  You must rerun snapshot because current snapshot files are obsolete.  I assume this means the subscription needed to be re-initialized.  Is this correct?   If so, I don't understand why.   The publication was not changed.  The subscription did not expire.  The subscription was not marked for reinitialization.   Here are the specifics of my installation:   Merge publication with 1 pull subscription. Subscriptions set to expire after 14 days. Merge agent runs every day, every 5 minutes between 12:00:00A & 11:59:59P. Snapshot agent was run once when publication was created and then disabled. Publisher SQL ver: 2000 sp3 Publisher Win ver: 2003 sp1 Subscriber SQL ver: 2000 sp3 Subscriber Win ver: 2003 sp1   The subscription was successfully replicating every 5 minutes.  The data for 12:35 shows the first problem.  Here's the agent history at the time:   runstatus start_time comments error_id 1 5/23/07 12:25 Initializing 0 3 5/23/07 12:25 Connecting to Publisher 'AASTAUSSQL01' 0 3 5/23/07 12:25 Uploaded 4 data changes (3 inserts, 1 updates, 0 deletes, 0 conflicts). 0 3 5/23/07 12:25 Downloaded 7 data changes (2 inserts, 5 updates, 0 deletes, 0 conflicts). 0 2 5/23/07 12:25 Merged 11 data changes (5

'AjaxControlToolkit.AutoCompleteExtender.CompletionListElementID' is obsolete: 'Instead of passin


What is this warning


how can i solve it


thank you



'AjaxControlToolkit.AutoCompleteExtender.CompletionListElementID' is obsolete: 'Instead of passing in CompletionListElementID, use the default flyout and style that using the CssClass properties. 

VB.NET Microsoft.Web.Services3.SoapContext.Security is obsolete


I am using Microsoft.Web.Services3.SoapContext.Security in VB.NET code but getting following warning, Please let me know your suggestions.


'Microsoft.Web.Services3.SoapContext.Security' is obsolete: 'SoapContext.Security is obsolete. Consider deriving from SendSecurityFilter or ReceiveSecurityFilter and creating a custom policy assertion that generates these filters.'


Dim username As String = MDI_LoginID

            Dim password As String = MDI_Pswrd 'Password needs to be present to test this. 

            Dim UserToken As New UsernameToken(username, password, PasswordOption.SendPlainText)


            Dim requestcontext As SoapContext = objCSWEBCIC.RequestSoapContext()


            requestcontext.Security.Timestamp.TtlInSeconds = 60


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