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How Does one Create an Employee Directory with WSS

Posted By:      Posted Date: August 30, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint
Hi,I am trying to build an employee directory (or a who is who list)page for our organisation's intranet. We are using WSS 3.0, not moss, is there any way to accomplish this task.  I have searched on the net for solutions but just cant seem to find any except maybe for moss. We already have AD. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated as I have been trying to find a solution in the last couple of weeks, thanks.

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how to create groups for the active directory

hello guys,For my web application i have use the directory services to authenticate the users ,every thing works gr8 ,but now i would like to create groups for the active directory and add users to the groups ,is it possible,if yes please help me out .i am using visual studio 2010 web application C#.

Create SQL Login that utilized Active Directory

Hello SQL Guru, I’m newbie to create SQL Login that utilized Active Directory. I have a SQL Server 2008 Enterprise edition 64-bits that runs in Window Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition 64-bit operating Systems. I configured  the SQL Server 2008 with Window Authentication. Then, I login with built-in Administrator account into computer and connected to my SQL Server 2008.  e.g: Object Explorer displayed COMPUTER NAME\Database Instance Name (SQL Server 10.0.2531 – COMPUTER NAME\Admin Account) Then, I created SQL login on the following: USE AccountingDatabase;GO CREATE USER  DomainName\User Name FOR LOGIN DomainName\User NameGO EXEC sp_addrolemember N’db_datareader’, N’DomainName\User Name’GO I tested it out and the specific login still did not have an access to specific database instance  e.g: “AccountingDatabase” Also, I did not see the “User Mapping” under properties checked/assigned to those specific user. Can anyone help and give me light on best practice. Thanks,Edwin

create and Edit Virtual directory through c#


Hi All,

I am working in a .net C# .In my application I have to create in the
IIS>local computer>Web Sites>Default Web Site - virtual directory

and also I want to be able to
change properties of this vitrual directory (All process of creation virtual directory in the IIS I want to do programmaticaly).

I had make a program in C# for create a Virtual Directory.But i didn't able to edit its property..

After this i have to implement all this program in .Net Remoting 0r WCF.So please guide its possible and how to i make it ,Please members or seniors help me.I'll wait for reply..

Warm Regards:-
    Gourav Vishnoi
   +91-9871157845 (M)

Unable to create the virtual directory - VS 2010


I just migrated from xp to windows7 and also fron VS2008 to VS 2010 so please bare with me if this is a simple question.  I am trying to get settle with my new dev environement and when I create a new web project and try to run it on IIS instead of the virtual server and use the create Virtual Directory button I get the following error message:

Unable to create the vitual directory. To aceess local Web sites, you must install the following IIS components:
IIS6 Metabase and IIS 6 Configuration Compatibility ASP.NET

In Addition, you must run Visual Studio in the context of an administrator account. 

If someone could help I would appreciate.


PS: I was running VS 2010 as an administrator when I got this error

How to add "List this new site in the site directory" category on Create Site page


I have a problem with the Site Directory in our SharePoint portal (MOSS 2007). The portal has been migrated from 2003 to 2007. If I create a new site create under the site directory then the site is not listed in the Site Directory.

The problem what I found is, when I create a site collection "List this new site in the site directory " check box is not available on Site creation page.

could some help me how can I make this(List this new site in the site directory) check box available on the create site page.




Senthilrajan Kaliyaperumal

Create a virtual directory in WebMatrix



I would please like to know the steps for creating a Virtual Directory for Webmatrix.

I referred the post http://forums.asp.net/p/1586631/4010126.aspx but could not understand how it can be done.

Thanks in advance.

Ftp "Create Directory" and "Upload File"

Hi Experts,

This is a time critical issue so I will really appreciate  prompt responses.

I am writing a C# client that creates multiple directories and upload multiple files to ftp location. The code works fine when I create one directory or upload one file. The problem is that I want the code, while creating the multiple Directories, to WAIT until one directory is created and only then start creating the second Folder.

Also is there a code to check if an ftp Directory (in the form "ftphost/level1/level2") exists before creating it.

