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WF 4 with AppFabric?

Posted By:      Posted Date: August 30, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Windows Application
Hi all, I want to know how Hosting WF in AppFabric? Can any one provide some usefull links? Thanks.

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AppFabric Cache: Real-World Usage and Integration


Windows Server AppFabric provides a distributed cache for both web and desktop applications. Well show you how to integrate AppFabric caching into your apps, along with some hints for taking advantage of new cache features in the .NET Framework 4.

Andrea Colaci

MSDN Magazine June 2010

AppFabric + WS-Discovery

Hello I would not present a problem and if this forum is the right place. If not I would support to address coorectament. I am currently developing a new system, along with the team to work. Rather use existing technologies, SQL Server 2008 R2, ADFS2.0, II7.5 AppFabric Windows 2008 R2 Visual Studio 2010, etc.. The solution divides the business through WCF services are hosted in IIS 7.5 and managed to AppFabric. The services are enabled to start automatically. Have discovery protocol (udpDyscovery) and its extreme enabled. We created a mini application to test the service discovery and the results are the following: If the run on the host, works fine, the service responds to UDP port 3702 packets. If the client does not run a station responds. We did not know if UDP packets from reaching the server. To check this, we created an application that captures the packages with the library PCAP.Net (Pcapdotnet.codeplex.com) and we run on the server. And yes, the packages arrive. But also when the application is running, the service also responds to requests for discovery (probeMatch) that makes the client station. What makes the application acting as sniffer plate is put in promiscuous mode network card. The server is virtualized with vmware 4.0 (vsphere). Can anyone find the answer to this? Thanks.

WCF Architecture: AppFabric Service Bus Discovery


Learn how to roll your own discovery mechanism as we walk you through a small framework the author wrote to support discovery over the service bus, bringing it on par with the built-in support for discovery in WCF.

Juval Lowy

MSDN Magazine October 2010

Support for Oracle as Persistence-, Tracking and AppFabric-Monitoring-DB as a product


Hi all,

we did many large scale projetcs for international customers. Most of them use ORACLE in their database infrastructure. Hence our product must be able to use ORACLE as database backend. We are now working on extending our product in order to enable our customers creating, managing and running business processes. We would love to have this based on Workflow Foundation 4.0.

Unfortunately Microsoft offers only interfaces that we would have to implement for using an ORACLE database backend. We think that the implementation of these interfaces should be a product on its own -- done in professional development and providing professional support. In my opinion the acceptance of WF will depend highly on being able to support ORACLE custumers. No offense considering SQL Server, but most of our large scale customers will never agree to use a database infrastructure other than ORACLE.

Are there any plans to provide an implementation of these interfaces for ORACLE as a product by Microsoft or another vendor?

Best regards,



IIS Workflow persistance without AppFabric


My question is about automatic resuming/hydrating persisted workflows that are hosted in IIS7.
Is that impossible to achieve out-of-the-box without installing AppFabric (I have not succeeded)?

Some people have said that AppFabric is required, but then, how is it possible that IIS7 alone cannot handle the resuming of persisted workflows, while it works perfectly using the VS2010 Development Web Server/Cassini? Does the VS Dev server have builtin AppFabric-logic or what?

I have seen some discussions touching this topic, but never got any clear answers.


Cloud Cache: Introducing the Windows Azure AppFabric Caching Service


Windows Azure AppFabric Caching service provides an easy-to-use cache in the cloud that you can employ for application data, maintaining session state, and other tasks. We'll show you how to start using the Cache service in your apps today.

Wade Wegner, Karandeep Anand

MSDN Magazine April 2011

Customizing ASP.NET 4 Session Provider for AppFabric Caching


Hi ,


I would like to customize the yet to be released ASP.NET 4 Session Providers for AppFabric Caching which supports ItemLevel staorage of Session Objects of instead of a whole Session object as a BLOB. 

How can i customize this session provider or extend it . 


thanks for your reply

Control persisted WF instance (xamlx) without AppFabric


Hi All

I have a workflow service (xamlx) which implements some complex business process (with persistence and correlation). This service is hosted in IIS and I use AppFabric to control workflow instanses (Terminate them or Cancel).

Now I need to allow users, who don't have administrative rights and, hence, access to AppFabric to stop workflows (Terminate) if they make mistakes while invoking it and restart the workflow.

Is it possible to implement the same logic as it is used in AppFabric with C# code (I plan to create a web service with the help of which it would be possible to terminate workflows)

Thanks in advance!

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