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Need help for configuring COM+ Service programmatically using C# or script

Posted By:      Posted Date: May 22, 2011    Points: 0   Category :.NET Framework
Hi All,

Is it possible to programmaticaly configure  COM+ service.
I need to do the following using C# or any script
1. Open Administrative Tools -> Component Services
2. Expand Components Services -> My Computer -> COM+ Applications
3. Right Click HyperV Environment Manager(COM+ service name) andselect Properties.
4. Click on Pooling & Recycling tab
5. Under Application recycling, set Memory Limit(KB) value to 262144.
6. Click OK
7. Right Click HyperV Environment Manager(COM+ service name)  and select ShutDown
8. Right Click HyperV Environment Manager(COM+ service name)  and select Start
It will be great if you could guide me or send me the code snippet.
Thanks in advance.

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How to update row using Domain Service Class programmatically?

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Sharepoint 2010 Live Id Integration, Configuring Microsoft Service Manager.


Hi guys i have been following the post:


To implement Sharepoint 2010 Live Id Integration.

I am lost at configuring the microsoft service manager, for this values:


Domain Name:

DNS Name:

Default Return Url.

I don't understand what i have to put under those values.

My domain name is Sharepoint.


I would like somebody to explain me with a practical exemple what is the right way to configure those values succesfully, if you need more information about my specific scenario please let me know.

Many thanks



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[WebInvoke (Method ="GET" , BodyStyle =

Deplying SQL Analysis service database using script problem with Impersonation


I have a problem with deploying SQL Analysis database from dev server to production , because I do not have an admin privileges , I cannot use Create script

The only action that I have , is to execute Alter Script against Any Empty database,


However I cannot use ImpersonateServiceAccount because it needs  Admin privileges

So, I always use ImpersonateCurrentUser as you know, I have to supply my credential.


are there any way that I can Deploy the db to the production  with the same impersonation type ImpersonateServiceAccount

as it was before?


thank you

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I have a business requirement to create a thin client component using only JavaScript and HTML to asynchronously call WCF web service methods.  I cannot use any .NET code or server-side scripting, and I would prefer not to rely on the AJAX client library if I don't have to.  All of the examples I'm finding use a ScriptManager component to achieve calling a WCF service with JavaScript, but as I said, I can't use any server-side technology.  Can anyone point me in the right direction or give me a simple example to get me started?  I'm new to working with WCF.

Also, if I'm unable to achieve this with WCF services, is there an alternative technology I can use such as REST web services that will enable me to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance,


How to programmatically access/modify a web service


Hello everyone,
I have lot of problems finding a solution, my problem is the following:
I have a web application where I am consuming a web service which contains lot of web methods.

I need to write a program that will let a developer to consume some of the web methods exposed by the web service. the remaining web methods shouldn't be accessible.
How can I do that, should I create a class that will call the web methods? should I update the reference.vb file???

In all cases, I also need to display in a form the web methods names, input and output parameters (I didn't find the solution for this issue too).
Can you advise with some links...

Error while Configuring service reference

while configuring the service reference of my wcf service i am getting "An error occured while parsing EntityName. Line 2, position 58." error.

Following is the structure of my entities

having [DataMember]
int WhizId/string TID/string GNNo/string Country/string WhizFuntion/string Email/bool Question/bool Mentoring/IList<Tags> TagList

having [DataMember]
int TagId/string TagName/bool Questions/bool Mentorings

Thanks in advance

Configuring linked server for a service account - error authenticating


I am trying to run a report through SSRS 2008 web interface.  The credentials that are being used to execute the report are through a service account.  The point of using a service account was so that the subscriptions feature could be used.  However, two particular reports connect directly though a linked server to an excel workbook.  I get the following error when I try to execute the report:


  • An error has occurred during report processing. (rsProcessingAborted)
    • Query execution failed for dataset 'DataSet1'. (rsErrorExecutingCommand)
      • The OLE DB provider "Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0" for linked server "YTWCHECK" reported an error. Authentication failed. Cannot initialize the data source object of OLE DB provider "Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0" for linked server "YTWCHECK".

How can I correctly add my service account to the linked server?




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You can easily create services by creating an application that is installed as a service. For example, suppose you want to monitor performance counter data and react to threshold values. You could write a Windows Service application that listens to the performance counter data, deploy the application, and begin collecting and analyzing data.

WCF Tip: Using Properties in Service Contracts

you'll notice all of the Service Contracts are implemented with interfaces containing only methods. For the longest time I thought that's all that was supported, until I thought about it a little more. In C# land, properties are simply wrappers around a get method and set method, so why wouldn't we be able to use properties in a service contract? Well the answer is we can.

Realizing a Service-Oriented Architecture with .NET

This article is meant to be a practical discussion guide to building a .NET application in a service-oriented architecture. We will consider real-world goals, real-world obstacles, and experience-based solutions. I quickly concede the approaches discussed here are not exhaustive or infallible. This paper is focused on application development, not application integration. We will specifically consider architectural issues and component design issues.

The Potential of Web Services

Export SharePoint List to Excel Spreadsheet Programmatically using C#

In SharePoint applications, Custom Lists are used to store business data and Document Libraries to store the documents. But for data manupulation and analysis, Microsoft Excel provides very rich features as compared to SharePoint Lists. That's why people still loves to work on Microsoft Excel Sheets.
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