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Mondrian Cubes versus SSAS Cubes

Posted By:      Posted Date: May 22, 2011    Points: 0   Category :


As we know Mondrian Cubes are based on a schema.xml file. Schema contains a logical model, consisting of cubes, hierarchies, and members, and a mapping of this model onto a physical model. What is the difference between the structure of the SSAS cubes and the structure of Mondrian Cubes?


Consider the following schema that defines a simple Mondrian cube:



Cube name="Sales">


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Determining the status os the Batch job that process SSAS Cubes

Hi All, I have a cube and that is processed through a batch job. The problem I am facing is there are many packages which are calling this Batch job to process the cube. Is there a way to determine the state of the job before the packages call this batch job to process the cube. And in which database can I find all the information about the jobs on the server. Thanks for your help. Vineeshvineesh1701

SSRS Report based on SSAS Cubes doesn't show NULL values correctly

I have a SSRS report which is based on an SSAS Cube. In the Cube the formating of numeric fields that NULL values are properly shown as NULL values. In the Cube Browser and Excel this is shown correctly. However when I design the report already the query against SSAS shows these fields as "0" instead of NULL. Is there a way to fix this or is this a bug ?  

SSAS cubes with shared dimensions

Hi, I'm working on a fairly complicated SSAS project at the moment:  - SSAS provides information to 6 teams, which I have modelled as 6 separate cubes.  Each team should not be able to access the other team's cubes.  - Each cube has 4-5 measure groups, with no cross-over with other teams.  - Each cube has approx. 8 dimensions, 5 of which are conformed dimensions, common across all cubes, and 3 dependent on the specific measure groups.  - Each cube has a couple of perspectives set up to simplify the presentation.  - The underlying data comes from a single data warehouse database.  - It's possible that another team may shortly want to develop their own cube.  The data would be completely separate however they would need to use the same conformed dimensions as above. I'm at the starting stage, so I have set up one cube along these lines and am about to work on a second.  My question is, is this the best structure for the project, in terms of both working with it in VS (the data source view is already horribly messy, but I don't think it can be split up?) and also avoiding processing the conformed dimensions multiple times.  If not, what is the best approach to follow to avoid duplication?  Using linked dimensions sounded like the right approach, until I read about how they were then co

How to process just one cube in a solution of three cubes inside BIDS SSAS

Hi, I have a BIDS Solution with three cubes...I want to make a full process of just one of the cubes, but If am doing just one, the other cubes comes unavailable... How can I process just one without affecting the other ones? Thanks!

Excel 2007/2010 - SSAS 2008 R2 Offline cubes


Hi all. I have a question regarding offline cubes (offline data files) in Excel 2007/2010 connecting to SSAS 2008 R2. When I try to make an offline data file in Excel I get a OLE DB error. The server I am trying to connect to is at a hosting partner on a different (but trusted) domain but I have admin rights on it. I then took a copy of the SSAS database and moved it to my own pc and could then create offline data file. I thought it might be a firewall issue on the server and tried turning it off, but the OLE DB error came again. I therefore think that there is something that happens over the network and is blocked by the hosting partner. I probably should tell that I am also SSAS admin, so it is not because of lack of rights on the SSAS that I get the error.

What I like to know if there is anyone who knows this problem or knows what happens when you try to create offline data file against SSAS in Excel? Specifically what is transferred between the client and the server, what ports and are there any programs run or code executed to create the offline cube on the client that might be blocked by typical network/domain settings/rules?

SSAS cubes failed in SSIS



 Master Package containing
    a) A sequence of SSIS packages
    c) Precedence constraint to
    b) Analysis Services Processing Task to process our cubes
2. SQL Agent Job which runs the Master Package

Taking the cube processing in SSIS package and putting SSAS commands into the job
This seems to work, but we don't know why it is not working.

In BI SSAS cubes are working fine.

But SSAS cubes in SSIS package showing the following error

"Internal error: The operation terminated unsuccessfully. "

Pls help me to solve


What type of account is needed for deploying/maintaining SSAS cubes in SSAS 2008 R2


Hi All,

Can someone help in understanding what type of account is needed for deploying/maintaining SSAS cubes in SSAS 2008 R2?

Does one have to be in the local administrators group on the SSAS server? Can a domain group/user (non administrator) be assigned to any role that enables them to deploy cubes etc. If so, what Impersonation Mode will be used from within the dev studio while trying to depoly the project?

