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Solution (sln) & Project Files rptproj in SQL2008

Posted By:      Posted Date: May 22, 2011    Points: 0   Category :


I'm working on a Team of 12 report developers and we have a single Solution defined by our IT Manager. we all have a local copy of this Solution (lets call it Reports2008), which we are developing our own reports into. 

It's structured is roughly defined below,


       Department 1

             Shared Data Sources

             Shared DataSets


       Department 2

             Shared Data Sources

             Shared DataSets


       Department 3 

             Shared Data Sources

             Shared DataSets


       Department 1 

             Shared Data Sources

             Shared DataSets



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Solution/project structure


Hello, I am working in a aspx web application that must be built in several separate "modules" with different functionality which will be partly developed by different teams.

However, I need the completed app to reside in ONE virtual directory. There will be a single startup page. I need session state to be preserved across pages in different modules.

I structured it as one solution with different Web Projects and one class library project with common functionalities.


1) is this the right approach to do this? Or which one would be better?

2) each time I add a new web project to the solution, a new web.config gets created. What do I do and where do I put them?

VS 2010 + framework 4.0 + TFS

Regarding TFS and source control, I have a single Team project, the solution and web projects are inside it.



Visual Studio 2010 Creates Two Solution Files


When I create a new file system based web application in Visual Studio 2010, for example, named as "MyWebSite", two folders were created by the studio: MyWebSite and MyWebSite(2). The second folder only contains a solution file while the first folder has the solution file as well. Is this a new feature? Where is the setting that can avoid the second folder? Thanks,

Installed Visual Studio 2005 on new laptop - can't open C# web services project solution.

Installed Visual Studio 2005 on new laptop - can't open C# web services project solution - get the 'project not supported by this installation' error. Tried re-installing to no avail. Have run various flavors of devenv as recommended in various posts. Still the same message. I can open the solution fine on my old laptop.    Update: We re-installed service pack 1 for VS and the problem was resolved.

host and consume wcf rest service in web project in single solution

I have  create a solution which have multiple class library project and a web application Like Web(UI),BL,DAL etc. I have also add a WCF REST starter kit Collection project in the same Solution.WCF Rest API is working fine if I host it on IIS but i want to consume this in my web project without using IIS. Is this possible? if yes then what will be the URI  for my WCF Rest services? Add service reference is also not working because WSDL is disable in rest.

adding sqlserver database files in the time of project deployeement

hi all,        how can i add sql server 2005 database files in the time of a windows application project deployment i have designed a project in Visual Studio 2005 using vb.net language and i want add sql server 2005 database file to it. i am connecting to sql server database by the connection string not using any any dataset or anything else. so how can i add database file ... please replay... 

convert 2003 project to vistudio 2005 get solution is unavailable

I have  three  folders , which original is build by vistual 2003 , recent ly  I install vistuall 2005 on Win 7 and succesful covert one  folder from vistual 2003 t0 2005 ( I forget how , I am new on win 7) , when I deat with my second folder I always get Test2( unviable) under the Solution Exporer ( vistual 2005)  But I can access this folder  by brows ( when I try http://localhost/test2/) I get all the files under this folder , why I can see them on my vistual studio 2005 ???

Sending .net project files in email

Hi all,How can I send my .net project file to somebody. Which all files do I need to send?

Need a good solution on how to allow a user to upload multiple files


Im currently working on a project where i have a form that users fill out in order to submit issues.
My ask is to give the user the ability to upload multiple files together with the form submission and also go back each time they have an update and upload more if they need.
The way i have it right now is that i only have one FileUpload Control and once the Save button is clicked the file is save in the database together with the form info.

 I already has a separate table for the files with reference to the ticket but im just not sure how can i allow the user to submit as many files as they want in an easy way.

Any ideas?

Reading in values in text file in a project solution to an array



I have a tab delimited text file that has 6 columns (all integers) and 500 rows (and no column headings) called ProjectData.txt that I have added to my Windows Form Application (c#) (by added I mean I have it in my project solution). 

I have declared an array in my code called ProjectDataArray which has dimensions [500, 6].

I wish to load each column of each row into the array.

All the code I have seen shows how to do this for text files that are not included in the project solution. 

Is this easy to do?

Application_Start event stops happening when another project is added to the solution


I'm having something unusual happening with a Web Service created using Visual Studio 2008.  Basically, the Application_Start event stops getting called when I add another project to the solution.  Here's what I'm doing (note that I'm using the ASP.NET Development Server):

1. Create a new Web Service project.
2. Add a new WebService class.
3. Add Global.asax.
4. Add a single line "System.Diagnostics.Debugger.Break();" to Application_Start in Global.asax.
5. Change Web.Config compilation debug="true" (actually VS did it for me when I first try to run it).
6. Run the solution.  Result: Visual Studio breaks in the Application_Start event.
7. Manually stop the ASP.NET Development Server.
8. Re-run the solution.  Result: Visual Studio breaks in the Application_Start event.

