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SelectTagContent Shortcut?

Posted By:      Posted Date: May 22, 2011    Points: 0   Category :WPF

Is there someone that has been able to succesfuly assing a Shortcut to SelectTagContent? please please. i find this one of the things a use the most and i would like to have a shortcut.

<Shortcut Command="Edit.SelectTagContent" Scope="Global">?????</Shortcut>




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Visual Studio Shortcut Keys

The following tables describe the shortcut keys in the Microsoft Dynamics AX Debugger.

Can't get an Icon to show for Desktop shortcut and Program Menu



I've created a SetupWizard, but can't get it to show the Icon for the shortcut on desktop and program menu. The installation goes fine without any errors, the only problem is the icon.

I've made a shortcut of my exe file in the Application Folder and dragged the shortcut to the Desktop folder, then on the shortcut properties, I assigned it an icon picture located in Application Folder.

Any suggestions will be very much appreciated.


shortcut key

hi how do i apply a shortcut key Ctrl +F and F3 for my search? now in my flowdocument, i need to click on the search icon to prompt me the searchbox, could this be done by shortcut key insteadChange

SharePoint 2010 Connect to Office not creating shortcut in SharePoint Sites folder

When I click on the Connect to Office in a  SharePoint Library and select add to SharePoint Sites, the link is no longer creating.  This worked one time, but after I selected Remove from SharePoint Site I am no longer able to add any sites by this method.  Any thoughts? Thanks!

How to enable own shortcut within WebBrowser control in Windows form application




I am developing a windows form application with C#, where I have placed WebBrowser control... I load some web page in this webbrowser and I need to know, that after I press my own certain shortcut that it will allow me to call my handler...

It should work something like this => I have certain textbox on web page and after pressing my own shortcut, it will call my handler which will automatically type certain text (which will be prepared in that handler) into that textbox... 

Could you advice me, how to make this happen or if it is even possible?


Thanks a lot in advance

How to assign shortcut keys for menu item of asp.net menu control

I am using asp.net menu control. In window application we assign shortcut key through '&' sign for accessing menu item but in asp.net this is not working and there is not any property for access key for menu items. please give me any suggestion.

Combination Keyboard Shortcut KeyBinding Question


Hi Everyone,

My question is whether it is possible to create a keybinding for Ctrl+A,N.  Meaning that the user will first press Ctrl+A and then press N.

I am aware that Ctrl+A can be catered for very easily.

Any response will be valued.

NEWBIE : Network Shortcut question


Hi all,


Crossposting this to SBS and Sharepoint forums ...


First, I'm relatively new to these forums and to MS server technologies in general. I may well use the wrong terminology, so please forgive and feel free to correct me. I'm currently working (sprinting !) towards MCP as a Small Business Specialist and am enrolled on the fantastic SBSC 70-282 series of seminars. We haven't got to Sharepoint yet, but I'm reading ahead ...


SBS2003 includes Windows Sharepoint Services - version 2.0 I think so that's the version I'm working with. I have an old server at home I'm using for test and it's all set up fine, no problems. My question is about working with Sharepoint. When I have a document open in, say, Office 2007 - what's the easiest way to save that document into a Sharepoint folder ? How does it know which document library to put it in and what attributes to give it ? Does it get the metadata from the document itself ?


More specifically, I'm using the bobwired Sharepoint facility to access documents related to my course. Having done that, I now have a "network shortcut" which points me to that extranet resource. I'd like to enable something similar inhouse. So, for example, I create a spreadsheet for my monthly accounts and I want to file it not under a shared directory but under Sharepoint.

How to assign shortcut keys for menu item of asp.net menu control



I am using asp.net menu control. In window application we assign shortcut key through '&' sign for accessing menu item but in asp.net this is not working and there is not any property like access key for menu items. please give me any suggestion.



Nitin Munjani

Edit Object with shortcut


Is there any way to open the object-Definition of an object by name? e.g.

EXEC Test -> Rightclick on Test -> open object definition -> the stored procedure definition opens in a new window.

Auto generation of Properties (Shortcut keys)

In this post I give you some useful tips for auto generation of the properties.The code snippet which is quite useful are

1. prop
2. propa
3. propdp
4. propfull
5. propg

Edit bar in Office 2007 not showing up when opening documents through a shortcut. Documents are rea


For more than one user in my network, they are unable to edit office documents when opened through a shortcut.  The document opens in read only mode, cannot find a way in office to edit the document such as through the publish or server menu items.  I did a search and this did not resolve the problem: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/870853


Our sharepoint server is 2003, coupled with SBS 2003

SQL database 2000

Users are using Office 2007, sp2

Operating System: XP, sp3

IE 8

Users are setup to receive all MS updates, so they have latest updates.


The edit bar shows up when opening the document in sharepoint as read only.  Clicking it allows the user to edit the document.  They have contribute privileges to the library and file in sharepoint.  The file(s) are being opened with a shortcut (right click -> New -> Shortcut, paste in the hyperlink to the document in sharepoint).  Strangely enough, I have the same setup as the other users but using office 2010 and the edit document bar shows up when opening the document in the same manner.  On a side note, some users have infopath 2010 installed, others do not.

Any help would be appreciated, or posts to other topics with solutions that I misse

set shortcut for asp.net button and footertemplate button also


How to set shortcut for asp.net button control.. as all of now that on clicking button it save record now

1) what i need is i need to set shortcut for this button if user press ctrl+S it fait button_click events.. how to do this...?

2) as well as i have one button in gridview footer itemtemplate button i need to shortcut for this button also.......

                        <asp:Button ID="z" runat="server" BackColor="Transparent" Font-Bold="True" ForeColor="#FFFFFF" Height="39px" OnClick="z_Click" TabIndex="11"
                            Text="Add Item" Width="93px" style="background-image: url(images/bt.png)" BorderColor="Transparent" BorderStyle="Dashed" BorderWidth="1px" />                       

resetting the e.control when using as shortcut in menus ??


I have defined a shortcut to OPEN a file - CTRL+O

I another context I use to see if the CTRL-key is pressed and I do so by this code:

    private void Form1_KeyDown(object sender, KeyEventArgs e)
      commonThings.ctrlActivated = e.Control;
      commonThings.altActivated = e.Alt;

    private void Form1_KeyUp(object sender, KeyEventArgs e)
      commonThings.ctrlActivated = false;
      commonThings.altActivated = false;

The ctrlActivated is never  set to false when I use the CTRL+O to open a file - and ONLY in this situation !!!!!

If I click the menues to open the file and try the other functionallity where I use ctrlActivated, then it work fine !

Why ?


Best regards KSor, Denmark

Drag a file into windows form automatically i icon will be droped into winform with its shortcut fuc


Hi all

i have to make   a functionality in vb.net in which i just drag any file  from my desktop or from any location of system into my form on runtime and the icon will automatically drop to my application with its shortcut.

when i juct click that icon it will automatically open that file....

Just like the functionality done in bubble dock or star dock etc.


Kindly help me.

I am making a project on it for my final year examinations.


shortcut for Todays Date in for ajax calender extender



Im using Ajax calender extender in my asp.net page on clicking asp.net button it show calender popup on selecting date its binding on textbox all are working fine,

what i need is i need to set shortcut for todays day.. on clicking button its show calender on press some keyboard it bind todays date in textbox..

How to set shortcut..?

Shortcut to Backup my VBE Project


I'm new to Visual Basic Express 2008 and I've built up a good size project file for my game.

I can save and rename individual files, but how do I save and rename the entire project (for backup purposes)?

Also I can't figure out the path in windows to where my project is stored at.



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