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TopCount Weirdness

Posted By:      Posted Date: August 28, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server
Using 2008r2, I'm wondering why the following queries would return different results, and I gotta think it's a bug: (1) Date as slicer SELECT    {[Reseller Sales Amount]}  ON 0,     TopCount( Product.Subcategory.Subcategory.Members, 5,  [Reseller Sales Amount] )  ON 1 From [Adventure Works] WHERE ([CY 2008]) (2) Date on 0: SELECT    {([CY 2008],[Reseller Sales Amount])}  ON 0,     TopCount( Product.Subcategory.Subcategory.Members, 5,  [Reseller Sales Amount] )  ON 1 From [Adventure Works] Also, query #2 doesn't sort properly.

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TopCount and grand totals

Hey all, I've written a query to show top 20 product sales. How can I also show the grand total for all product sales? Thanks, Matt


Hi, I have requirement where i want to show top 2 promotion under that top 2 Categories and top 2 products under that categories. something like this         Sales Amount No Discount Bikes Mountain-100 Black, 38 $1,232,546.35 No Discount Bikes Mountain-100 Black, 42 $1,198,796.45 No Discount Components Chain $8,986.56 No Discount Components Front Brakes $48,180.60 No Discount Clothing AWC Logo Cap $4,704.16 No Discount Clothing AWC Logo Cap $9,283.84 No Discount Accessories All-Purpose Bike Stand $39,591.00 No Discount Accessories Bike Wash - Dissolver $15,041.40 Volume Discount 11 to 14 Bikes Mountain-100 Black, 38 $69,060.40 Volume Discount 11 to 14 Bikes Mountain-100 Black, 42 $23,020.13 Volume Discount 11 to 14 Clothing AWC Logo Cap $304.63 Volume Discount 11 to 14 Clothing AWC Logo Cap $1,351.17 Volume Discount 11 to 14 Components Chain $391.15 Volume Discount 11 to 14 Components Front Brakes $2,118.71 Volume Discount 11 to 14 Accessories All-Purpose Bike Stand $3,000.65 Volume Discount 11 to 14 Accessories Bike Wash - Dissolver $2,196.13 I have written this query which gives top 2  promotions with product categories but when i add product. it doesnt show top 2 products under those cateogeries. WITH SET TOP2Promotion AS TOPCOUNT({[Promotion].[Promotion].[Promotion].Members},2,[M

ListBox and scrolling weirdness


So I have a list of ObjectA, and each ObjectA contains a list of ObjectB.  Both ObjectA and ObjectB have a Name and Description field, but they represent different things.  Each list contains an arbitrary number of objects.  My goal is to display the data in a ListBox like this:



So, my ListBox and templates are setup like this:

<DataTemplate x:Key="ObjectBDataTemplate">
 <StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal">

TopCount dynamic named set + "Others" and "Grand Total"


After going through all available posts, unfortunately I could not find a solution for my problem. I have to create a dynamic named set of with TopCount in a cube that will be accessed with excel 2007. This how the outcome should look like:

Brand_A        $50.00

Brand_Z        $40.00

Brand_B        $10.00

Others           $200.00

Grand Total   $300.00


This is the MDX I used which gives me the top 3 but not the "Others" and the "Grand Total." Just to keep it simple I used top 3 Brands.



Now I am stuck here. After reviewing many posts it seems that Excel 2007 has some issues with handling sets. I found two possible solutions from Raymond-Lee which I think may work.

Solution 1 - Use a named query in dsv

Solution 2 - create a dummy "Others"

Here is the post: http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/sqlanalys

Except Topcount with parameter


Who can help me to change the mdx below. i want to compare the 2 topcounts with different parameters (locations).

so i have to add an parameter (in my case that would be the dimension 'Location' )




       {([Measures].[Reseller Sales Amount])} ON COLUMNS,
               ([Measures].[Reseller Sales Amount], [Date].[Calendar Year].[CY 2004])

LINQ to SQL weirdness w/ Dynamic Data and OneToOne relationship(s)


I am working with a Dynamic Data website where ScaffoldAllTables is true. 

I have a table that has a sister table with a foreign key. So I have my Account Table , which is the parent. There is an 'Insurance' table, which has an account ID. there's only ever one insurance record per account record.

To make this correct in the .dbml file, I changed the association for Accounts and Insurance to be OneToOne. I also set a DisplayColumn Attribute on Insurance so that it shows the correct string in the foreign key control.

However, Since I did that, my 'View' link for the foreign key is now not active. Even though Insurance is a scaffolded table (and I tried manually setting it to scaffold anyways), it is not letting me navigate via the DynamicHyperlink. Any ideas?

ASP.net Dynamic Data and IE6 weirdness


I am experiencing some weird behavior with an ASP.net Dynamic Data project when using IE6. When I open a List.aspx or an Edit.aspx page the <h2> header is not displayed. If I refresh the page I can see it and I can see the html is there when I do a view source. How can I make all of the html display on the pages? Thanks!


Note: The best solution is to get my customers to upgrade their browser but unfortunately that is not my decision to make. 

PageData weirdness, works, then doesn not work. Change the 'index' name and it works again


I'm facing a weird issue. I have a page "add.cshtml" in wich I create a PageData object like this:


PageData["myObject"] = new { Message = "some msg", ID = 1, Name = "some name" }

In that same page, I pass the object to a RenderPage:



@RenderPage("form.cshtml", PageData["myObject"])


In "form.cshml", I simply call values like this:


<br />

When I call "add.cshtml", it works, then for some reason, at some point, I get an error stating: "object" does not contain a definition for Message, if I comment the @PageData["myObject"].Message, error occurs on next property.

When this happens, I change "myObject" to another value in both files, and no more compilation error.

Why does this happen?



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