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SSAS Deployment and Scheduled Processing Question

Posted By:      Posted Date: May 22, 2011    Points: 0   Category :
So, I originally asked a question about how to deploy a cube to production, and I'm finally at the point where it is deployed, and everything seems to work. However, my SSIS packages are now feeding data into my relational DB (the source of my cube) on a daily basis. How does the cube get refreshed with the new data? I assume I'm not going to deploy every night, and I'm not making any structural changes. So how do I schedule the cube to be refreshed with new data?

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Web Part Namespace & Deployment Question



I have a web part deployment and development question. Probably newbie questions..

For web parts which will only be used in certain web applications, I can definitely see creating custom CAS policies etc.. and deploying the dll only to the Bin of the Web Application, but what is the best practice for deploying a Farm wide web part that everyone will use?

I assume it goes in the GAC, and additionally, are there any best practices as far as the namespaces for web parts when they are going into the GAC?

For example, if I go into the Assembly folder and look at all the assemblies in the GAC, is it "okay" to have various globally deployed web part assemblies in there? Like, "MyCustomWebPart" sitting in there with the other sharepoint assemblies? Seems messy to me, but if these are "one-off" web parts that won't have a bunch of classes within a single namespace, it seems like what needs to be done.

Hopefully that was clear enough!

how ssas generate sql queries when processing dimensions and partitions?

hi all, how does ssas2008 generate sql queries to read data from the source, where processing dimensions and partitions? is there any reading meterial that clearly explains how the sql queries are constructed according to properties of dsv, dimensions and measures and partitions.   thanks in advance.Andrew Chen Interested in BI related technologies

SSAS newbie question

Hi Guys, I come from a SAP BW background, and i was wondering if i need to learn SSIS and SSRS together with SSAS in order to get a job? A insight into the current job market would also be helpfful. Thanks!

Deployment and processing problem



I have an analysis services project in Visual Studio, and now I added a column to one of the tables composing the dimensions (it's a MOLAP DB) and made it the primary key, and then I updated the tables composing the measure groups by deleting the key field to the dimension table and replacing it with a field that refers to the new column in the dimension table. The problem is that when trying to deploy the changes, I get errors for the measure group tables that say the data source view doesn't contain a definition for the old column that I deleted and thus of course is not supposed to be there. Why can't it identify the change and process it correctly, and what can I do?



cube deployment fails- A duplicate attribute key has been found when processing

I am trying to create a cube using the same process that I always do. however this time I get an error message "Warning 4 Errors in the OLAP storage engine: A duplicate attribute key has been found when processing: Table: 'dbo_ALL_ResultsNewest', Column: 'MktCapGroup', Value: ''. The attribute is 'Mkt Cap Group'.  0 0 
This is using alot of data but I have created similar size cubes before. I create simple cubes with a single dimension and all the attributes related to a single master attribute. I am a data analyst, not a technologist and don;t have any real understanding of cube internals beyond the basics.

SSAS Deployment Server Version 9.0 - Revisited


Does anyone knows the answer to this question?

After a SSAS project created in BIDS 2008 (VS2008), if you choose deployment to Server Version 9.0 (SQL 2005), everything seems to be working fine.   Except for the DDS layout contains an invalid control progid error when you try to open the DSV, cubes or dimensions using BIDS 2005.

I used to fix that by searching and replacing DdsShapes.DdsObjectManagedBridge.2 with DdsShapes.DdsObjectManagedBridge.1.   This no longer works.

Does anybody knows what else changed?



Processing SSAS 2008 cube using third party scheduler

What are the different options to process SSAS 2008 cubes automatically using third party scheduler? What is the most recommended approach?

SSAS Beginner Question

As the title states, I am new to SSAS. My question is related to my cube design which I think is incorrect. I have 3 tables, Invoices, invoice details and journal postings. Invoices holds the invoice number, invoice details is related to invoices by invoice number and holds the amount billed. Journal is also related to invoices by invoice number and holds the post date. when I browse my cube I select invoices.invoice number as rows and amt billed as columns. unfortunately, it is showing my the full sum for every row regardless of invoice number. Any ideas?

Is a Dynamic Config Possible for SSAS BIDS Projects? (Data Source / Connection, and Deployment Targe


How do we automate SSAS Project configs such that (a) RDBMS data source server (connection) and (b) SSAS deployment target server are dynamic? 

As it stands, just before I script the ASDB (for deployment/promotion from Dev to QA, or QA to Prod, for example), I use BIDS designer interfaces to change the source connection and deployment targets, then script the ASDB. 

Is there a more dyamic alternative?  Perhaps something analogous to SSIS package configurations?  I can't believe that everybody is doing this as manually as I've done.

data shaping question - can this much conditional processing can be done within the linq query?



I have a scenario where I need to map the value of a field to a different value... easier explained with simple example:

when actual field data is "RED" I need to return "some other data"
when actual field data is "BLUE" I need to return "something else" 

so I've written linq to sql statements that project and shape, but I've never had to include any 'conditional' processing, can you?

