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Can I expect a Job after completing a MOOC?

Posted By: Imran Ghani     Posted Date: June 29, 2018    Points: 2   Category :Others
Case Study of a Computer Science Graduate who advances his career as "Data Scientist" by taking Online Courses.

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what results should i expect from this datediff?

AND   NOT ( DATEDIFF(DAY,trans_date,trans_respon) between -7 and 7) Using these dates as examples, which set or sets should i get back based on the line above. I believe i should be getting back sets (1 and 4). From what i read and understand, it should return records that the difference between the 2 dates is greater than the 7 day window.. Set#1  2003-12-15 22:38:12.000 / 2003-03-31 11:48:52.000 Set#2  2007-03-01 08:43:05.000 / 2007-03-02 10:41:45.000 Set#3  2007-03-06 08:14:19.000 / 2007-03-06 09:06:58.000 Set#4  2007-03-22 10:18:07.000 / 2007-04-05 16:15:08.000

SQL 2005 Logshipping to secondary server not completing

Hi All, I have performed a log shipping in the primary server to secondary server. The log shipping task tell all the steps have executed successfully. But in my secondary server I can see that the database is still DB_NAME(Restoring...). It is not getting completed atall. Is there any thing that I need to do here. Thanks in Advance, Chaks.

What kind of errors to expect in XSLT using C#?

Hi all, I am writing a code snippet for a website in ASP.NET I need to accept an inputXML in memorystream object, and perform XSLT on it. If the transform is successful, I need to output the converted XML in stream, otherwise, display the errors encountered. I have started learning .NET recently, so I am not very well versed with it. What kind of errors should I expect and how do I catch them? Any suggestions to improve my code will be appreciated. Thanks.using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Web; using System.Web.UI; using System.Web.UI.WebControls; using System.IO; using System.Xml; using System.Xml.Xsl; using System.Text; using System.Xml.XPath; using System.Diagnostics; public partial class _Default : System.Web.UI.Page { protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { XmlReader xml = LoadXML(); XmlReader xsl = LoadXSL(); //Create a stream to write to MemoryStream myStreamWriter = new MemoryStream(); XmlTextWriter mytw = new XmlTextWriter(myStreamWriter, Encoding.UTF8); XMLTransform(xsl, xml, mytw); } private XmlReader LoadXML() { XmlReaderSettings settings = new XmlReaderSettings(); settings.ConformanceLevel = ConformanceLevel.Fragment; return XmlReader.Create("C:\\...\\input.xml", settin

What are the technical issues would you expect to face when building a centralised data warehouse fo

Hi, I am new to data warehousing and recently I was asked this question  which I did not know the answer. I would be grateful if someone kindly help me with the answer or direqt me to a link.   Q.  What are the technical issues would you expect to face when building a centralised data warehouse for reporting purposes?

UrlAuthorization module does not work expect on IIS7


Hello Guys,

Here are the structure of my web site:

Login.aspx in the root path

UserInfor.aspx and 1.txt in the sub-directory folder named 'Restricted'

Authenticate this website with form authentication configured in IIS, and does not allow anonymous to get into the Restricted folder with the web.config file.

I think it should work this way, if I manually access the 1.txt in the browser, I should be able to view the content, and if I go to the modules configuration for this applicaiton in IIS7, find the 'UrlAuthorization' module, and cancle the listbox for 'invoke for requests to asp.net ...', I should be directed to the loginurl setting in the root web.config file when I access the 1.txt file without logging, however, I still can see the content of 1.txt. Any suggestions?

Completing Workflow on Document Save


I have a Workflow on a document library that is triggered when a new item is added and when an item is changed. The workflow alters the title of the document to add specific metadata that would be tedious (as well as adds certain other metadata).

The workflow completes successfully if a document is opened and then closed. However, if the document is opened and then saved and then closed, the workflow shows as having been stopped, and the title isn't changed nor have any of the other fields been updated.

If the document is opened and saved, but not closed, the workflow stops as well.

Any ideas how to make the workflow complete if the document is still open?

Property Settings not behaving as I expect ?


This illustration hopefully shows how I'm trying to use an if statement on a Property Setting value 'persistLanguage'.   My intended design is to show a Language Selection dialog box the first time the application is launched after the application is installed.  Once the user has selected a language, that 'persistLanguage' Property setting will now have either English 'en-US', Spanish 'es', or Simplified Chinese 'zh-CN'.    Unfortunately, even when I launch the app initially after an uninstall of the application and re-installation, it remembers the Language used the last time the User closed the application in the Form_Closing eventHow can I use the Property Settings to have an initial blank value = "" which will then become set with the language selected in a ComboBox? which can be used the next time the application is launched and will set the localization resources automatically to that language. Thank you!

