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Solution Explorer Bug!

Posted By:      Posted Date: May 22, 2011    Points: 0   Category :JQuery

Hi: I have come accross an interesting bug which cost me alot of time. These are the steps I went through to cause and finaly correct the problem. Basically I was modifing an example so I could  put the filter.xaml  and koala.jpg files into a Resources folder using Solution Explorer and then I modified the xaml as below. The full code is attached also.

1) Create subfolder Resorces
2) Move Filter.xaml to Resources
3) Change this line of xaml to <ResourceDictionary x:Key="myFilter" Source="Resources/Filter.xaml">
4) Move image Koala.jpg to Resources folder.
5) Check Filter.xaml for this line of code <ImageDrawing ImageSource="koala.jpg" Rect="0,0,50,50"/>
6) When we compile we get this error: {"Cannot locate resource 'filter.xaml'."}
7) Now if we retrace the steps and move these files back out of Resources and change the above code back to the original
<ResourceDictionary x:Key="myFilter" Source="Filter.xaml">
<ImageDrawing ImageSource="Koala.jpg" Rect="0,0,50,50"/>
We still get the same error {"Cannot locate resource 'filter.xaml'."}
8) The only way to correct the error is to Rename the file filter.xaml in the solution explorer. Then the error goes away.

This seems like a real

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Need to Automate in SSIS Cube Drop and Recreate of Dimensions: Had to do on the Solution Explorer Ma

Hi SSAS Engineers: This question is in the context of a complete refresh of the SSAS cube. I'm OK on the SSIS approach thanks to TMcD and past successes (also thanks to him). The question is why did I have to manually drop/delete the dimensions in BIDS SSAS, then readd them with the cube wizard to pull in the dimensions with the same names, but new surrogate key relationships and more surrogate keys in total? We need to Automate in SSIS Cube Drop and Recreate of Dimensions. I originally had to perform this function on the Solution Explorer Manually in SSAS UDM, since the names are the same, but the structures and the data are changing for the dimensions on the refresh (and the fact table is subsequently increasing). Herein lies the problem. We had a keynotfound error in the cube processing, since the old keys were being kept. I had run Full processing on the dimensions, but since the dimensions have the same name (no drop old names and add new names), the old surrogate keys remained. The fact table had the old row count as well, since the surrogate key pipeline to look up the surrogate keys for the new dimensions only had the old dimensions, even though I truncated the fact table. Yes--I had already rebuilt the dimensions in SQL Server and the row counts were the new refresh row counts. The dimension counts were right according to refresh numbers after

solution explorer not showing solution name - VS 2008

Dear All, I am  stumped by a serious issue in Vs 2008. I created a Blank solution called HelloWorld.Then I added a new Class Library project by the name of HelloWorldService.After creation of the Class Library project the Solution name disappeared from Solution Explorer.  As a result of which I can now only add new items into the Class Library project but cannot add new item to the solution. This appears to be a pretty old problem as I found it in another link on the internet. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2580046/vs-2008-solution-explorer-not-showing-solution It seems to be a bug.Has MS released a patch or a fix for this. If so pls post the links. Thanks for your efforts

SQL Server 2008 Express - No Solution Explorer


I installed Sql Server 2008 Express and there is not a Solution Explorer. I go to Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio -> FIle -> New and my only options are (1) Query with Current Connection (2) Database Engine Query (3) SQL Server Compact Query (4) Policy. I have tried CTL-ALT-L. VIEW does not have a Solution Explorer. And when I got to TOOLS -> Customize, there is no Solution Explorer.

What do I have to install to get Solution Explorer? Would I have to uninstall my current SQL Server or will it just overlay or co-exist?


Overall summary:
  Final result:                  Passed
  Exit code (Decimal):           0
  Exit message:                  Passed
  Start time:                    2009-02-28 20:08:46
  End time:                      2009-02-28 20:09:33
  Requested action:      &n

Dynamically created directories not displaying in solution explorer


I have noticed today that when you create a directory in code in a web application the resulting folder structure is not created in the solution explorer (It is fine on disk and app can still access all the files)

I am not sure if there is a setting that I am missing or is this a bug?

Steps to reproduce

Create a new C# web application in VS 2010.

Create a new web page (Default.aspx) and add a file upload control and a button.

on the click event on the button add the following code

String ImageUrlPath = "/Media/Photo/";
Directory.CreateDirectory(Request.PhysicalApplicationPath + ImageUrlPath);
string FileName = FileUpload1.FileName.ToString().Replace(" ", "");
FileUpload1.SaveAs(Request.PhysicalApplicationPath + ImageUrlPath + FileName);

When the form posts back refresh the solution explorer and the new directory does not appear.

Check your file system and the file will be there.

Not a massive issue but frustrating. Any guidance would be appreciated

Two versions of company_name.master showing up in solution explorer

If I look at the solution explorer I have two files named company_name.master. One is is a folder named GLOBAL and the other is in a folder named company_MasterPage. They are not the same file as they are in different locations but I wanted to know if I could exclude one or the other from the solution and why it may have happened that there are two.

