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How to create search engine in MVC

Posted By:      Posted Date: August 30, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net
Hi I'm using EF and MVC for the first time and I need some strategy hints.  I have a list of skill sets (ID + Name) which I need to make searchable from a textbox. Then in a seperate step I need to find all people with those skill sets. What's a smart way of doing this? I've been thinking about having two listboxes bound to multiselect lists and then moving records from one listbox to the other. I did that in ASP once, but have no idea of how to do it in MVC.   Re Dennis

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create a search engine



Can anyone show me where it teraches how to create a search engine in the web app? I need to create a search field and have it access and search my websites database. Also, is it possible to do with any kind of Database language? 

Extreme ASP.NET: Search Engine Optimization with ASP.NET 4.0, Visual Studio 2010 and IIS7


In this article, the author takes a look at SEO practices that the reader can apply when using the latest Microsoft Web technologies.

Scott Allen

MSDN Magazine September 2009

.NET Zero Deployment: Security and Versioning Models in the Windows Forms Engine Help You Create and


Windows Forms applications solve many of the problems inherent in building Web applications the old fashioned way?with HTML. To demonstrate the use of Windows Forms over the Web, the author takes his existing app, Wahoo!, and ports it to Windows Forms. In doing so, he discusses versioning, linked files, security, storage isolation, the deployment model, and everything else you need to get started building your own Windows Forms apps for the Web.

Chris Sells

MSDN Magazine July 2002

How to create a "search function" to find files and folders using C++ windows forms?

As mentioned above, how can I make a windows forms application that searches for files and folders specified by the user and display results in a ListBox? Thanks in advance another question: How can I make a textbox transparent? I would be really grateful if anybody told me what books are good to learn windows forms using C++? thanks again

Using Xquery with XML and vb.net to create a search facility

Hi Guys Newbie usign vb.net and vs2005, with .net.2.0 Need some help, i have a page with a datagrid, it is using an xml file as the datasource, it has paging and this works fine, what i now want to do is query the xml file based on the data the user enters into a text box, i then want to run the query using xquery and return the result set to a label. I have the code below so far which is searching my xml file using a fixed hard coded search parameter and it works but im stuck on how to implement the textbox text and search. <%@ Page Language="VB" MasterPageFile="~/MasterPage.master" AutoEventWireup="false" CodeFile="Default2.aspx.vb" Inherits="Default2" title="Untitled Page" %> <asp:Content ID="Content1" ContentPlaceHolderID="ContentPlaceHolder1" Runat="Server"> <asp:Label ID="Label1" runat="server" Visible="False"></asp:Label><br /> <br /> <asp:TextBox ID="searchtxt" runat="server"></asp:TextBox>&nbsp;<asp:Button ID="search" runat="server" Text="Search" /><br /> <br /> <asp:GridView ID="GridView1" runat="server" AllowPaging="True" PageSize="15"> </a

Create a custom search for searcing contents of a sharepoint list

Hi, I am new to sharepoint, i am working on a assignment to create a custom search for a specific sharepoint list . I would like to implement a search by multiple filter criteria's. I am using sharepoint 2007 and with no administrator privileges to the sharepoint server. Can someone guide me with this request. Thanks,  

Image Search Engine

Any idea or concept how will I able to create an Image Search Engine? It is about using an Image and search similar images on web. Thanks for your help. :)

Using search engine with GridView


Hi guys,

I'm binding database with GridView by SQLDataSource. Now if I want to search based on one of the database column (for e.g. search by date), how can I do it? 

Localization through Session and Localization through URL (so the search engine works with different


I also followed this tutorial:http://www.alebo.de/2009/03/localization-with-aspnet-mvc-using-routing/
apart from nothing happening, I also find it odd that I have
to register ALL my pages in the global. asax and have to rewrite ALL my
link in order to have the language identifier in my URL.


does someone have an example of his/her global.asax and how the addiional route handling has been added?

Search Engine for website


I need to create a search engine for my website that searches my entire content and files stored in a database.

What is the best way and easy to accomplish this?

If can, please provide a few samples or links.

Code must be in c#.


create search scope in sharepoint


Hi All

I have created a search scope to search keywords from a discussion board in my sharepoint site.

now i want to create a .net user control to implement search using above Search Scope, but dont have any idea.

please help me to start or provide code

search engine code


 how to create search  option for a site.

plz provide  code for search option.

i want to place option on site  that custmor can seach  thing on site  by writting word or phrases like google.

Need To create Stored Procedure for a Search Criteria


Hi all,

I need to create a stored procedure for a search criteria same as the linkedin.com is having with it under job search module. but i don't understand from where should i start. i am not getting any clue for that. please help.....

i am working on SQL Server 2005.

ASP.NET Search Engine with MS Access for optional search criteria




I am creating a simple search engine similiar to:  


I have a text box for the last name and a dropdown list for the club name. If one value is entered, it will search for just one value, and ignore the blank value in the other. If there are 2 values it will search for 2 values, and no values should pull no results.

Using VS 2005 and Access 2003-2005.  My statement works fine in access but in the accessdatasource there are issues with the @ symbol in VS 2005, the ? symbol works, but generates multiple parameters, when I only need 2.

This statement works fine in the access query: (I do believe the statement is correct), but then again im using a drop down list, does that change the rules? Such as dropdownlist.selecteditem.text = ???

Create a new SSP using an existing SSP Search Database


I  have an issue with my existing (default) SSP which has led to me creating a new (second) SSP. Eventually, once I have changed all of the associations to the second SSP, this will become my default with the original being deleted.

Is it possible for me to use my Search Database from my first SSP and use this with my second, thus negating the need for me to re-crawl all d my content, re-create scopes and crawl rules etc? When I created the second SSP, I tried pointing this (using the 'New SSP' UI) at the existing database but was told that 'the database is not empty' - therefore, I had to create a new one.

So, as things stand, by having a new Search Database, I will be forced to re-crawl all of my content databases meaning a significant outage in terms of applications being indexable.

Is there a way for ASP.Net Ajax content to be indexed by Search Engine?


Hi All,

Is there a way for content that is dynamically generated by Ajax to be indexed by Search Engine e.g. Google, Bing or Yahoo

As far as i know their crawlers are not able to execute Javascript.

Google seems to have implemented something. Does Bing have something similar?



SharePoint's Search Engine


I had a student ask me this question yesterday and I haven't found any concrete information on it yet.  So...does anyone know what search engine (if any) SharePoint 2010's search functionality is based on?  Is there a search engine out there that's comparable?  My student would ultimately like to know if it's possible to extend SharePoint 2010's search with an auto-complete type of functionality.

Thank you,

Eric Skaggs

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