Any updates on when we can expect a new version of SSIS?


Is there any news on when we can expect a new version of SSIS?

We are in the early planning stages of a new data warehouse and I'd like to know if SSIS 2008 will be replaced soon.

WSS 3.0 Upgrade (KB2345304) not completing


Greetings - I will try and be precise and concise.  First I will apologise for having Auto Updates turned on with this server.  I don't do it with any other server and I regret enabling it on this one now :(

Overnight (AU 14/10/2010) there were several updates applied to out WSS 3.0 box (on Windows Server 2003 Standard SP2)

The identified problem update is KB2345304. (Security Bulletin MS10-072)

Identified in the security bulletin are known issues with the update.  Included in the security bulletin is a reference to KB Article 944267 which addresses a multitude of symptoms and resolutions related to the Configuration Wizard being unable to complete.

Following ALL of this information and assessing the potential problem has left me without a solution.

The symptoms currently are:

  • Central config AOK
  • 404 when accessing the SharePoint Site(s)
  • This error seems to be a major factor - "The database WSS_Content_70ae89d8-c4ca-4c2c-ac63-50dbe2b84fdf on JABBA\Microsoft##SSEE is not accessible to missing Windows Internal Database signatures."

  • Manual Upgrade intiation completes Phase 1 and 2 but fails at 3. (see below info)

I do of course have the

Can we expect WCF 4 RESTful service enhancements any time soon?

Does anyone know of any future plans for WCF REST enhancements? I tried using WCF 4 REST, but found that it was coming up short on security and didn't support x-www-form-urlencoded mimeTypes. As a consequence, I was forced to use the WCF Rest Contrib library as it has support for multiple formatters plus custom validation. Unfortunately, it turned out that it does NOT support autogenerated help pages, which was very useful considering there is no equivilient to WSDL that can be used for generating custom interfaces. It would be really helpful if there was an out-of-the-box version of WCF that supported features available in WCF Rest Contrib PLUS autogenerated help pages.

How to close automatically web application after completing task.


Dear All,

I have developed a web application which downloads files from FTP server. I want to run this application every day at 09:00 and automatically closed when the job is done.

I tried javascripts "window.close, self.close etc" but couldn't workd.

It is worth mentioning that the website is hosted on Windows Server 2003.

If anyone can help me please.


VBScript IsNull() function not working as I expect



I've written some VBScript code that takes an incoming integer that represents NumberOfSeconds and converts it to a time in words (e.g. "1d 3 h 34m 6s"). The code is below, unfortunately its failing with an error:

 "There is an error on line 2 of custom code : [BC30451] Name 'IsNull' is not declared."

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

Function TimeInWords (RemainderTimeInSeconds as Integer) AS String
	Dim ReturnValue As String
	IF (IsNull(RemainderTimeInSeconds) = True)
		RemainderTimeInSeconds = 0
	IF (RemainderTimeInSeconds > 86400)
		ReturnValue = TimeInDays(RemainderTimeInSeconds )
	ELSE IF (RemainderTimeInSeconds > 3600)
		ReturnValue = TimeInHours(RemainderTimeInSeconds )
	ELSE IF (RemainderTimeInSeconds > 60)
		ReturnValue = TimeInMinutes(RemainderTimeInSeconds )
		ReturnValue = TimeInSeconds(RemainderTimeInSeconds )
	End If
	Return ReturnValue
End Function

Function TimeInDays (RemainderTimeInSeconds AS Integer) AS String
	Return CStr(Round(RemainderTimeInSeconds / 86400)) + "d " + TimeInMinutes(RemainderTimeInSeconds Mod 86400)
End Function
Function TimeInHours (RemainderTimeInSeconds AS Integer) AS String
	Return CStr(Round(RemainderTimeInSeconds / 3600)) + 

Start Executing second query before completing the first one



Is it possible to have a Query(say query2) start executing before another query(say query1) completes its execution.

Example: Consider a Stored Procedure having Three Queries(query1, query2, query3), is it possible to achieve the following:

start: query1

start: query2






Thanks in Advance


Workflow Designer 2007 that is completing on the first step of a multiple step process.


The work flow is tied to an infopath form 2007 and is triggers by events.  Step one is to sends the email, the workflow action is to "wait" for another event.  Howver, the workflow shows completed with no error messages. This workflow was working.  I would like to see why the workflow is completing when it is should be In Process.

The workflow states:

Condition - If mgr-approval is empty

Action Email Manager, then wait for mgr-approval to be not empty.

It would then go to step 2.  It is never getting to the next step.



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