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log shipping

Posted By:      Posted Date: May 22, 2011    Points: 0   Category :


i have been trying to logship my databases for about 6 days and i havent found a solution to my problem up till now. let me give you a brief history about my problem so you will understand.

The first error i got was that restore could not be made from the backup media set which i now found out it was because one of the server was a higher version, i then installed the same version but still showed the higher version untill i installed sp1 and sp2 but now the error i am getting is that it cannot open the backup device, error 5, even though the primary database backed up without any error,  what permissions do i need to give the freshly installed server. 

i need you to please help me cos i know my problem is security related. thanks



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Can I safely perform full backups without breaking log shipping? Can I do point in time restores if

I'm building a system using SQL Server 2008. I have log shipping set up across our WAN, and that's working fine. I need to perform local backups on the primary server so that I'm not relying on the (slow) WAN if it needs to be recovered from a server crash. Ideally, it would be nice to be able to perform point in time restores. I understand that I can use the transaction log backups, created for log shipping, to restore from. But I still need a full backup to start the restore from - and there seems to be some confusion regarding whether or not performing a regular full backup on the primary server will affect log shipping. Even on these forums, conflicting advice has been given, with some people saying it's fine as long as you don't do transaction log backups, and others saying you must run COPY ONLY backups (though they were talking about Server 2005). From what I understand, you can't do point in time if you use copy-only backups. I'm getting the impression that this used to be a problem under 2005, but under 2008 you can safely perform full backups while log shipping is running. Can anyone confirm my understanding before I make a career-altering error? :)

SQL Server 2005 Log Shipping and subsequent FULL backups that are needed

Afternoon,   I have a few Log Shipped DBs that are working great.   Currently they are set to fire off every 15 minutes 24/7.   My question is this ... I need to get FULL backups of the source DBs in order to restore them on certain Dev boxes.   If I were to execute the full backup on one of these Log Shipped DBs ... how would it affect the log shipping process?   Is there a special method to accomplish this?   As a side note, what would be some concerns/issues if in being able to create the FULL backups and not interupt log shipping, I were to create the backup using a 3rd party tool like Quest LiteSpeed?   I sure wish we were on Enterprise, then I could create a mirror and then snapshot off it to create my backups BUT ... that is not the case as we stand today.   Thanks

Log Shipping - Working or not working

Hi We are currently receiving error messages within our Windows Event Log on our main DB Server, a colleague has told me that this is normal with log shipping however I am not convinced. Event Id: 14421 Type: Error Description: The log shipping secondary database DRSQL.Database has restore threshold of 45 minutes and is out of sync. No restore was performed for 77873 minutes. Restored latency is 1425 minutes. Check agent log and logshipping monitor information. The Windows Event Log is completly full up with these entries. Regards D

Triggers when Log-Shipping is used

When we restore a db using Log-shipping, do the triggers in the destination db get fired from the changes occured in the shipped log? I guess the answer is negative but just want to make sure I am not missing anything. Thanks in Advance.  

Log Shipping

Her's my situation we have 2 SQl servers the first is running 2008 enterprise the backup server is running SQl 2008 r2 datacenter. Currently we are log shipping from  the enterprise to the datacenter version in no recovery mode. This is working fine. The problem is we want to have the backup databases in stand by mode. We upgraded the 2008 enterprise to 2008 r2 datacenter to match the backup server. The problem is when we try to log ship in standby mode sql is still  telling us  there is a database upgrade required. What am I missing? is there still something I need to do to the live database (besides the upgrade) to get them on the same version? any help would be appricated

Accessing database in STANDBY mode while log shipping

Hi,     I am testing with Log shipping, I have it setup and it is working just fine. The secondary database was restored with Standby mode and is readonly. I have no problem accessing and querying data from the secondary database but I noticed if changes are made to the primary and I am accessing the database when the restore step to the secondary runs it fails with the following error: Message2006-07-31 09:40:54.33 *** Error: Could not apply log backup file 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.1\MSSQL\Backup\LogShip\CI_REPLICATION_TEST_20060731131501.trn' to secondary database 'CI_REPLICATION_TEST'.(Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.LogShipping) ***2006-07-31 09:40:54.33 *** Error: Exclusive access could not be obtained because the database is in use.RESTORE LOG is terminating abnormally.(.Net SqlClient Data Provider) *** This appears to be because you can not restore to a database that is in use? How do you get around this? Is it possible? How do I query data from the secondary db without worrying about causing log shipping to fail? Do I not worry about it because at somepoint when Exclusive access is obtainable all the logs will be rolled forward, but this could create a wide gap in sychronization between the primary and secondary db's, say if someone or something does not properly log off. I guess I could disconnect all users prior to applying tlogs but that kind

