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I have added new fields to a table in SQLserver, why could not find these new fields in Analysis Ser

Posted By:      Posted Date: August 29, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server
I have added new fields to a table in SQLserver, why could not find these new fields in Analysis Services database source view?  My version is 2005.

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How to access the refrenced table fields in Ilist object of table MVC asp.net



I have 2 tables, master, detail. 1.master table have fields (id, username, plan)-->id is primary key (PK) 2. detail table have fields (srNo,id, worksummary, ... )--> srNo is PK.

I have created foreign key relationship from detail to .master table for "id" field.

the code is:

IList<detail> objDetail=new List<detail> (); 
IList<master> objMaster = new List<master> ();
string[] sarray = queryFields.Split('|');//

for (int i = 0; i < sarray.Length; i++)
string[] sfields = sarray[i].Split(',');

if (sfields[0] != "")

objDetail.Add(new _detail { Id = count , modify = sfields[1].ToString(), verified = sfields[2], I});


I have problem to add fields in "objDetail" using Add method. But I am unable to access the reference field "Id" , rest of the field of detail table can be accessed using objDetail.

How can I access the "Id" field from objDetail object to add in IList.

I want to solve this problem

Get fields added by users

Hello all, I have a requirement of pulling all of the fields in a list added by users.  I just want the fields that are not part of the base template for the list type, so basically any custom columns added to any list. I can't any way to either: Pull all custom fields from a list Determine if a field is a custom field or Pull all fields for a given template, so I can prune those out. Any of the above should put me on the right path, or anything else you may suggest would be greatly appreciated!

Reviewer suggested common table expression instead of adding 12 fields

So during a code review a DB Mgr suggested that I use a common table function instead of adding the fields below. No idea how to possibly do this. Anyone have any ideas? Here is a code snippet that he wants to lose: SELECT   LP .leaseID, sum   (paymentAmount1+paymentAmount2+paymentAmount3+paymentAmount4+paymentAmount5+paymentAmount6+paymentAmount7+paymentAmount8+paymentAmount9+paymentAmount10+paymentAmount11+paymentAmount12) as restPayment FROM   leasePaymentScheduleDetails AS L inner join leasePaymentSchedules AS LP ON L.leasePaymentScheduleID = LP.leasePaymentScheduleID WHERE   paymentYear>=@curyear+5 GROUP   BY LP .leaseID   Any input is appreciated.

Joins on non-indexed fields and table primary keys.


I have two tables (a,b) each with a primary key (which are clustered indexes). When I issue the t-sql statement

delete XX from t1 XX inner join t2 on (xx.A2 = t2

how can i drag and drop fields of table in teh desing surface


I am followint the insructions of this walkthrough of VS2003


adn in a part say this

  •  8   Find the authors node and expand it to show the fields in the authors table.
  •  9   Using CTRL+Click, select the au_id, au_lname, au_fname, and city fields.
  •  10  Drag these fields from Server Explorer onto the design surface
  • Now i am using VS2008 

    When i try to drag and drop i can not made it is maybe because of the differences between 2003 and 2008 versions

    how can do it in VS2008?


    How to INSERT new row values from two different sources, all fields from a table plus one additional

    --Loading the single row returned by a table valued function into a temp table works fine like this:
    DECLARE @techNumLoop VARCHAR(25)
    DECLARE @myTemp TABLE (
     Names Varchar(25)
    ,Item_Count Integer
    ,Expense_AP MONEY
    --,[...20 more fields]
    --Loop a while
    INSERT @myTemp SELECT * FROM ufn_FindSomeRow(@techNumLoop)
    --And finally display a table with one row for each function call
    SELECT * FROM @myTemp
    --My Question: what if I would like to also display the value of @techNumLoop passed in to ufn_FindSomeRow?
    --Then I add a field to @myTemp to hold it:
    DECLARE @myTemp TABLE (
     TechNum VARCHAR(25)--added

    Datetime fields within a fact table


    Morning all,

    I'm currently defining a fact table in my first datacube and have a question (basic one albeit).  Can a datetime column be left in a fact table as a measure or should this be stored only within a dimension table?  The other columns I have left in thus far are foreign keys for the dimension tables.

    Any pointers appreciated.



    How to ensure all the fields from a source file is mapped to a destination file \ table


    I am trying to verify if the SSIS package created by someone else has all the fields from source mapped to a destination table columns.

