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peer to peer replication, drop and add article of same name

Posted By:      Posted Date: August 28, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server
We have peer-to-peer replication set up on our system (2005 EE). I would like to change the metadata of one of the tables (many of the tables actually, but right now I'm just trying to test out the process with just one table). As this is a high-availability system, I would like to stop the replication, make the changes on one node, verify that the changes are working, make the same changes on the other node, then re-enable replication. The ddl changes to the table are extensive enough that I have to clear them before executing. So I will handle re-populating the tables in a later step. Right now I'm just testing the process of stopping, doing ddl, then restarting. I am trying to implement this using scripts so as to minimize my clicking (and thus potential for mistakes) when doing it for real. I find that if I do the following process using the SSMS interface it goes smoothly with no errors (note that each step is conducted on both nodes unless specified): stop sync agents manually remove article: tblName1 with 'publications properties window' close 'publications properties window' make ddl changes to tblName1 (change column names, add columns etc. to a particular table) manually add article: tblName1 with 'publications properties window' re-enable agents But if I try the following, I get 'Peer-To-Peer topologies require identical articles in publications at all n

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How to I drop a node in peer to peer replication?


I have P2P replication going from say DB1 to DB2 and we are now just bought a couple more servers say DB3 and DB4. Our goal is to retire DB1 and add one more node in our replication. So we are thinking of setting up our replication so that it'll do following

first -  DB1 to DB2 to DB3 to DB4

Second - when all replications are setup. We'll drop DB1.

The plan seems techincally possible, but I don't know it'll works.

Have anyone done anything like this before? if yes, could you share with us if there is any problem you have encountered.

Thanks a lot in advance.



Philly Database developer

Is peer-2peer replication going to be part of Standard Edition?

We currently use merge replication and have had numerous issues with it.  Primarily that there is a single point of failure. We are looking at moving to peer-2-peer transactional replication but we are currently running standard edition and have no plans/budget to upgrade. Will peer-2-peer be available in standard edition in the near future?   Thanks, Paul

replication peer-to-peer w/o init, source changed before replication


We setup a replciation peer-to-peer source / destination has sperated publisher and distributor each. 

The subscription set without initialize.  But the source db got changed before replication indeed.  Then we find there was something sent by destination distributor which hold all the process for a long time.

The question is: why is it not sent from source to destination? Does the destination try to question the change but very slow, and get the change back very quickly?

Index maintenance on peer 2 peer replication


Under normal non-replicated circumstances, we add maintenance plans, scheduled weekly, to rebuild indexs in our SQLServer databases. We have implemented peer to peer replication to run a software project from a major application vendor and the vendor is stating that "index maintenance plans are unsupported" in this implementation. In order to rebuild indexes, we therefore would need to break replication, rebuild indexes, then re-establish replication.

In short, can index maintenance plans be run against all nodes in a peer-to-peer replication scenario without effecting replication?




SQL 2008:Peer 2 Peer Replication: Update-Update Conflict on the same node


My environment is comprising of 2 SQL servers setup with P2P replication in SQL 2008, 2 Web servers connect to only one SQL server at a time and make changes to the published tables and 2 Application servers which connects to both the SQL servers all the time but they only read data.

We chose P2P since my app servers are in different locations which read data from both the SQL servers and we use it as HA solution.

Since we are changing data at only one SQL server, thought we should never get update-update conflicts but we are now on the same node.

A conflict of type 'Update-Update' was detected at peer 3 between peer 1 (incoming), transaction id 0x0000000000725ca2 and peer 1 (on disk), transaction id 0x00000000007259e9 (Source: MSSQLServer, Error number: 22815)

We are making changes only at Server A and Server B is my backup server.

I made a varchar field updated in 1 row on a table in server A then it gets replicated to Server B
then I made the same field updated for 160 rows on the same table in Server A then it gets replicated to Server B
then I reverted back the change made to the field on all 160 rows on the same table in Server A then my replication failing with Update-Update conflict.

I'm not sure whats causing this because I'm not making any change

Sql 2008 peer-to-peer replication and jdbc driver


Hi, sorry but i'm a sql dummy...:-)

I setup a sql 2008 p2p replication for a database.

Can i specify, on a jbdc connection string, the path of the 2 sql server for automatic failover?

I try failoverPartner variable, but this is only for database mirroring.....

Can u help me?

