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Corrupt FullBackup

Posted By:      Posted Date: August 28, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server
Hi all, If I have the following backup scenario: FullBackup1   TransLogBackup1    TransLogBackup2 FullBackup2   TransLogBackup3   TransLogBackup4 Assuming data corruption in DB occured just before FullBackup2 (and therefore restoring FullBackup2is recovers corrupt data), can I restore FullBackup1, TranslogBackup1, TransLogBackup2, TransLogBackup3, TransLogBackup4 ??? I know that technicaly it's possible, the question is do I have all transactions or are some transactions missed from FullBackup2. Any help is highly appreciated. acki4711

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corrupt html from custom control on win2003/iis6 box


Hello everyone -- first time poster and relative newcomer to the boards.  This bug I'm tackling has me at my wits' end and it's come time to turn to the masses!  If this is posted in the wrong forum and/or has already been addressed, I apologize.  However, I've done thorough searches and haven't come across anything akin to what I'm facing.

I'm working with a website that has a set of custom controls, all descending from a base class.  These controls take DataSets returned from web services and renders custom html via overriding the Render method.  Everything works fine on my local box and my coworker's box (both xp machines running iis 5).  However, on our server (windows server 2003, 64-bit, iis 6), the html rendered by the browser appears corrupt, with garbage replacing individual characters, as follows:


AppDomain Unload does corrupt Thread Pool

Hi,I was just trying to run a simple scenario:1. Create AppDomain2. Use up all Worker threads from Thread Pool 3. Unload AppDomain before the worker threads have finished.4. Try to queue another WorkItem in your default or some other AppDomainResult: The .NET thread pool is dead because there are no threads left for the other AppDomain. ThreadPool Threads are not given back to the thread pool when an AppDomain.Unload is performed. I think it is ok to not kill the threads (reliability) but what is not ok is that there are no threads left for other AppDomains. An AppDomain unload should increase the number of worker/io completion port threads which are currently running inside the to be unloaded AppDomain to ensure that you do not run out of threads after 2-3 days of regular operation when some AppDomains where created and destroyed in the meantime.This will eat up your thread pool quite fast.Sample Code to reproduce:using System;using System.Collections.Generic;using System.Text;using System.Threading;using System.Diagnostics;namespace ThreadPoolAndAppDomain{    [Serializable]    public class Worker    {       public Worker()       {}       int nQueuedItems = 0;              public void QueueWorkItems(int n)       {           for (int i = 0; i < n; i++)           {               ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem(delegate(object state)               {                   lock (this) 

Corrupt URL bypasses ASP.NET 2.0 customErrors settings

A recent security scan of our website has identified a vulnerability which appears to be an issue with ASP.NET itself. By passing a seemingly innocuous yet malicious url the user will bypass the customError settings in the web.config and instead of getting a friendly error page, will see the "Server Error in '/' Application." error page. The underlying exception is: [HttpException (0x80004005): xxx is not a valid virtual path.] System.Web.VirtualPath.Create(String virtualPath, VirtualPathOptions options) +8855707 This is easily reproduced by creating a simple website project with a Default.aspx page, Error.aspx page and customErrors on pointing to the error.aspx page. Variations of the folllowing url will cause the undesired behavior. http://localhost/Default.aspx/%2fDefault.aspx%3ffree_text%3d This occurs on .NET 2.0, and 3.5, but run on .NET 4.0 it handles it as a 404 error. It appears that the bug has been fixed in 4.0, but I'm running 3.5. Has anyone seen this issue or have a solution? Just for curiousity it tried the same url on the following sites which exhibit the same bug. http://www.myspace.com/Default.aspx/%2fDefault.aspx%3ffree_text%3d https://www.discountasp.net/Default.aspx/%2fDefault.aspx%3ffree_text%3d  

SQL2005 Express Install fails with advisory that .NET 2.0 is either corrupt or missing

I am trying to install SQLExpress 2005 adv on an XP Pro SP2 machine standalone and keep on getting the same error -- "SQL setup has detected a problem with Microsoft .Net Framework installation and cannot proceed. Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 is either not installed on this system or is corrupt."I have uninstalled/reinstalled .Net 2.0 some many time that I think it come close to the population of China. Still the same message. I had no problems on a different machine so I cloned that Hard drive, re-activated the software and tried on this machine. Still the same problem. I know what you are thinking, it must be machine related. Both machine have identical hardware from motherboard, Bios, peripherals, memory, Hard drives, CDROM and DVD drives. I took the failed HD and put it in the machine that installed correctly and the same thing happened - the install failed with the same message.I used "installer" to check the install info -- Both .Net 1.1 and 2.0 show up properly.I ran MSIZAP !G to get rid of orphans.I uninstalled SQLExpress. Cleaned the registry. ran the clwireg-x86.exe, removed both .Net 1.1 and 2.0 several times. Blew the hard drive away sevral times and restarted from scratch.Still the same perfectly useless message.Any help would be appreciated at this stage.Motherboard is Asus P5QL/EPU, 2.5 gHz Intel P43 Quad core, 4 G DDR2, 160 SATA WD

The cabinet file 'STS.CAB' required for this installation is corrupt and cannot be used


I'm trying to install Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 Enterpise and I'm getting that error almost right away after I enter the serial number.
I tried to burn DVD, copy files on the local disk, mount original ISO file as a disk.. Nothing did not work.
Please advise.