Log Shipping Error

hello there, I set up log shipping on a database server few months ago and it all worked fine, now I want to add another secondary server but I get the error below: *** Error: Could not retrieve copy settings for secondary ID '5c28a1a2-63f5-41c7-9c06-d179fd6ed753'.(Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.LogShipping) ***<nl/>2010-09-14 18:29:41.08 *** Error: The specified agent_id 5C28A1A2-63F5-41C7-9C06-D179FD6ED753 or agent_type 1 do not form a valid pair for log shipping monitoring processing.(.Net SqlClient Data Provider) ***<nl/>2010-09-14 18:29:41.09 *** Error: Could not log history/error message.(Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.LogShipping) ***<nl/>2010-09-14 18:29:41.09 *** Error: The specified agent_id 5C28A1A2-63F5-41C7-9C06-D179FD6ED753 or agent_type 1 do not form a valid pair for log shipping monitoring processing.(.Net SqlClient Data Provider) ***,00:00:01,0,0,,,,0 I have read that the problem might be because I have to configure all the secondaries in one go , is this true? Regards Ana

In Log-shipping what is load delay period on secondary server - Skipping log backup file since load


During logshipping, job on secondary server is ran successfully BUT give this information

"Skipping log backup file since load delay period has not expired ...."

What is this "Load delay period" ? Can we configure this somehow, somewhere ?

NOTE : The value on "Restore Transasction Log tab", Delay Restoring backups at least = Default (zero minutes)


Think BIG but Positive, may be GLOBAL better UNIVERSAL.

Getting an error while restoring logs in LOG SHIPPING environment



I'm working with SQL SERVER 2005 SP2.

I have a working and a steady environment of LOG SHIPPING for quite a while.

Yesterday, the Restore job of the LOG SHIPPING in the DR server failed with the locking error (the log starts from the last line and goes up):

05:02:38.34  *** Error: The log backup file 'C:\database\LogShipping\20100927021501.trn' was verified but could not be applied to secondary database ''
05:02:37.42  *** Error

ASP.NET Security Update Shipping Tuesday, Sept 28th

An hour ago Microsoft released an advance notification security bulletin announcing that we are releasing an out-of-band security update to address the ASP.NET Security Vulnerability that I've blogged about this past week.  The security update is fully tested, and is scheduled for release tomorrow - Tuesday September 28th - at approximately 10:00 AM PDT.  The advance notice bulletin is intended to ensure administrators know it is coming, and are better prepared to apply it once the update is available. We'll release the update tomorrow via the Microsoft Download Center (I'll blog links to the individual downloads for each version of .NET).  We will then release the update via Windows Update and the Windows Server Update Service...(read more)

SQL 2008 SP1 - Log shipping solution with Logshipping monitor on SQL Server Express Edition SP1 (bad


Hello All !

I'm installing a log shipping solution with SQL Server 2008 Standard SP1 (on x64 US). I use a monitor logshipping with SQL Server Express Edition x64 SP1 US. When I try to connect it, I have this message when i tried to use w.x.y.z\SQLEXPRESS  as a monitor server:

'w.x.y.z\SQLEXPRESS' is not a valid monitor server instance.  A monitor server instance must be SQL Server Standard Edition, SQL Server Workgroup Edition, or SQL Server Enterprise Edition.'

In SQL 2005, it is possible to do that with SQL Express. And with 2008 R2, is it possible too or it is the same problem ?

Thanks for advance for your ideas / help - Regards - Have a nice day ! RHUM2

Transaction LOG shipping of a Std. Transactional Replication


I have a primary database replicated to another server where I have added legacy data to the subscription. 

1.Can i perform Tx Log shipping of this subscription  to another server?