Thanks in advance


SQL Server Peer to Peer Replication and High Availability

I am looking at peer to peer replication to replace our current mirroring solution.  ADO.Net has the partner server which works great when detecting the failover to the mirror.  Will that workin a peer to peer configuration as well?

Error for logread.exe and distrib.exe when I setup Peer-to-peer replication



I am in engineering design field and fairly new to SQL server. One of our applications use SQL server 2005.

I have setup Peer-to-peer replication. As soon as replication setup is completed, I start getting error for logread.exe and distrib.exe on satellite server (this is in India).

I get below error (same for logread.exe):

Distrib.exe Application Error , Application failed to initialize properly(0xx0000142)click ok to terminate the application

I have tried hard to resolve this issue but no success. I have deleted the replication many times and tried recreating but still no success.

user id I have used for Snapshot agent, log read agent has enough DBO permissions on both servers.

Please if someone can help me resolving this issue.

Best Regards,

Kshitij Nanavaty

Peer Fun: A Peer-To-Peer Work Processing App With WCF


We demonstrate creating a peer-to-peer processing platform where multiple players function together for a common purpose: getting your work done.

Matt Neely

MSDN Magazine June 2009

WCF P2P: How To Design State Sharing in a Peer Network


Learn how you can peer-enable business applications by allowing them to share state in a serverless peer network.

Kevin Hoffman

MSDN Magazine July 2008

Peer To Peer: Harness The Power Of P2P Communication In Windows Vista And WCF


P2P applications face a number of barriers preventing their wide adoption as a productivity solution. Fortunately Windows Vista improves the situation, as you'll learn here.

Justin Smith

MSDN Magazine October 2006

.NET P2P: Writing Peer-to-Peer Networked Apps with the Microsoft .NET Framework


Peer-to-peer applications such as Napster, Gnutella, and Scour that communicate as peers sharing and receiving information are becoming commonplace as a means for users connected on large networks to take advantage of the vast resources available to them. The Microsoft .NET Framework provides a rich platform for building P2P apps. This article explains the concepts that make up peer-to-peer applications. The peer-to-peer application model, discovering other peers, and querying peers for information are discussed. The article goes on to cover the System.Net namespace for the use of Internet protocols, the System.Web.Services namespace for exposing Web Services, and firewall and port issues. Finally, the role of the .NET Framework in simplifying the design of powerful peer-to-peer applications is outlined.

Lance Olson

MSDN Magazine February 2001

Peer to peer chat

Hi,   Are there any examples which illustrate how to perform a simple peer to peer chat program? Basically, all I need is for 2 PCs to be able to send texts to each other. I don't even need any displaying, no acknowledgement needed. All the examples I found are client-server chat room style programs, or WCF peer to peer. Are there any windows form examples? Example: PC-A sends PC-B "Hello". PC-B receives it and processes it (eg. write it into a text file) PC-B sends PC-A "Hi". PC-A does the same thing to process it.    

Peer to peer voice chat

Hi, Does anyone know of any voice chat windows forms examples, that works with windows 7? I have found several examples, which uses TAPI3, and h323, but unfortunately they are all not supported in windows 7. (Or if anyone knows how to get those to work with win 7, that'll be great) Here's an example of what I tried that works perfectly in XP environment but not 7: http://www.socketcoder.com/ArticleFile.aspx?index=2&ArticleID=39 I have enabled Telephony services, but still it doesn't work. I don't really want to reinvent the wheel here, so if anyone knows of any SDKs, or examples with source code that is compatible with win 7, please post them here! I have seen some vendors like conaito, which employs client-server architecture. It's way too comprehensive for me. Just a simple peer to peer will do. Any ideas, anyone?    

Creating a Peer-2-Peer WPF App


I was wondering if anyone knew how or seen examples on how to create 2 WPF apps that connect via IP? I saw one example

however it only works over a LAN and not the internet.


Thank a lot everyone

TX replication Article Properties


Please provide details/functionality on the following article properties--------

1.copy default value specifications

2.copy extended properties

3.copy file group associations

4.copy table partitioning shcemes

5.copy index partitioning schemes

6.copy user-defined statistcis

7.copy default bindings

8.copy rule bindings

9.copy spatial indexes

10.copy filtered indexes

11.copy data compression attribute

12.copy sparse column attribute

Peer-to-Peer Identity Management

Is there a way to make identity management work in peer-to-peer replication similar to the way it works in merge replication?

I do not want to be dependent on a central publisher, but I would rather not have to assign arbitrarily large starting identity values.

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