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How much SQL cluster space is required for installing a MOSS CU?

Posted By:      Posted Date: May 22, 2011    Points: 0   Category :C#
how much SQL cluster space required for installing MOSS december cumulative update of 2010

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What are the Steps Installing Infopath Form Service on WSS 3.0 or do I need to upgrade to MOSS?

I  have configured Extranet Https Portal for our configuration.It includes some custom web-parts features in the site. My WSS 3.0 -Cenrtal Admin version is I have MOSS 2007 - Central Version Now I have designed a Infoapth form and want to publish to a library in the site.We can publish the form to a library but At client side Infopath 2007 sholud be installed in order to submit the form.It is not Browser Enabled. ( You cannot enable InfoPath Forms Services in WSS, because it is not present in WSS. Before you can enable InfoPath Forms Services, you have to install Forms Server or MOSS Enterprise.  It is not Browser enabled.  ) Infopath form services is a component of MOSS not WSS Is there any other way instead of intalling Moss 2007 can I only Install Infoapth Form services on it. Can I upgrade the WSS 3.0 to MOSS 2007 and get the Infoapth form services to the existing site without any loss of data.   I have read that while upgrading wss to moss the central admin version  should be same then only you can upgrade is this true?? what steps I need to consider ?? Guide me Thanks in Advance Harish

Can we have both moss 2007 and sharepoint 2010 using a share SQL cluster?

Hello, I want to consolidate some server by using both SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010 to use the same SQL 2008 R2 cluster. Is there any technical reason that should prevent to have both application to share same SQL server using different sql DB? Thanks

Issues installing SQL 2008 on Win 2008 R2 Cluster

Hello All, I'm having issues installing SQL Server 2008 on a Win 2008 R2 Cluster. The "SQL Server failover cluster install" went fine, now the "Add a node to a SQL Server failover cluster" that is giving me problems. I'm running the setup using slipstream, I was told it would not work without using slipstream. I'm running the command "Setup.exe /PCUSource=D:\sp" inside of the folder where I have the setup file for my Enterprise install of SQL Server 2008. For some reason, the whole install fails, reporting issues with the "Install_sql_engine_core_inst_Cpu64_Action" part of the process. I removed any numbers or characters from the folders my media intallation is located, as this KB below suggests: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/955666 Below is how part of my log file looks like. Let me know if you have any suggestions.   <LOG STARTS> 2010-08-09 14:24:06 Slp: Sco: Attempting to write hklm registry key SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server to file C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\100\Setup Bootstrap\Log\20100809_142013\Registry_SOFTWARE_Microsoft_Microsoft SQL Server.reg_ 2010-08-09 14:24:06 Slp: Sco: Attempting to write hklm registry key SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall to file C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\100\Setup Bootstrap\Log\20100809_142013\Registry_SOFTWARE_Microsoft_Windows_CurrentVer

Installing Integration services as standalone on a existing cluster


Hi All,

  I have SQL Server 2005 std edition installed on a windows 2003 clustered server. As integration services does not support i was asked to install it as a standalone on both nodes. When I had started the setup it showing on both the nodes. How do i install it only one node at a time and not on the cluster. Do i need to have separate instance of sql server too.



Chandra Mohan



Action required on SQL Server side(Active /Passive) cluster,when Upgrade iscsci Upgrde.


Hi all

Storage engineers are planning to Upgrade storage Drive and that storage using for SQL Server 2005 Active /Passive cluster.

as DBA what action I have to take.

I am planning

1.Backup all Databases.(Inluding system)

2.Takning all Databases OFFLINE(make sure no body using Databases)


3.Stopping Instance and Agent .

which is the best way.


any advise is helpful for me.


Installing an additional SQL Cluster Node



We have a 2 node SQL Failover Cluster (2008).

We wish to replace these 2 Servers (Virtual Machines) with 2 new ones.  I was hoping I could 'cheat' and instead of powering off both current Virtual Machines and then having to do the SQL install from scratch on the 2 new Servers. I could do the following instead:

A:  Add the 2 new Virtual Machines as additional Failover Clusters into the current SQL Environment (so we now have a 4 node SQL Cluster)

B:  Power off the 2 OLD Virtual Machines (so the 2 new Virtual Machines make up the new Cluster)

Would this work or would it be looking for certain files, etc that were installed on the Primary Node?

Installing new SQL Failover Cluster Node



I have a 2 Node SQL Cluster.  Node A is the Primary Box where SQL was first installed and Node B is the Secondary Box where I added it to the Failover Cluster.

