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dSHIFT blog

Posted By: dSHIFT Team     Posted Date: November 27, 2012    Points: 2   Category :SharePoint
dSHIFT blog about When I try to create a file or folder, I get a message that my file or folder name is too long read more… http://www.dshift.com/blog/when-i-try-to-create-a-file-or-folder-i-get-a-message-that-my-file-or-folder-name-is-too-long/

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dSHIFT Blog - SharePoint Migration API and Site Collection Export

SharePoint Migration API and Site Collection Export - SharePoint Content Migration APIs provide an extremely flexible way to export and import SharePoint content. I would strongly encourage everyone to look into this fairly elaborate series of articles by….. In this post I will try to add some useful findings I came across using these APIs …. Read complete blog here: http://www.dshift.com/blog/sharepoint-migration-api-and-site-collection-export/

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dSHIFT Blog - WCF Callback Events and Callback Behavior

WCF Callback Events and Callback Behavior - Supporting a Callback (events) based design is expected to be a part of any modern client/server based implementation. WCF framework has ample support for Callbacks and usually it is all about setting the right properties/attributes in your implementation….. There is a lot of information available online ….. how to use Duplex Channel to support Callback mechanism….. However, one important piece of the puzzle is the CallbackBehavior and not a lot of samples around talk about it……WCF application running on top of SharePoint 2010. Setting up the DuplexChannel for Callbacks to work was relatively easy… Following is a small compilation of my findings http://www.dshift.com/blog/wcf-callback-events-and-callback-behavior/

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dSHIFT Blog - I cannot delete myself as the owner of a Web site collection

When you try to delete the owners of a Web site collection, you may see one of the following messages:

• You cannot delete the owners of a Web site collection.
• You cannot remove the owners from the list of Web site collection administrators.

Resolution: http://www.dshift.com/blog/i-cannot-delete-myself-as-the-owner-of-a-site-collection/

dSHIFT Blog about When I try to create a file or folder, I get a message

dSHIFT Blog about When I try to create a file or folder, I get a message that my file or folder name contains invalid characters – Read more: http://www.dshift.com/blog/when-i-try-to-create-a-file-or-folder-i-get-a-message-that-my-file-or-folder-name-contains-invalid-characters/

dSHIFT Blog about I cannot delete a site. I get the message

dSHIFT Blog about I cannot delete a site. I get the message “You can’t delete a site that has subsites” - Read more: http://www.dshift.com/blog/i-cannot-delete-a-site-i-get-the-message-you-cant-delete-a-site-that-has-subsites/

Toolbox: C# JavaScript, Eric Lippert's Blog, And More


Writing your JavaScript code in C# and having it converted, Eric Lippert's programming blog, and reading up on T-SQL 2008.

Scott Mitchell

MSDN Magazine January 2009

Toolbox: Static Analysis Tools For .NET, Matt Berseth's Blog


This month we take a look at FxCop and other tools that enforce your design rules, along with jQuery.

Scott Mitchell

MSDN Magazine December 2008

Toolbox: Online Scheduling, Jeff Smith's SQL Blog, Easy Regular Expressions, And More


This month Scott looks at improving development skills, writing regular expressions, a web scheduling control and a SQL tips blog.

Scott Mitchell

MSDN Magazine November 2008

Toolbox: Realistic Test Data, Dare Obasanjo's Blog, Color-Coding Tools, and More


This month Scott shows how to generate realistic test data, visits Dare Obasanjo's blog, and demonstrates color coding code for better readability.

Scott Mitchell

MSDN Magazine October 2008

Toolbox: Serializing objects, Scott Allen's blog, Site Performance, and more


Serialize and Deserialize Fixed Length and Delimited Files, Scott Allen's blog, inspecting Web Pages, and more.

Scott Mitchell

MSDN Magazine August 2008

Toolbox: Easy Wiki Hosting, Scott Hanselman's blog, and Snagging Screens


Host a wiki the easy way, get the screen shots you need and mark them up, and read about LINQ this month in Toolbox.

Scott Mitchell

MSDN Magazine July 2008

How to Post Code To Your Blog and other Religious Arguments

If you've got a programming blog, chances are you'll want to post some code snippets. Posting code sounds easy but it's surprisingly tricky if you consider all the ways that people will be reading your blog. There's a number of ways. Here's a few and their pros and cons . Copy Paste from your IDE (like Visual Studio, for example) If I copy paste directly from VS into my editor of choice, Windows Live Writer, I'll get a <pre> section. using System; namespace WindowsGame1 { #if WINDOWS || XBOX     static class Program     {         /// <summary>         /// The main entry point for the application.        ...(read more)

Free Super Blog Service like WordPress



I want know why ASP.NET has not a free super blog service like WordPress in PHP ??Cry

Microsoft for persuasion of begginers of web developing should make analog WordPress.

I am advocate of ASP.NET, but i dont know why in ASP.NET all thing is by money.

Be assured if WordPress was powered by ASP.NET (not PHP), also forums and other CMS like PHP Nuke, now major of web developers work ASP.NET and PHP developers was scrimp.

whatever ASP.NET developers be more, growth of ASP.NET is more.

How to display recent blog posts in marquee up tag?


I need to display recent blog post in the blog site to the right panel.

i am able to display all the title of the posts using dataview. What i need is that it should scroll up, that is all the contents should be in the : Marquee direction="up" tag.

how can i scroll the recent post's?


Sharepoint Blog


I have created a blog in my sharepoint site .
sharepoint site structure is
Home -->Network-->Blog---> MyBlog

Sharepoint itself populated Cateogies on my Blog as
*  Category 1
*  Category 2
*  Category 3

strange thing is when I click these category it asked me to sign in.
Could you help me how to avoid sign when I click these categories.

P.S : I have gone thorugh security permission and permissions being set up as inherited permissions.

Thanks in advance

Blog comments - Antispam protection


Do you know how to prevent from spam comments at a public blog made in sharepoint? Something like confirmation code woud be fine.



Blog site Restrictions -- How to set an expiration date on blog posts

I just created a new Blog site in Sharepoint 2007, and set permisions to the users and admins.
Now, I have a question on how to set the post life time. Is there any setting to contral how many days that the posts can last in the blog? We want the post include the comments kept in the site for one month.

Please help.

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