Can someone point to any documentation as well. I must not be searching right as I am not able to find an exact information.



SSIS job to check if SSAS cubes are working


Hi all,

I am having some management problems and need to prove that the cubes are available for browsing.

I have had a look at SSIS to see if there is a task but I suspect I need to script something out.

Can anyone give me any pointers ?

Many thanks.

SSAS Standalone just to build cubes?


My company is not currently running SQL Server (much to my dismay). Prior to a few months ago, I was using MS-Query through Excel to build cubes for large datasets for OLAP (with Excel) analysis. Although clunky, this was still working for me. Then they upgraded everyone to Excel 2007 and the new version of MS-Query no longer provides the ability to build OLAP cubes (again to my dismay).


I was wondering if there was a standalone download of SSAS or other (FREE) MS tool that would allow me to build OLAP cubes for analysis with Excel? A google search of "download SSAS" was not helpful. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


SSAS Cubes from Teradata



  I am trying to add a fact table and two dimension tables from Teradata.But when i create a Data Source View,it does not allow me to pull all the three tables.I tried  both the .NET and Ole Db Provider for Teradata.But no luck.Can someone help me please


SSAS cubes processing slow



Can i use Process data option in SSIS Analysis services task for sheduling SSAS cubes.

Now im using Process Full option, It is taking 1 hour for processing 44 lakhs records.

If i use the Process data option whether it will reduce process timings..

or tell me the ways to reduce the process timing in scheduling.

If i use Process data instead of Process full any disadvantages there??

Please guide me..



Process cube - other cubes get processed

When I process a single cube other cubes are getting done as well. Am I right in assuming that is because they share dimensions ?

Processing Cubes

HI ALL, I have processed cube first in INCREMENTAL PRocess mode ,then i got doubling of data ,will anyone have knowledge how to avoid this doubling of data,is this possible to eliminate the same with the help of PROCESS DATA MODe with the help of SSIS     Amit

reporting from multiple cubes

Hi, i am new to SQL server 2008 and i am investigating the possible use of SSAS and report builder for my task. i was wondering wether the following scenarion is possible; Breaking down my db into several small cubes made up of different business model; ex Sales, Budget, Stocks, etc. Then using report builder creating my different reports. My reports could be based on one specific cube(ex sales). Is it possible with report builder to create a report which will take measures and dimensions from more than one cube? for example i have to get a report for one specific outlet giving me the actual sales per product but also the forecasted sales from my budget. In this case i have my actual sales information coming from my Sales cube and the forecasted sales comes from my Budget cube. How do i link my cubes in report builder so that i can do such a report.   thanking you in advance,   cheers

Performace point/Excel services OLAP cubes

Running Sharepoint 2010 Ent fresh install.  I have created a new site and performance point service as instructed in the following tutorial. http://blogs.msdn.com/b/performancepoint/archive/2009/11/24/deploying-performancepoint-2010-soup-to-nuts.aspx I have then uploaded an Excel document which pulls data from OLAP cubes.  The Excel doc as a standalone works fine.  After it has been uploaded users can open it as normal etc but when changing slicers and trying to pull info from the cubes I get the following error.. An error occurred durning an attempt to establish a connection to the external data source.  The following connections failed to refresh: "Name of out cubes here" I have been playing with the secure store and generating keys etc to no avail.  I have tried exporting the .odc file from the Excel document and uploading it to the data connections library/dashboard site but this doesnt help The anoying thing is that I had it working once and then the next day it failed for no apparent reason and even after a fresh install I cant get it to work again.  Any pointers or tutorials would be greatly appreciated! Andy

Not able to access cubes in MDX Studio v. beta

Hi, I downloaded this version of the MDX Studio from Mosha Pasumansky's site. I'm providing my server name, role and credentials, and find that I'm able to connect. I'm able to connect to the server as well. However, I'm not able to access any cube though it exists on the server. Could some one please tell me exactly how I'm supposed to make the connection? Thanks Deepak

Same hierarchy name across 2 different cubes

Hi Assume that I have 2 hierachies, one with attributes Year-Month-Days and one with Year-Month-Week-Days. I want to use hierarchy A in cube A and hierarchy B in cube B, but want to label both the hierarchies as the same name. I know it's a weird requirement, but is this possible?
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