I now wish to replace Node A with a new Server (reason being, we have had issues with this and wish to rebuild it from scratch).  My question is...

If I move the SQL Resources onto Node B, can I then rebuild Node A Server and then add it as 'failover cluster node'?  Or will this not work as it will already detect that Node A was part of this Cluster before? And during the initial install did Node A install files that are required for Node B to work?

Office 2010 required before upgrading or installing SharePoint Foundation 2010??


Is it required now to upgrade to SharePoint 2010 Foundation etc. first before using Office 2010 with SharePoint??

Or can Office 2010 work in even a limited manner with WSS 3.0??

Thank you, Tom

Hot fixes for Windows 2003 SP2 for Installing SQL Server 2008 R2 In Cluster environment


Hello all

Please some body help me to  find Hot fixes  for Windows 2003 SP2 to install SQL Server 2008 R2 In Cluster environment.




Thanks in Advance  


"Service Unavailable" after installing MOSS 2007


I have just installed MOSS 2007 on a machine with 64-bit Win 2K3. It installs fine but after installation navigating to the Central Administration site yields a "Service Unavailable" message.

I tried searching for reasons for this, but the event viewer has no significant logs, and the relevant services (World Wide Wed Publishing Service, Windows SharePoint Services Administration, and Windows SharePoint Services Timer are all started.

I had previously installed and run MOSS 2007 successfully on this machine, but had to uninstall and reinstall for an unconnected reason. After reinstalling, I am now getting the "Service Unavailable" error.

Can someone give me an idea what to look into to debug this issue? Thanks in advance.

installing SQL 2005 "SP3 SQLServer2005SP3-KB955706-x86-ENU.exe" onto a W2003 SP2 MS cluster sharing


Hi Microsoft support,


I would like to report a problem when installing SQL 2005 “SP3 SQLServer2005SP3-KB955706-x86-ENU.exe” onto a W2003 SP2 MS cluster sharing disks on a EVA SAN. Please see attached log file for the patching process.


The patching fail with the following depending on database instance :

“10/31/2010 14:34:17.488 MSP Error: 29512  SQL Server Setup was unable add user ETMC\PACS_Service to local group ETMC\PACS_Core_Users.

10/31/2010 14:34:36.253 MSP returned 1603: A fatal error occurred during installation.”


Description of patching process:


Patching has been tried with two supported methods. Executed from the active node where the patching on the passive node is done automatically by the patching program itself sending the software over to passive node. And by pausing the passive node only installing on the active node where no attempt is done to install on the passive node but should be then done by moving over database package to passive node (to become active) and do the same from there pausing the previous active node). It was discovered that on node A: the drive: becomes full in the middle of th

RDP is not working after installing MOSS 2007


Hello experts,

Does anyone have any clue that why RDP just suddenly stopped working after installing Moss 2007?


Standard layouts folder : after installing MOSS 2007 sp2


I have installed MOSS 2007 sp2 and would like to know when we install the SP2 will it make any changes to standard layouts folder (changes in any files).




Installing SQL Cluster side-by-side with existing instances


Hi All,

 I have two servers with SQL 2005 running as separate instances. I now want to install a cluster over the two boxes with SQL Server 2008R2 while keeping the 2005 instances running for a while. The databases will then be migrated over from the 2005 instances to the cluster for testing. After a test period, the 2005 instances will have a final migration and be decommissioned.

So for server001, server002 and SQL Cluster name SQLCLU001, I should be able to reference them all on the network individually after installation and the individual instances will continue to run on the local disk until decommissioned IIRC.

From what i've done before, I think this should be fine and shouldn't throw any issues but I wanted to check that there weren't any obvious blockers to this. Licenses are all ok, servers are fast enough to cope with the new configuration. It's just the process I wanted to check out as i've not done an upgrade in quite this way before


Installing and Uninstalling Services

Installing and Uninstalling Services.Unlike most projects you create in Visual Studio .NET, Windows Service projects cannot be run directly from the development environment by pressing F5. This is because the service in the project must be installed before the project can run.

You can quickly install your service application by using a command line utility called InstallUtil.exe.

MOSS 2007 Tutorials video

This link about how create sharepoint website ,blogs,team site,document lib etc

AJAX in MOSS 2007

These days implementing AJAX in sharepoint has become a important request for share point applications.

Here i'm explaining how to create and deploy a AJnAX webpart in step by step manner
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