Thank you,

System databases corrupt recovery?


For SQL2K5, If I have for ex. Master or msdb got corrupt/suspect and I need to restore the entire database system? what are the steps I need to follow? If I have a two weeks old master, msdb can I use that and keep all current databases? or I need to restore two week old sytem dbs and all those corresponding user databases two weeks ago?

Please provide steps and how do I recover (using admin console, etc)?


Upgrade to 2010 with corrupt site columns


Hope someone can help, have exhausted all googled solutions.

Recently upgraded from Moss 2007- ent to 2010 ent using database attach method, the only outstanding problem is with a custom site column type from codeplex -filtered lookup.

  1. When trying to access the site columns/ mngfields.aspx from the ui/sharepoint designer or  SharePoint manager I get the error- Field type FilteredLookup is not installed properly. Go to the list settings page to delete this field  -  or some variation
  2. When I try to view the site columns based on the 'filtered lookup type' using power-shell I cannot access them, zero return, yet can view all the other site columns (using names from the 2007 box)

So if the columns are not there where is the reference that is causing the problem and how to fix?.

Have been thru every site and list and deleted the offending columns, but surely this does not have any effect on the site columns mngmt page?

I don't want to remove the type from the 2007 server as this is our working model


Corrupt thai characters when report is exported in ReportViewer



I am facing problem while exporting report to PDF using report viewer. The problem is that I have Thai character in the report, which I am able to view perfectly, but when export to PDF functionality of the report viewer is used, the thai characters are not displayed correctly.

Below is the attached RDCL with embedded thai characters.

<Report xmlns:rd="http://schemas.microsoft.com/SQLServer/reporting/reportdesigner" xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/sqlserver/reporting/2008/01/reportdefinition">
      <Textbox Name="Thai">

Folder permissions in Sharepoint library corrupt


The permissions of a Folder in my Sharepoint 2010 library have become corrupt

The permissions cannot be edited

When "manage permissions" is selected for the folder the following error occurs


Cannot complete this action.

Please try again.


Troubleshoot issues with Microsoft SharePoint Foundation.

Correlation ID: 761c6efa-d7f9-4d34-ac2b-e0bbb609f82c

Date and Time: 10/8/2010 12:20:14 AM

The folder cannot be deleted

When a attempt is made to delete the folder the following error occurs

Even when using the site administrator account


Error: Access Denied

Current User

Corrupt master db?


Hi All,

I'm in the process of migrating a hardware based CRM server to a new virtual machine. The new virtual crm server is being installed and therefore does not yet have a backup scheme in place. The new server has 3 disks which consist of 1 OS disk, 1 disk for transaction logs and 1 disk for database files. The disks which have the t-log and database files are mapped to a lun on our netapp san. Unfortunately a snapshot of (only) the OS was restored which seemed to have corrupted (according to the running OS) the SQL disks. After running a chkdsk, the filesystem was fixed but it removed parts of SQL. (Like the program files (x86) folder on the disk which has the database files on it). So now I cannot open the sql management studio. Also the sql instance cannot start. I ran a repair of sql to make sure I could use the management studio again and was partially succesful. The studio opens but the sql instance still won't start. I figured that the master database was probably corrupt and/or inconsistent. I have ran the setup.exe command with the /ACTION=REBUILDDATABASE parameter but it won't help. I guess in order for this to work you will need to have a running sql instance?! (I have checked that I have copies of the master database in my templates folder). So what would be the best way to re

The state information is invalid and might be corrupt? Check this.


I finally figured out why but don't know how to fix this.  I am storing a multi-dimensional array into a viewstate variable.  But when the page postsback, (BEFORE PAGE_LOAD) , i get the error in IE6 that the state information is invalid and might be corrupt.  Nothing else works, the PAGE_LOAD won't fire which I suspect it is stuck in pre_load during viewstate loading.

Here's the thing, the problem does not occur when storing a single-dimension array to viewstate. the problem ONLY occurs to storing a multi-dimensional array to viewstate.  The next time the page attempts to recycle, and then goes to load viewstate, it fails.

Here's the code.

//this function causes the viewstate error after subsequent postback.

bool[,] regsettings020 = new bool[5, 3];
ViewState["regsettings3"] = regsettings020; 
regsettings020 = (bool[,])ViewState["regsettings3"]; // just reading back for fun, it works

// this function does not cause the view state error because it only stored a single dimension array

bool[] regsettings020 = new bool[5];
ViewState["regsettings3"] = regsettings020; 
regsettings020 = (bool[])ViewState["regsettings3"]; // just reading back for fun, it works

"One of the fields on the SharePoint List does not exist or has become corrupt." in crawl log


Hi all,

I get this error message frequently in the crawl logs, but only for the publishingimages library. If I access the url e.g. http://site/subsite/publishingimages/forms an error is displayed that I should check the settings page of the list for corrupt fields - but there is nothing displayed there. If I access the list itself via http://site/subsite/publishingimages, I can access the list without problems.