Here is my code
FtpWebRequest ftpReq = WebRequest.Create(uri) as FtpWebRequest;
ftpReq.Method = WebRequestMethods.Ftp.MakeDirectory;
ftpReq.Credentials = new NetworkCredential(vUserName, vUserPassword);

FtpWebResponse ftpResp = ftpReq.GetResponse() as FtpWebResponse;
Console.WriteLine("Code:" + ftpResp.StatusCode.ToString());
Console.WriteLine("Desc:" + ftpResp.StatusDescription.ToString());



Problem when I create directory mapping


Hi all.

I have many  users in my website and I need to get a private page to one by one users.

Now I can't  create physival private page for one by one users and I need to create directory mapping to load users details on my website.

To load usres details on myweb site I must get  username of user from querystring EXP. "http://www.mysitename.com/username" and start to view user details on privatepage.aspx. The privatepage.aspx is handler users details of myweb site for users. For getting username from the querystring I need your help.

I trid very much to get username of user from querystring but I was unsuccessful to do this.

If somebody of my friends can help me. please send a post to me.

Best Regards.

How to create a custom log in page which validates both active directory and membership provider use


Hi All,

Am having the following environment:

Windows Server r2 2008,Sql server 2008 r2,Active Directory and SqlMembership provider,sharepoint server 2010,sharepoint foundation 2010 with the same domain.

I created two web applications one by using sharepoint server 2010 (Power users site)and other with sharepoint foundation 2010(General Users site). Both web applications uses same Active Directory. Power users reside in Active Directory and general users in SqlMembership provider.Am having a link in general users site to power users site which can be accessible by power users only.

Now My requirement is creating a custom log in page for Sharepoint foundation 2010 site which validates both AD users and sqlprovider users and when power user logged in,the link to power users should be visible and should not prompt for log in again as they both are using same Active Directory.When general user logged in the link should not be visible.

Please Help me out for solving this issue.

Building a Searchable Phone Directory with Windows SharePoint Services

I want to continue to build out the intranet site we've started in our previous articles. A standard item in every intranet is a staff/employee list. Most companies implementing Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) are large enough to have a database that contains all employees. We will use the aggregation features of SharePoint to include data from this database into our intranet.

How to create 3 tier application using LINQ

As you know that in 3 tier architecture there are three layers

User interface layer. (Is our Form in Windows application and .aspx page in Web application)
Data Access layer. (Which provides interface between Business logic layer and Database)
Business Logic layer.(Which stores your application logic)

Create ToolTip for GridView Header

The following allows you to add a tooltip to the header links of your GridView, a feature that is lacking.

Create And Run Excel Macro At Runtime in C#

You've been tasked with writing a Windows Form application using the .NET Framework that interacts with Microsoft Excel. If you are new to working with Excel in .NET and are having trouble learning how to format certain cells or cell ranges, then this little tip will come in handy. Rather than scour the internet hoping to find the correct set of constants or method syntax for formatting your spreadsheet, use the built in tools in Excel to write the familiar VBA code for you. Then, you can paste the VBA code generated by Excel into the sample C# code below and run it dynamically at runtime.

Create and Use a Typed DataSet by Using Visual C# .NET

This article shows you how to create and use a typed DataSet in a small Web application. Typed DataSets, which inherit from the DataSet class, create first-class members of a DataSet's DataTables and DataColumns, yielding the many benefits that come with the use of strong typing.

Connestion string create any database server

This links important to how to create connection string to any data base sever.

Dynamically Create Controls in ASP.NET by Using Visual C# .NET

This article demonstrates how to dynamically create a control for an .aspx page. The sample project does the following:
Creates two TextBox controls.
Verifies that the contents (TextBox.text) and the attributes of the TextBox are saved across posts to the server.
Illustrates handling events that are posted by a dynamically-created control

Dynamically Create Controls in ASP.NET with Visual Basic .NET

This step-by-step article describes how to dynamically create controls for an ASPX Web page.

The sample project does the following:
It creates two TextBox controls.
It verifies that the TextBox contents (TextBox.text) and attributes are saved across posts to the server.
It describes how events that are posted by a dynamically created control are handled.
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