2. Republishing of the subscriber was very hard to maintain and throws errors when ever the servers involved are restarted. Can Log shipping help in this respect? 


3. Question: Can we add static data to the subscriber when using LOG shipping? Thanks

SQL 2008 SP1 - Mirroring and log shipping problem.


Hello All !

This is the context (in production):

3 servers for a DB mirroring solution (S1 for "principal", S2 for "mirror", S3 for "Witness"): they run ok (good tests when failovers planned and unplanned)

A DRP log shipping was added for this site: S1 (which is the principal for mirroring) is the "primary" server for log shipping and at the other side S4 is the "standby" and S5 is the "monitor log shipping": ok . Log shipping had been tested: ok.

But, I have a problem:

When failover occurs on the mirroring : S2 becomes the "principal" but it stops the log shipping, because the log shipping is set to the DB on S1.

So how can i do ? When mirror occurs from S1 to S2, I want log shipping to continue working from S2 and when S1 is coming back, log shipping continue to run.

Is it possible to do that ?


- create a log shipping solution with S2 as "primary" when S2 (secondary) has failover

- disable logshipping jobs on S2 and S4 respectively

When S2 has failovered, S1 will become the principal, all log shipping jobs for S1 runs.

When S1 has failovered, S2 will become the principal, disable all log shippng jobs for S1, enable log shipping job for S2.

Is it possible to do this ? I know that is a bit complex

SQL Backup and Log Shipping

This is a rather basic question but I couldn't find a definitive answer.  We have a server setup with a principal and a mirror and the principal is also a primary in a log shipping configuration.  When we make a backup of the database outside of the mirroring and log shipping do we need to use the copy only directive in the backup command or can we just do a full backup?

log shipping



In log shipping if a developer modify a table or sp, will that change go across to the standby server.?

What is the best option to step-up and maintain clone database. We can’t use mirroring because we have cross database and cross server  transactions.  


Log-shipping - How to sync two different databases - Primary is Live and Seconday is for Archiving



SQL server 2005 64 bit standard edition sp3. I have performed the following steps

  1. Created a full back of MainDB Employee database.
  2. Restored as PDB1 with Full recovery (Test Primary Database) from same above backup.
  3. Restored as SDB2 with Stand by option(test Secondary database) from same above backup.
  4. Deleted few OLD employees records in PDB1 (Pupose is to remove unwanted hisoric records from the Live OLTP DB).
  5. Changed the recovery model of PDB1 to simple and then shrinked the log file and the change the recorvey model back to FULL.
  6. Now Created log-shipping between PDB1 as primary and SDB2 as seconday. Setuped successfully. No problem
  7. Now LSBackup job creating .trn transaction files after every specific interval on primary PDB1 and also LSCopy job successfully copies all transaction files to seconday SDB2.
  8. Problem is LSRestore job runs successfully but skip all transaction file every time. "Could not apply this log to SDB2....."
  9. I think its something to do with LSN ... may be.

The reason i am doing this all is to remove historic record from live database every month and then also keep latest records in Sync with Archived SDB2 database which will contain everything. This approach will also give automatic update of latest records and sync them wi

[SQL 2008 - SP1] - DRP Log shipping solution and error message


Hello All !

I have a DRP solution with logshipping (1 site in Europe and 1 site in Asia). The DRP are tested: ok.

3 servers: 1 primary, 1 standby, 1 monitor (sql 2008 edt enterprise US SP1 x64) on Windows 2008 SP2 US x64 with the last updates.

But , on my logs-hipping monitor, I always have this message (I have it when log-shipping installation was configured):

Executed as user: PROD\svc_sqla_bb. The log shipping secondary database Server001.DBAS has restore threshold of 45 minutes and is out of sync. No restore was performed for 96 minutes. Restored latency is 0 minutes. Check agent log and logshipping monitor information. [SQLSTATE 42000] (Error 14421).  The step failed."

- All the servers have the same time

- All the servers have been updated with the last updates (windows, sql)

- Network latence is correct

- Log shipping is functional: backup, restore: ok

I have searched on the web for this message, but I don't find a good solution for this issue .

Any ideas ?

Thanks for advance for your ideas / help - Regards - Have a nice day ! RHUM2
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