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Some Doubts In C#

Posted By:      Posted Date: August 30, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net
Dear Developer                           I am Learning c#. There are Some doubts 1.There is Some Problem in Exception Handling What is Exact Meaning  Of Throw; if we do not use throw what happen 2. In Struture Why We do not used Default Construtor. 3. why we used Interface in  our programming. i have some Idea But I want To excat Meaning 4.  In InterFace We have Declared Two or More Method  But we used One Method In our Programming How it is Possible. 5. What is the Meaning Of Explict Imlemenation And implict Implemention Of Interface And Give Me idea In which Scanario we used. Hey Plz Do not Post Link. plz Explain All Doubts   Thanks Neha  

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Doubts with Windows Sharepoint Services



We are looking for a Document Management System, we are starting in that kind of software so we are looking for a free software. So we are thinks to use WSS because we have a couple of Windows Servers, so we could install on it.

I have a couple of questions:

  1. Could we use WSS to search documents by using metadata tags? We use Office, It´s easy to integrate it with WSS?
  2. Could the users search documents by metadata info of the office documents?
  3. We have 3 departments on our company and we have to maintain a version number different depending of the department, fex: For Sales the version could be S.2010.0910.1532.v001,S.2010.0910.1532.v002 and Finance version F.2010.10.9888.v001, F.2010.10.9888.v002. Could we make this?

So, if wss could make this, could any one send us any link with information?


Doubts on performance tuning



Caught up with few Issues, Advice is highly appreciated:

 We are trying to improve the performance of our query by adding some indexes amd eliminating some unwanted stuff. When I run the old and the new query in o together and check the execution plan, I could see Cost relative to batch, the old query is higher then the new query,I think that is a good sign but what I want to know is how true it is. The reason for asking is I have read it is only estimate and not neccessarily be true. 

 And also , While testing I would like to clear the server cache, I am using dbcc dropcleanbuffers command for that, Does that clear the server cache or is there any other Command?

Is it good to have Clustered index on identity field, it also happens to be the PK of the table.Are there any disadvantages in making identity field as PK and have clustered index on it?


While doing Transactional Replication, if we happen to add a new table at publisher, does that not replicated on to the subscriber unless a snapshot is generated again, if not, is there anyway we can generate the snapshot only for that table and replicate it,because I do not want to generate the snapshot for the entire DB.


Doubts in String Manipulation



I am having the doubt in string manipulation. I am having the following string value

string input="(Grade=A && Standard='12')||(City='ABC' || Region='India')&& (Name=='John')";

I would like to do the precedence condtion so that i want to split the above string in the followung form to identify the precedence group. 

Grade=A && Standard='12'     --arr(0)

||                                            --arr(1)

City='ABC' || Region='India' --arr(2)

&&                                       --arr(3)

Name=='John'                     --arr(4)

So please help me to achieve the scenario.

Crystal reports Doubts



I tried to create Crystal reports  using Linq to Sql .am not getting soloution yet.If any one know  that please post sample code or related Url.

Advance Thanks,



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