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How can I modify a dataview to restrict the width and height of an XSLT value that is mapped to enha

Posted By:      Posted Date: May 22, 2011    Points: 0   Category :C#

Actually, A customer has requested to restrict the width and height of images that are added to an enhanced rich text list column, so I tried to solve the issue with css, but it didn't work.


I have the following situation:

1. List A: a picture library that includes all uploaded images.

2. List B: a custom list that includes enhanced rich text column "Field title : Picture", and another field called "itemphoto" which is a hyper link field tha

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Modify 'SearchTable' area in BDC XSLT


Quite simply - no matter what changes I make to the XSL in the 'SearchTable' area of the BDC web part, nothing is affected on the page. I can put anything I want outside of this section - but in this section all my tweaks are just ignored! For instance, I want to hide some of the search criteria boxes (as there is only one search column in my data) and also hide the 'is equal to' box as there is only one option. I want a small title saying 'Search...' and the search box and that's it, but instead I get the same stuff rendered no matter the XSL.

Is there any reason I can't modify this? My XSL changes are not being overwritten - they are just being ignored - if I edit the XSL after I've saved it still contains my changes...

I'm about to rip my hair out over this SharePoint thing - it's great when it works, but you can literally spend a lifetime trying to get it working...


xslt in dataview webpart

Hi, Can anybody tell me plz , the difference between <xsl:param  ........./>,<xsl:with-param  ........./>,<xsl:variable........./>? I feel both param and variable are same   Thanks

convert to XSLT Dataview option not offered

I'm working in Designer on Dispform.aspx trying to convert the original LVWP to a DVWP but the option to "Convert to XSLT Dataview" when I right-mouse click is not visible. Any other attempts to add a DVWP to the page have failed with "Unable to display this web Part." What steps am I missing. Thanks Marcus

WPF control size is larger than explicitly set width and height values.

I created a Canvas with fixed Width and Height (256x256). Next to it I put an Image control displaying a 256x256 texture without stretching. How is it possible that actual sizes of both controls on the screen differ so much? Here - is the screenshot illustrating size mismatch. And here - the TestLines256.png in case someone liked to check it (and maybe point out that I'm stupid and this texture is 180x180 and not 256x256 as I claimed). XAML with creation of the controls:   <Window x:Class="OversizedQuad.MainWindow" xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/winfx/2006/xaml/presentation" xmlns:x="http://schemas.microsoft.com/winfx/2006/xaml" Title="MainWindow" SizeToContent="WidthAndHeight"> <StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal"> <Canvas Width="256" Height="256" Background="Red" /> <Image Stretch="None" Source="TestLines256.png" /> </StackPanel>

How to Control each cells width and height of a Table ?

Hi, I want to fix the size of each cells of a table . for that i used Style like this: <td style="width:10px;height:10px"> contents </td> But it seems that there is no any effect of applying these settings.How can  i set its width and height. It seems that it purely depends on the contents of cells. Now, if suppose there are two rows, <tr id='r1'> <td id='d1'> content of size 10px </td> <td id='d2'> content of size 10px </td> </tr> <tr id='r2'> <td id='d3'> Content of size 400px </td> <td id='d4'> content of size 20px </td> </tr>   Then cell of id 'd1' will get a size of 400px ,since its just below cell is of size 400px. I want to fix its size. Is that possible ?  

Setting Width & Height on a WriteableBitmap

I am using a WriteableBitmap to convert System.Drawing.Bitmap - it seems to work nicely when I set the rect to 1024x768 like this: wbm.AddDirtyRect(new Int32Rect(0,0,1024,768); What if I want it to be dependent on screen resolution - if I do that, then it does not draw the Image fully - Any ideas on how to get it working for any resolution?

TabContainer Auto Height and Width


Hi all,

How i can set auto Width and Height? it can be resize according to the data populate inside TabPanel.

Thank You

Detect Width and Height of .jpg image



I have an image on this path that I first check if it exists. If it exists I wonder what the method is to get width and height of this image ?

            if (File.Exists(Server.MapPath("Images\\Pic1.JPG")))
		    //How to get the Width and Height of this JPG Image ?


Setting the canvas height and width to Grid size


I have a canvas and I have it set to the following attributes


 Grid.Row="1" Grid.RowSpan="2" Grid.Column="0" Grid.ColumnSpan="2"


However I want the canvas height and width to fill those locations. Also upon window resize i want the canvas height and width to adjust accordingly.

Any ideas? Thanks all

New window with width and height identitical to the page content


hi all forum

I have my NewsDetails.aspx page which displays a certain news  in a gridview according to the NewsId query string field. i wish to make the user able to print the page or mail it to a friend  so I used the following code

protected void ArticleGrid_RowCommand(object sender, GridViewCommandEventArgs e)
        if (e.CommandName == "print")
            int NewsId = int.Parse(e.CommandArgument.ToString());
            string url = "ForPrint.aspx?NewsId=" + NewsId;
            string js = "<script language='JavaScript'>window.open('" + url + "','" + ArticleLbl.Text + "',";
            js += "'top=0,left=0,status=no,width=710,height=700,resizable=no,scrollbars= yes');";
            js += "</script>";
            ClientScript.RegisterClientScriptBlock(this.GetType(), &

How to set the Monitor's Height and width to the Popup?.


I need the requirement in WPF like to set the Monitor's Height and width to the Popup. Just i want to open the Popup in the Full screen. Could you please anyone assist me on this?.

David C

How can I set web parts to always be a specified fixed width and height?

Is that possible? I don't want their size to be changed.

How to determine designer width and height



I'm trying to find the width and height of a given designer, given a model item.  I have code like this:

        if (modelItem.ItemType == typeof(FlowStep))
          action = modelItem.Properties["Action"].Value;
          view = action.View as WorkflowViewElement;
          view = modelItem.View as WorkflowViewElement;
        if (view != null)
          double width = view.ActualWidth;

          double height = view.ActualHeight;


The problem is that the height and width I get this way doesn't match the actual size of the designers, if the zoom is set to something other than 100%.  How do I get the actual width and height of a designer, regardless of the zoom setting?



How to set default Height/Width property value of Composite control?

This is my code:

class Regi : CompositeControl
private TextBox nameTextBox;    

[DefaultValue(typeof(Unit), "400px")]
public override Unit Width
return base.Width;

WPF: what does d:LayoutOverrides="Width, Height"mean?

When we use Expression Blend in TextBlock, sometime it automatically add

d:LayoutOverrides="Width, Height".

SP.UI.ModalDialog.showModalDialog options: how to set height or width in percentage or auto?


In the code below I set the options for the showModalDialog. the height and width are set to fixed 400 pixels, what other options have we here?

  • is it possible to remove the height and width? will the value be the default? what is the value of the default?
  • is it possible to set to a percentage? height: 50% ?
  • is it possible to set to auto or * ?

var options = { url: '/_layouts/COTW.Intranet/FinalizeCMR.aspx?items=' + myItems + '&source=' + SP.ListOperation.Selection.getSelectedList(), tite: 'Move Documents', allowMaximize: false, showClose: false, width: 400, height: 400, dialogReturnValueCallback: demoCallback }; SP.UI.ModalDialog.showModalDialog(options);

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