SSAS Deployment Wizard - Data Source connection string userid and Password getting removed



I have an SSAS database (Analysis Services 2005) which connects to Oracle for the data. I have the userid and password
saved in the connection string.


If I deploy the cube from Visual Studio I DON't have to manually edit the Data Source in the server to input the userid and password. The information is retained.


If I do a build and then deploy .asdatabase file using Deployment Wizard (Microsoft.AnalysisServices.Deployment.exe), the connection information dissappears. I have "Remove Passwords" = False in Project configuration. So when you build the project there will be a file with extension .assecurityinformation which holds the encrypted security info. Somehow

deployment wizard doesn't look at this file.


After the build I execute this command

Microsoft.AnalysisServices.Deployment.exe  .\Project.asdatabase /s:.\Deployment.log

I tried interactively and silent mode. Either way I cannot deploy the project with the userid and password in it.

Any clue?

Beginner Question on reporting service and deployment


Today is the first day that I am trying to create a simple report using SQL Server Reporting services. I god some issues and couple of questions and would like to ask here

1. I created a report model (with two relational tables). Can I create a report based on this report model? The reason, I like to give this model to users so that they can do their customize reports by drag and drop fields (This is similar to creating Universe in the Business object)

2. I created a test report in 'report server project' Using Visual studio (Which comes with SQL Server 2005 reporting service installation). When I try to run that report, it is asking me to define 'TargetServerURL'. I gave the same machine that I am  url (http://srv-test/reportserver), but still I am getting error. Is this the way that I should define? Or should I configure a new server with reporting services installed for deployment?

I know these questions are kind of stupid questions, but as a beginner, I need some basic help to start







Dreaming a world without any war in anywhere

Deadlock for a cube processing - SSAS 2005



I have a scheduled job with a step that calls a cube processing. This job run daily. Some times the processing stops for a deadlock. I have seen that when the processing overcomes 60-70 minutes a deadlock occurs. Is it possible that any settings for the Analysis Server instance can affect to the deadlock occurence?

Many thank for your helps.

SSAS dimensional processing memory usage


I have a dimension with 100 million rows.  This is a basic account number dimension that is needed so end users can drilldown to an account number.   There are a few other attributes in this dimension like Customer Name.   Basically, these are the two attributes than can not be normalized any further in our star schema.   These are typically not attributes that you would ever pivot on, but they are attributes you would need to drilldown to.

We have 48 GB of RAM on our server.  The problem is that when this dimension processes it is throwing memory alerts.   The dimension processes very quickly, there are no processing errors, and the drilldown works perfectly.  The problem is that the processing task is using 99+% of available memory and paging these memory usage alerts to operational people in the middle of the night.      Are there any other ways of processing this dimension that would use less memory?  Or, given the facts in this thread is there any other way of architecting my cube so these memory alerts go away?    How much memory is recommended on a server for an SSAS solution that has a dimension of this size?   My cubes are large - 150+ dimensions in some of them with 50 measures, 100s of millions of rows.

My solution is working

SSAS cubes processing slow



Can i use Process data option in SSIS Analysis services task for sheduling SSAS cubes.

Now im using Process Full option, It is taking 1 hour for processing 44 lakhs records.

If i use the Process data option whether it will reduce process timings..

or tell me the ways to reduce the process timing in scheduling.

If i use Process data instead of Process full any disadvantages there??

Please guide me..



SSAS task processAdd question


Hi, I've been doing some tests and im not sure of the info I've found online.  The first problem is that I can't get the processAdd option appear when configuring my dimensions although I've already process my cube with full processing twice, is there anything else I need to check ?


Also, I have dimensions that may change (only insertions no deletions or updates), will a process Data or process add work on the dimensions  followed by a process incremental on the partitions, and a process index on the old ones not being modified ?

Is it a good plan ? cuz im not sure if when I do a process add or process data on the dimensions the measure groups get modified (new aggregations added)



Deployment Issue - A Complete Newbie Question


I'm attempting to create my first Analysis Server database.  This is being done in SQL Server 2008.  Please don't assume anything, I'm really learning as I go along and am thinking I'm doing something "obvious" wrong...

So far I've created a Data Warehouse DB that contains my dimension and fact tables - this was created on an OLTP/Database Engine Server (Server name e275rd4).  Using VS 2008, I created an Analysis Services Project and was able to successfully build out my dimensions and cube DB.  The problem I'm having is in trying to deploy this to my Analysis Server DB (server e275bidev02).  When I first tried to deploy, my impersonation properties were incorrect, it was asking for a user name/password.  I changed this property to inherit, and now I'm getting an error on the very first dimension it's trying to create.  The error message is:

Error 4 OLE DB error: OLE DB or ODBC error: Invalid column name 'dimLocationID'.; 42S22.  0 0 
Error 5 Errors in the OLAP storage engine: An error occurred while the dimension, with the ID of 'Dim Location', Name of 'Dim Location' was being processed.  0 0 
Error 6 Errors in the OLAP storage engine: An error occurred while the 'Dim Location ID' attribute of the '

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