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COM Callable Wrapper for SQL-SMO

Posted By:      Posted Date: August 28, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server
I have a Delphi 7 application that uses SQL-DMO. As we move forward to SQL server 2008 and beyond we will need to implement SQL-SMO. However I was wondering if anybody knew if any COM callable wrapper already existed for SQL-DMO that would allow me to use this wrapper in Delphi 7 (i.e. non-managed app). I already am aware of teh backward compatiblility tool for DMO but this is not the solution for me. Any other ideas on this subject would be greatly appreciated. thanks OllieMac

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Tablecellcollection is not callable


This is a dumb question, but I just cant find an answer. I want to do something as simple as this in IronPython, something I did in asp.net vb.net to capture the id of a table displayed in a gridview or datagrid

iid = e.Item.Cells(2).Text

But I get "Tablecellcollection is not callable". Any idea or alternative to solve it?

.NET Profiling: Write Profilers With Ease Using High-Level Wrapper Classes


Here Joachim H. Fröhlich and Reinhard Wolfinger show you how to get all the great functionality of the .NET Profiling API the easy way, with custom wrappers.

Joachim H. Fröhlich and Reinhard Wolfinger

MSDN Magazine April 2006

XML Wrapper Template: Transform XML Documents into Visual Basic Classes


The XML Wrapper template described in this article transforms XML documents into Visual Basic classes, hiding the more complex parts of using the Microsoft XML parser. Developers who have little knowledge of XML or the Microsoft XML parser can use classes created with the template, thus making it easier to use XML in their projects. This article describes the template, shows classes in a sample application based on the template, and explains how to customize those classes to support repeating child elements. Although this project is illustrated using Visual Basic 6.0, the technique can be extended for use with other versions of Visual Basic and with other languages.

Dave Grundgeiger and Patrick Escarcega

MSDN Magazine January 2001

Framework Wrapper of Multiple SDK'S

Hi Guys,   I have multiple biometric SDK of different vendors made in .NET, i must wrap all SDK in one framework wrapper with the common functions of every SDK, and no common functions too. that must implement in an application we will develop , and an app will implement depending de fingerprint scanner detect wich SDK in FRAMEWORK WRAPPER must use.   Is any pattern or idea for this job? and any architectural software pattern to accomplish this?   Thank you for any idea   José Abad.

VB6 Conversion to VB.net Wrapper to prevent Null Exceptions

Thanks for reading this. We are converting a large VB6 application to VB.net. The problem we have all over the code is the .NET converter did not "reorder" the "IF" and other statements in the code to stop execution when a DBNull value exists.  For example, we have code like this all over the place. "If rRow.Item("av_election_id") > 0 And (rRow.Item("Challenged") <> "SUSPD" Or IsDBNull(rRow.Item("Challenged"))) Then" This causes a error when "rRow.Item("Challenged") is dbnull The line of code below corrects this issue but we have thousands of lines of code to reorder and refactor.  If   dtAVVoterRow.Rows(0)("av_election_id") > 0 And (IsDBNull(dtAVVoterRow.Rows(0)("Challenged")) OrElse dtAVVoterRow.Rows(0)("Challenged") <> "SUSPD") Then My question is does anyone have any idea of creating a wrapper class or something to allow us to keep the first example of code above where it will not throw an error when encountering a Null value?  I don't know if a wrapper that reordered the If statements, or captures the error but continues the execution somehow? I appreciate any help.  THanks!  

Writing a .NET REST Wrapper


   I am a REST web service newbie, does visual studio, .NET,  or some other nifty microsoft tool provide any easy way to auto generate classes to consume a REST web service? With REST services is there even a service definition like there is with SOAP (WSDL) beyond the printed documentation?
   There is a new service that I'd like to consume but they only wrote wrappers for PHP, Pearl, Ruby, and Java and have more or less said you are on your own with .NET. I could write it myself but I'd like to cut corners and save time wherever possible. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Creating dataset wrapper...


Hi Experts,

     Please help me in creating dataset wrapper in c# with sample code..

Automatically generated wrapper for COM object handles all events!



I have a COM-object, and use it in my app.

COM object raises many events and my app subscribed on some of this events.

When I create this COM-object, my app loads the processor on 50%.

I'm traced it with profiler and found that the processor is loaded by processing of events on which I didn't subscribe!

Than I make a conclusion that .NET processes all events of COM object, and if my app is subscribed - raises my handlers.

How I can disable subscribing on all events?? Or how I can generate Interop dll without events that i don't want to process?

How do I call a Delphi wrapper dll in c#



I have a delphi application which I would like to create a wrapper DLL and call that DLL in my ASP.net website using C#.

What steps should I follow? Your expertise would be appriciated.

Thanks in advance.

New to ASP.Net & C# - help creating ADO wrapper


In my project, I have all database connectivity established in my aspx.cs page.  I want to move all calls to the database to a class called DatabaseAccess.  I am repeating calls to the database throughout my code and this would simplify things.