All good so far.  However, when I continue...

9. Manually stop the ASP.NET Development Server.
10. Add new project (a Windows Class Library) to the solution.  This is NOT set as the startup project (the startup project is still the web service project).  No references are added to either project and no other changes are made to either project.
11. Delete the default Class1.cs that automatically gets added to the class library project.<

Solution Deployment failed in Server Farm - Some of the files failed to copy during deployment of th


Hi guys,

I created a solution package in my development environment that works well. When I try to deploy it in a test environment that is a farm with two web front end(card0023 / card0024) servers and a application server(where I have the central administration / card0027) I got the error bellow:

Deployment Status: Error
Deployed To: None
Last Operation Result: Some of the files failed to copy during deployment of the solution.
Last Operation Details: CARD0023: http://card0027:11000/ : The solution was succesfully deployed.
    CARD0027: http://card0027:11000/ : The solution was succesfully deployed.
   CARD0023: http://card0027:11000/ : The solution was succesfully deployed.
   CARD0024: http://card0027:11000/ : The solution was succesfully deployed.
   CARD0027: http://card0027:11000/ : SharePoint - 11000 : Error: The web.config is missing from this IIS Web Site: C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\wss\VirtualDirectories\11000\web.config. 
Someone can help me?


André Rentes

Can't change the code in Solution (Project)



I have problem using Visual Studio.NET 2003. When I open solution made early ago, choose the code of the existing .aspx page, could not change it, because when type nothing happened, no letter, no sign, like the keyboard is "dead" (but it is not, ofcourse). If I type the code in other application, then put it in .aspx.vb code page using copy-paste, everything is ok, can build the solution and it's working.

I appreciate for Your time, any help is welcome.



Upgrade Advisor SQL2008 - Profile Trace Files


I am not sure if the Upgrade Advisor is paying any attention to my Profile Trace.

I have created a Profile Trace against a SQL2000 instance using SQL2000 Profiler, and the SQLProfilerTSQL_Replay template.

I ran the Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Upgrade Advisor  and got it to analyse the trace file.

I am just not sure the 'Advisor' is actually doing anything with the trace file, because the only 'progress action' that is performed is: 'Analyse SQL Server', which is always run, even when you don't specify the trace file.

Is that all I am supposed to see, or should their be an extra 'Progress Action' (and report) for the Trace File analysis.

Appreciate your help with this. 


.exclude files in solution?


I recently started working for a company and they wanted me to look at their ASP code base.  I checked it out of starteam and loaded the solution into VS2010... in the solution there are folders with the different sections of the site..

Most of them have a .exclude extention? 

For example there is a users section and a users folder in the solution.. if I open it I expect to see the customer.aspx and the code behind it.. instead I see customer.aspx.exclude and customer.aspx.cs.exclude below it?

Is this a basic way of keeping prior versions in the project? 

I can not seem to find the actual used customer.aspx code either? 

Sounded like a newbeeee question.. so I posted here..


How to: include more project in a SharePoint 2007 Workflow solution in Visual Studio 2008

I just develop  a little bit complex workflow and I want some objects put into an library (simple c# class project) project  in the solution. It is signed, referenced, but when I debug  it send a "System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly ..." How to resolve?
Thanks in advance, bts

Unable to deploy solution,getting "The OutputPath property is not set for project " error


Hi Guys,

I am having this configuation issue which I can't seem to resolve. When I am deploying my SP2010 solution to my farm Ii ge thi error mesage when I deploy a solution which contains output dll references.

Error 1 The OutputPath property is not set for project 'XXX.SharePoint2010.KnowledgeBase.Helper.csproj'.  Please check to make sure that you have specified a valid combination of Configuration and Platform for this project.  Configuration='Release'  Platform='AnyCPU'.  This error may also appear if some other project is trying to follow a project-to-project reference to this project, this project has been unloaded or is not included in the solution, and the referencing project does not build using the same or an equivalent Configuration or Platform. KnowledgeBaseSite

Any help would be appreciated.



SharePoint Developer

Including policy files in a VS SharePoint Project package



I have some policy files to redirect requests for old versions of some custom assemblies in the GAC to the new versions, and I've just refactored my project to use a SharePoint project for packaging (previously I was doing this with MSBuild scripts) - how do I configure my SharePoint project to also include the policy .dll and .config files in the package so that they also get deployed properly?




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