In other publishingimages libraries, the error does not occur and I am simply redirected to the allitems.aspx.

Does anybody know this problem or has any hint where I should search?

I compared a working library with a not working one in sharepoint designer, but I could find no difference.



corrupt navagation headers

Guys I have corrupt navigation headers for example the Documents, Discussion, Sites, and People and Groups headers are corrupted. If I click on any of them I receive the error I've pasted below. So I must ask has any one here seen this error before.

File Not Found. at Microsoft.SharePoint.Library.SPRequestInternalClass.OpenWebInternal(String bstrUrl, Guid& pguidID, String& pbstrRequestAccessEmail, UInt32& pwebVersion, String& pbstrServerRelativeUrl, UInt32& pnLanguage, UInt32& pnLocale, String& pbstrDefaultTheme, String& pbstrDefaultThemeCSSUrl, String& pbstrAlternateCSSUrl, String& pbstrCustomizedCssFileList, String& pbstrCustomJSUrl, String& pbstrAlternateHeaderUrl, String& pbstrMasterUrl, String& pbstrCustomMasterUrl, String& pbstrSiteLogoUrl, String& pbstrSiteLogoDescription, Object& pvarUser, Boolean& pvarIsAuditor, Int32& plSiteFlags)
at Microsoft.SharePoint.Library.SPRequest.OpenWebInternal(String bstrUrl, Guid& pguidID, String& pbstrRequestAccessEmail, UInt32& pwebVersion, String& pbstrServerRelativeUrl, UInt32& pnLanguage, UInt32& pnLocale, String& pbstrDefaultTheme, String& pbstrDefaultThemeCSSUrl, String& pbstrAlternateCSSUrl, String& pbstrCustomizedCssFileList, String& pbstrCustomJSUrl, String& pbstrAlternateHeaderUrl, Str

Encountering error when trying to perform any AS operation because of corrupt file



I tried to restore a database i had downloaded from the net, but i guess the file was corrupted or I hadn't done it the proper way. However, now, am not able to do anything with my other AS databases as well ( ie, not able to browse, write MDX etc ). I tried deleting the problematic database but still encountered the same error :

File system error: Error opening file; \\?\C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.2\OLAP\Data\Foodmart 2000.2.db\0.CryptKey.bin is not a disk file or file is not accessible.
Errors in the metadata manager. Processing for the database will be disabled because of an error occured hile loading the 'Foodmart 2000' database cryptography key. One possible reason for this error is that the service account has changed.

Kindly help!!

--Mark the thread as answered if one of the replies answers your question. Thank you

SQL CE 3.5 corrupt temp files

I have a desktop C# application that reads and writes to an SQL CE v3.5 database file.  The file is typically around 12Mb in size and resides next to my appilcation exe.  When I run the appilcation it reads data from the file but then at some point I get the common Data corruption error, run Repair utility etc, but the error says the corruption is in a file located at c:\windows\temp\sql123.tmp or similar, this is not where my db file is located.   This temp file is also only 84k.   If I try to run the repair utility on my 12Mb file it reports that the database file is not corrupted.  I wondered why I am getting this error now and why SQL CE is creating this small file.  There is nothing in my code to say that the database has to be read only.

File corrupt issue with SQL Server Express 2008 Download

I have tried to download SQL Server Express 2008 with advanced services a several times from different locations across the MS web site.  I keep getting a File Corrupt error when extracting "owc11sp1.msp."  I have tried several different computers and following the steps directly.  I can not perform a web install on the machine that will host the SQL server, so that option is out.  Does anyone know where I can get a copy of this that actually works?

I tried downloading it from here:

Streaming file result sometimes corrupt


I have a WCF service with basic authentication that can be used by clients to upload data. The clients are .NET 2 clients. The file size is about 1-10 Mb and the service receives them in a streaming way. The configuration settings are adjusted to support files up to 500 Mb and this is tested and works fine in our lab environment.

About 99% of the uploads are successful, however sometimes the uploaded file is corrupt. The log files on the service side show this error: 'An exception has been thrown when reading the stream'.
I added the full stacktrace at the bottom.

What could be causing this? If I look at the client code I noticed that the connection isn't closed or disposed, but this is the same for every client. Also a .NET 2 client cannot close the connection because that method is not available. Besides that I found an article on the WCF Security Guide with a sample client call and even there the client isn't closed (while that is done for .NET 3.5 clients)(http://wcfsecurity.codeplex.com/wikipage?title=Internet%20%E2%80%93%20WCF%20and%20ASMX%20Client%20to%20Remote%20WCF%20Using%20Transport%20Security%20(HTTP)). Is it n

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