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How do we use Abstraction and Encapsulation in .net

Posted By:      Posted Date: August 30, 2010    Points: 0   Category :.NET Framework
Hi, I am new to .net. I have been trying to understand the basic concepts of OOPs so as to learn .net. So far i have understood the following : Abstraction : Its basically showing the essential information while hiding the non essential one. Encapsulation : Its wrapping of data members and its fn in a class. But I am not pretty satisfied with the explanations I have given above. Can anyone pls suggest a proper explanation of this concept in terms of .net. Please also tell how do we implement these in .net.   Thanks in advance. Tiya  

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about data abstraction


What is the use of data abstraction? 

where we use in real time scenarios.?

help me


Encapsulation doubt in the code


Hi All,

I am using code like this in Business Logic.Can u explian the below whether i am using Encapsulation concept in the below code.Also tell me why i should use private for declaring variable _Region and public for the property Region

private string _Region;

public string Region
get{return _Region;}



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