Solution Explorer in SQL Server Management Studio

Am I just out of my mind or does the solution explorer only list files in the order they were created? Is there any way to sort the list?  I'm trying to manage a database as a "solution".  It has over a hundred or so procs. If I can't alphabetize the list it is of no use to me since it's impossible to find a specific proc when they are not sorting in any logical way.  (Please keep in mind there are multiple developers working on this "solution" so the list if effected by all of them.)

I am trying to maintain some version control over the procs using VSS but it looks like I have to use a "solution" and "projects" to do that.

What kind of "solution" is this?

Is there any other way to do this?

Complete SQL Solution

SQL Server Solutions: SQL Server 2000/2005 Related Free Snippets.

Solution/project structure


Hello, I am working in a aspx web application that must be built in several separate "modules" with different functionality which will be partly developed by different teams.

However, I need the completed app to reside in ONE virtual directory. There will be a single startup page. I need session state to be preserved across pages in different modules.

I structured it as one solution with different Web Projects and one class library project with common functionalities.


1) is this the right approach to do this? Or which one would be better?

2) each time I add a new web project to the solution, a new web.config gets created. What do I do and where do I put them?

VS 2010 + framework 4.0 + TFS

Regarding TFS and source control, I have a single Team project, the solution and web projects are inside it.



Arabic QueryString with Url Rewrite Solution


Alsalamo 3alaykom ,

as we know that if you use Intelligencia.UrlRewriter.RewriterHttpModule or IIS URL Rewriting , we will face problems with arabic urls

as this

http://localhost:1234/Pages/???? ?????? ?????? ??????????

and the Rule is :

<rewrite url="~/Pages/(.+)" to="~/ShowPages.aspx?Page=$1" />

you will recive the QueryString["Page"] Like this

نائب العميد للشؤون الأكاديمية

so it's a big problem , and there is a solution that is :

remove the Rule of that rewriting ,,

<rewrite url="~/Pages/(.+)" to="~/ShowPages.aspx?Page=$1" />

then open your Global.asax file and Application_BeginRequest method exactly

use the following code to handle you request

void Application_BeginRequest(object sender, EventArgs e)
if (HttpContext.Current.Request.Url.ToString().Contains("/Pages/"))
	String[] txt= Regex.Split(HttpContext.Current.Request.Url.ToString(), @"/");
	String page = txt[txt.Length-1];

Team System: Building a Visual Studio Team Explorer Extension


There's no magic behind how the TFS Power Tools were integrated with Team Explorer, and we'll show you how to expose your own custom features inside the Team Explorer window.

Brian A. Randell, Marcel de Vries

MSDN Magazine December 2009

AD FS 2.0 in Identity Solutions: Using Active Directory Federation Services 2.0 in Identity Solution


This article explains how you can use Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) 2.0 to claims-enable Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) services and browser-based applications. The focus is on the token issuance functionality in AD FS 2.0. You'll find out how to use AD FS 2.0 as an identity provider; set up an AD FS 2.0 security token service (STS) to interact with WCF; federate AD FS 2.0 with your custom STS or another AD FS 2.0; enable Web single sign-on and federation with WS-Federation and SAML 2.0 protocols; and externalize authentication logic through Visual Studio. You'll come away appreciating how AD FS 2.0 and Windows Identity Foundation make programming identity solutions in Windows less of a chore.

Zulfiqar Ahmed

MSDN Magazine November 2009

Internet Explorer 8: New Features To Slice, Store, And Accelerate Your Web Applications


Internet Explorer 8 sports some exciting new features including Web Slices, Accelerators, and search suggestions along with AJAX navigation and DOM storage.

Daron Yöndem

MSDN Magazine March 2009

BizTalk EDI: Build a Robust EDI Solution with BizTalk Server


We introduce you to the EDI functionality within BizTalk Server 2006 R2, illustrating schema creation, document mapping, EDI delivery and transmission, and exception handling.

Mark Beckner

MSDN Magazine August 2008

Security: Safer Authentication with a One-Time Password Solution


One-time passwords offer solutions to dictionary attacks, phishing, interception, and lots of other security breaches. Here's how it all works.

Dan Griffin

MSDN Magazine May 2008

Office Development: OBA Solution Patterns In The Real World


OBA solution patterns help architects and developers build Office Business Applications (OBAs). This article introduces the seven core OBA solution patterns and applies one to a real-world problem.

Steve Fox

MSDN Magazine March 2008

Office Space: Solution Deployment with SharePoint 2007


WSS 3.0 introduces a new deployment mechanism that lets you move your development efforts into a staging or production environment.

Ted Pattison

MSDN Magazine August 2007

Extreme ASP.NET: A New Solution to an Old State Storage Problem


State management in Web applications is a contentious issue. Should you store user data per session or should you persist it across sessions? You can easily store information temporarily while someone navigates your site by using session state.

Fritz Onion

MSDN Magazine April 2006

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