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should I add /3GB to my boot.ini

Posted By:      Posted Date: May 22, 2011    Points: 0   Category :

I have a 32 bit windowns 2003 enterprise edition. 8GB memory

I see in the boot.ini /PAE and AWE in the SQL Server configuration.

Should I add the /3GB?

What if I don't add. Does it use only 4 GB for SQL (+CLR)? -- That is how it looks from the performance monitor.

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Why does .NET Framework 4 client profile slow down boot time network creation?

I've been running a Windows XP sp3 KVM virtual machine for a long time now, and some recent update made the initial network startup go from a few seconds at boot time to around 90 seconds. Using Add/Remove program to uninstall recent updates points the finger at .NET Framework 4 client profile. With it installed, if I right click on network and ask for properties right after booting, there is a 90 second delay before the network dialog with the list of network interfaces finally appears. In addition, the network drive I have automounted at login is not accessible for the same 90 seconds. As an experiment, I tried going into the device manager and deleting the network interface, and if I reboot after that it takes 90 seconds for the new hardware wizard to appear. All these 90 second delays vanish if I remove this .NET update. The network comes up as soon as the system boots.

Information Worker 2010 VM - Is boot from VHD possible

I've downloaded the Information Worker 2010 VM from: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=751fa0d1-356c-4002-9c60-d539896c66ce&displaylang=en I don't have a Windows 2008 R2 Hyper-V Host to test this out on (only got Windows 7 on my laptop at present), does anyone know if it's possible to use the VHD as a bootable VHD? I simply tried to add a bcdedit entry to point at the VHD but when I tried to boot it blue-screened and restarted my laptop. Does this require running the bcdboot command on the VHD? Cheers, Colin

Net Framework 4.0 Slowed XPSP3 Boot Time To A Crawl!

Ok Guys  Net Framework 4.0 showed up in my updates. So I installed it and rebooted. My machine took almost 4 minutes to reboot. I am running XP Media Center SP3, 4gb DDR2 Ram, Intel Pentium D Processor @ 280 ghz. Everything was workinf perfectly ans fast until this time it only took 45 to 60 seconds or so to boot. Wallpaper shows up then forever before anything else besides volume control.  Went back and uninstalled net Framework 4.0 and back up to speed with no problems and boots like normal. No one on any of the forums I have visited have had an honest answer. I have seen numerous posts about this problem with boot times and most have gotten a run around from microsoft techies. Saying it did not install right and to try from here or there to reinstall it. All to no avail. It is so hard to get microsoft to admit they have a problem on a new introduction of a product. Can anyone tell me the truth here and are you working on a fix or patch? Thanks Dale 

Monitor does not always turn on with boot


When I purchased my Dell computer with XP on it the monitor did not always display when I booted (stayed black). If I repeatedly shut down and booted the monitor would eventially come to life.

I changed from the digital connection to the analog one and that fixed it. I probably should have had Dell fix it but I was busy at the time.

My Dell monotor died and I'm now using another monitor I have. As you might guess, it does not have an analog option so I now have the problem again.

1) Do you have any suggtion as to how I might fix it.

2) A second option would be to install a program that would turn on the monitor and runs at startup or one that I can manually run with the screen off. Do you know how to create such a program?

I'm willing to experiment if you have some ideas that may or may not work.





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