    How to do that?

    Also are there any best practices for testing for correctness of SSIS package.

    dynamic fields added/removed depending on user selection


    Is it possible to dynamically add/remove fields upon creating an item in a list?

    For example:
    If user selects from drop down list and chooses "Booked"

    and a date field name "Booked Date" will dynamically pop up underneath.

    And if user selects a different choice, the date field will dissapear.

    Can someone point me to anything that can be of help?

    I searched around and noticed that this can be achieved via javascript using the ows.js object model?

    Thank you for your help.

    Infopath 2007 Form with the repeating / non repeating fields in the same table



    Hi ,

    I am trying to create infopath 2007 form with the repeating / non repeating fields with in the same table. Basically i have to get the few column values  from the sharepoint List and remaining will be free text.


    A     B   C     D      E    F  

    x    x    x     e        a    y

    x    x    x    s      s     g

    x    x    x    h       t    w

    x    x    x    j       h    t


    X - Values getting from the sharepoint list by using repeating table

    remaing values should be not repeating fields and  should be text fields.

    anyideas on this. please let me know.



    Adding Delimiter between Reapting Table Fields (aka Double Eval)


    I have been working on a problem where Im attempting to capture a merged field from a Repeating Table (infopath form) and add a delimiter between each entry.  This is a Webform.

    The purpose of adding the delimiter is so that later on from sharepoint I can export to Excel for reporting purposes.

    Anyway the function I know Im supposed to use is the Eval function (actually it is supposed to be a double Eval function). 

    The structure looks like this

    eval(eval(group5, 'concat(../../my:MainTable/my:group5/my:Unit, ";")'), "..")

    This actually does work, but the problem its not cycling through the data, its just taking the first field and each time you add a new row it just adds the first entry again.

    for example

    If the first field is dog

    the second field is cat

    and the third field is bird

    it comes out dog;dog;dog;

    It basically ignores the second and thrid entry as if its ignoring the double eval.

    Can anyone see what Im doing wrong with this double eval?


    I need to null the numeric and decimal fields in a table (SQL 2008)


    I have imported data from Foxpro into a Table that has about 50 columns.  Some columns are "varchar", some are "int", and some are "decimal".  Is there a way to iterate through the fields and check to see if the "int" and "decimal" fields contain Zero to make them null?

    Do I have to create an update statement for each field or can it be done in a loop?


    Hope I explained that correctly.

    In MOSS 2007 in which table it is saving tasks and cutomize fields data

    I need to know when we creating tasks through workflow . where it is saving in moss 2007 databases tables.
    Basim Alvi

    find duplicate specific fields


    hi all, i'm a sql beginner, here is my problem..

    i have a table A with ID, date, typeID, etc

    i know i can group by ID, but then i want to find the duplicate date and typeID


    please help

    How do I read an Dbase V Table with more than 400 fields?


    I need to read a dbase V table with more than 500 fields.

    The example:


    string filepath = "c:\\prueba\\";


    OdbcConnection CC = new OdbcConnection("Driver={Microsoft dBase Driver (*.dbf)};SourceType=DBF;SourceDB=<

    Create ID (uniqueid?) from two fields when data is entered


    I need to create an ID from two fields when they are entered into the db for the first time.  I thought Uniqueidentifer would do this, but it looks like uniqueidentifier is random and i have no control of the process. 

    My user will enter 4 letters into a column called INIT and 4 numbers into a column called NUMB.  What I would like to do is create an id by combining those fields.

    How can I do this?



    LINQ with GridView and edit fields


    My project includes a grid view which displays information of inventory items (Assets), data is quried from AssetTable. The GridView has a command field to allow editing, below is a description of the tables and how data is displayed


    BuildingTable: (BuildingID, BuildingName)

    AssetTable: (BuildingID,..,....,....)


    ItemTemplate: Using a LINQ query I join the two table and displays in a label control a string which includes BuildingID and BuildingName (5 North Building)

     EditItemTemplate: Using a LINQ query I populate a DropDownList with strings of BuildingID and BuildingName same as above.
    Here  issue which I need to resolve:
    1.  ItemTemplate display the correct information (BuildingID BuildingName) but when I switch to EditItemTemplate the pair that is 
    displayed is the first one on the list, how do I make is scroll to the item which was displayed in the label ?
    <asp:CommandField ShowEditButton="True" >
                        <ControlStyle Wi
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