I have code written to open the connection and it is working fine.  I am now lost on what to do next.  I need to establish my cmd object and parameters through my class as well.  Here is my code on my aspx.cs page where I am declaring the command and adding the parameters. 

I am also including my DataAccess class where I have included my open connection.  Can anyone tell me where to start.  I am new to asp.net and c#, this is the first class that I have written.  Any help would be GREAT!!

ASPX.CS page

   //Declare connection object
            SqlConnection Conn = new SqlConnection();
            string sError = "";

            if (dac.OpenSqlConnection(ref Conn, strConn, out sError) == false)
                lblMessage.Text = "Error Connection to Database: " + sError;


        //Define query
        string sql = "UPDATE Customer SET FirstName=@FirstName, LastName=@LastName, Email=@Email, Password=@Password, Address1=@Address1, Address2=@Address2, City=@City, State=@State

Basic HTTPBinding not working for WCF XML-RPC wrapper


I am trying to use the very nice WCF XMLRPC wrapper by Clemens Vasters (http://vasters.com/clemensv/PermaLink,guid,679ca50b-c907-4831-81c4-369ef7b85839.aspx. The (linux based, I suspect Apache) server requires basic HTTP authentication.

Using Chillcat I can connect and the credentials are accepted. So we know the server is working correctly. Note that the server is using SSL (https) but does not have a certificate.

Using the code below I get an unexpected EOF error.


Any suggestions very much appreciated,

Jonathan Orgel


    void zWCF()
      WebHttpBinding binding = new WebHttpBinding();
      binding.Security.Transport.ClientCredentialType = HttpClientCredentialType.Basic;
      binding.Security.Mode = WebHttpSecurityMode.Transport;

      ChannelFactory<IServiceContract> cf = new ChannelFactory<IServiceContract>(
        binding, "https://zzzz.com/cgi-bin2/xmlrpc-interface.cgi");
      cf.Endpoint.Behaviors.Add(new XmlRpcEndpointBehavior());

Unhandled exception was thrown by the sandboxed code wrapper's Execute method in the partial trust



I want to pass parameter to Silverlight Control deployed as a Webpart.For this i used WebpartStorageAttribute for getting the values while configuring the Webpart.

It deployed Successfully but when i try to add webpart its raising the following error

Unhandled exception was thrown by the sandboxed code wrapper's Execute method in the partial trust app domain: Could not load type 'Microsoft.SharePoint.WebPartPages.WebPartStorageAttribute' from assembly 'Microsoft.SharePoint, Version=14.900.0.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=71e9bce111e9429c'.

Thanks in Advance

how to write wrapper for Data block of Enterprise library




I have the following scenario.

The project has 4 layers

1) Business Entities

2)Business Layer


all are separate projects
so lets say

1 )Business Entities has

public class Employee
public int EmpId{get;set;}
public string EmpName{get;set}
pullic int Age{get;set;}

2)Business layer will call dataacess layer

public class BusinessLayer

public int RegisterEmployee(Employee objEmp)
 Datalayer objDal =new Datalayer();


3)From the datalayer i need to call Wrapper for enterprise library and the requirement is
datalayer should not have any reference of Enterprise library data block(that i dont know how to do that)
Only the wrapper class should have reference for Enterprise library data block


public class Datalayer
 public int AddEmployee(Employee objEmp)
///Database db=DatabaseFactor.Createdatabase()
//the above line should not be in datalayer it should in some other componenent
//lets say component is wrapper
//i want to how to write wrapper for that.
//As well as how to build command and parameter



Win32 Dll Wrapper around Dll (C# class library)


I have a managed class library developed in C#. 

Now i need to create a win 32 dll wrapper around it.


So in my Win 32 DLL i need to import that class library and call the starting point functions from it.

I am new on this. I was able to create functions and use it in test code.


int _stdcall sum(int x , int y)


return x + y;

char* _stdcall to_upper(char *lowerstring)



return lowerstring;



But i need to call external dll (C# class library) and call functions from the functions created Win32 DLL.

Help would really be appreciated.

Applicaton wrapper


I have the below requirment:

Requirement: We have an existing project (application based on .net 3.5) that has been used for couple of years now and we have a requirement to add few more modules to it and use the existing common moduel which are part of the project however, I cannot modify their code as there is an existing release which is going on but I can write a wrapper to encapsulate the current modules/application and write my own module as plug in to it.

Questions: What design pattern is good as part of my resolution to the problem?




SMO .net wrapper called from VB script


I have a C# class like below 


 public class SmoWrapperex

        public SmoWrapperex(){

        private Server smoServer;     

        public Server GetSMOServer(String ServerName, String UserName, String Password)
                ServerConnection srvConn = new ServerConnection(ServerName);
                srvConn.LoginSecure = false;

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