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Posted By:      Posted Date: May 22, 2011    Points: 0   Category :C#

I have got 1 requirement i had created blog site now

added 3 new category :banking,insurance,mutual fund

User had posted comments under specific category let say example     user1 under banking :sbi is better   and       user2 under banking :kotak is better

 user3 under mutual fund:ICICI Mutual fund is better

now i am pulling data using cqwp (xslt included ),i want to dispaly data as shown below


       sbi is better

       kotak is better

mutual fund

      ICICI Mutual fund is better


prsently i am getting data display as follows



       sbi is better


      kotak is better

mutual fund

      ICICI Mutual fund is better


   plz provide  help.......

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   I want to customize the blogs ,  provided by  sharepoint .

  In the list of blogs I should be able to see the navigation

  as follows

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  2) and navigation as Category of Post >Subcategory of Post > Title of Post

How to achieve this navigation  in sharepoint


Swati Jain



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Hi everyone! I have gotten some weird problems with some of the blogs on our site. It all started with that someone could copy paste text from word to a blog entry, it came up "pasting" as it always does but then nothing happend. We solved this problem with a wordpad document where we pasted all the text from the word document then reseted all fonts and so on.. then pasting worked again. 1 day later even a funnier problem accoured: Blog entries that where saved lossed its body so only title are shown when you look at them, and if you click one of those blog entries that has that error only the title are shown and all controls that are supposed to be there are gone. Another error that showed itself at the same time as these other are that some wntries arent shown in the deault.aspx view... they are there because u can se them att manage post, they are approved and they are published...they just dont show up at default.spx view...   Someone have an idea what all these error comes form? We have a couple of hundreds of blogentries in the site and these error just start to pop up here and there, all work at it supposed to to about 95% of the time..   Really need help because me myself are totally clueless what the error can be

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MySite blogs rollup



We have lots of personal blogs created under MySite. We would like to aggregate those on the first page of our intranet (different site collection). I've looked into the content rollup webpart but it doesn't seem to be able to do cross site collection queries.

Does anyone have a good alternative for this? We basically want to view the last 20 blog posts from all our employees in a list on the first page. We wouldd have a separate view with the latest comments for all blogs.


Blogs Forms LockDown anonymous access



I plan to use the Blog Site template to publish blog postings.  The problem that I am having is that when I do a forms lockdown anonymous users are no longer able to filter by categories, they get prompted, is this is a known issue and are there any workarounds to this?




Download all attachments from SharePoint WIKI, Discussion Forum & Blogs



I have created one WIKI in SharePoint 2010 and uploaded some documents in the WIKI. Also i uploaded some images in the SharePOint 2010 Blog.

Now I want to download all the attachments to the each wiki as well as download the attachments for each blog.


Thanks, TusharG [There are only 10 types of people in the world: Those who understand binary, and those who don't]

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We have enabled My sites in Sharepoint 2010 and the when a blog is created by My Site owner, he has option to give comments to the blog. But the viewers like his collegues who have read permission to the blog are not able to comment the blog.

Please let us know what might be the issue...


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When a user with contribute permissions manages posts, they are able to Edit the page and add and remove webparts. In the worst case they can delete the Add Comments webpart.

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(I am setting up a blog for a class of students and if they can do it, they will. I can not seem to find a way to restore the webpart either which would be plan B)




Display number of blogs posted by author in sharepoint blog


i have a requirement to disply no of blogs been posted by author for standard sharepoint blog.
I am using dataview webpart to disply the blog central content.
Can anyone suggest, how we can get the no of blogs been posted and disply in dataview?

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