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Is it possible to create links for an entire group?

Posted By:      Posted Date: May 22, 2011    Points: 0   Category :C#

Hi all,,


I was wondering if it was possible to create "shared" links for an entire group? Would it be possible for this to show under their "My Links"?

If not, would you recommend a way to add links to an entire group, and make it easy to access?



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What is the best way to create user account for big group of people?


I need to create individual account for a big group of people (around 200) from an Excel spreadsheet. What is the best practice? It will take too much time to create account using web form. I think there must be a way to do it. Please advice. I tried to use Stored procedures created by ASP.NET. NOT SURE whether it is a good idea.


(SQL Server 2008) Exporting entire databases to SQL CREATE/INSERT statements

Hi All, I'm looking for a way to export SQL Server 2008 (Express or otherwise) databases to CREATE/INSERT statements.  I've seen a million threads (give or take) with instructions for creating large (often illegible) TSQL scripts for the task.  However, I'm hoping that this isn't the only way by which to do it.  I have need to regularly back up the data from existing MS SQL Server DBs (which are used by some of our standard apps) to various other MySQL and PostgreSQL databases (which are used by PHP and Rails web front ends).  I need to export them from MS SQL Server 2008 to a general format (i.e. INSERT statements) and perform regex edits on the file as necessary. FYI, I've written a few applications that connect to the various DBs over ODBC, etc. and transfer the data row by row.  You can image how painful this process is... I realize that there are many tools that do this.  However, most of them approach the issue from the standpoint of migration, and not that of regularly scheduled backups.  Also, this tool will need to eventually be distributed so having to purchase a license for the migration app for each person/group simply isn't feasible. Anyway, if you guys have a quality, straightforward solution to this issue, it would certainly be appreciated. Best.

hide links in quick launch bar for "People and Groups", "Group", "All People"

Can you tell me how to hide links in quick launch bar for "People and Groups", "Group", "All People"? If a site user click these links all users in site collection will be displayed. (I do want it happends. I only need people for one site only) If you can show me how to display people in one site only would be perfect.

unable to create a group using directive services -ASP.net C#

 this is what i used: public void Create(string ouPath, string name)        {            if (!DirectoryEntry.Exists("LDAP://CN=" + name + "," + ouPath))            {                try                {                    DirectoryEntry entry = new DirectoryEntry("LDAP://" + ouPath);                    DirectoryEntry group = entry.Children.Add("CN=" + name, "group");                    group.Properties["sAmAccountName"].Value = name;                    group.CommitChanges();                }               

Knowledgebase template - How do you create links from "related articles"

Hi I'm using the Knowledgebase Template. We are mainly creating Word Docs and loading them into the library. Tagging with the "Realated Articles" column. I am writing a intro page in SPD that has a choice list of the keywords, which then filters the docs based on choice. This works. What I can't get working is making the "related articles" column into a hyper link, like MS have done in default views - if I use the library in a web part from the browser it works fine, but not in SPD. Any ideas? Cheers Eserim

Create SharePoint Security Group populated by AD query

Is there any non-code way to create a SharePoint Security Group that is populated by an AD query? The "standard" way of getting the same "effect" is to create a group that contains an AD group but that does not allow members of a particular site to see who else is also a member of the site Any thoughts?

Create Collection Template Category/group

Is there a way in WSS 3.0 to create a custom group/category to hold custom templates?  I created a project template and would like to create a group for my company as opposed to having the template go into the "Custom" category.  I have searched google over an no posts are available on this topic and stsadm does not have a command for creating a group.

links to data view group by headers

I have a content editor webpart with some image links,now my requirement is that some images on clicking should go to a dataview web part group header.how can this be done with just one data view webpart ,the way I am doing right now is create few data view webparts from the same list and group them but again filter them by each group,so instead of using just one DVWP I am using as many number as my group headers are there and then edit page to add a hidden CEWP on top of each DVWP and add a div tag to CEWP so that it can reference from other page with image links,I just want to use one DVWP for performance reasons.

Group links in sharepoint Quick Launch Navigation Panel



I am having sharepoint 2010 RTM Trial on Windows Server 2008 SP2. I have a website based on Team Site.

I am having some Lists i.e. List1, List2, List3, List4 and List5. I want to group them in Quick launch like:

Primary Lists




Secondary Lists



I would also like to see these sections as According Pane Works in ASP.net (On Click, "Primary List" Exposes its childs)


Can anybody helps me out ?



How to create pre-populated links list that user can personalize

How can I create a pre-populated links list that the user can personalize?

Select statement with two group level to create addtional field.


Here is an example of my question

I have  a column called Department, a column called Employee Name and a column called EmployeeAbsent.

Obviously i can easily use a select satement to get each employee's absent status. However, I would like to generate an additional field called DepartmentAbsent to see if anyone in a particular depart is absent based on the EmployeeAbset field.

how should I write the query?

Create a group from selected rows of grid




Let me see if I can explain what I am trying to do...


From a gridview a user would be able to select as many rows as they wanted and create a "custom group" ... that user group would then be available from a dropdown list for future selection. So next time they would just select the "custom group" from a dropdown list and the resulting datagrid would only have those rows that were originally selected.

So if I had a datagrid which had: empoyeeID, name, address, phone#, etc...

1. I select what ever rows I want
2. Create a name for the new custom group
3. Click a "save group" button ... this would save all the employeeID's from selected rows.
4. A dropdown list would then be updated with the new custom group ... ie, MIKE's GROUP
5. User could then select MIKE's GROUP from a dropdown list and work only with rows that were added to it.


Hope that makes sense.

Thanks in advance.


How can I create link table in an Access DB for a group permission in SharePoint?



I move all the tables to SharePoint site using "Move To SharePoint" button.  When it finished, access create additional link table called "User Information List"  However, I need a site owner permission list in my access table link(Not User Information List-it has too many list).

Can anyone help me, please?


How to create a custom group and assign it to a list inside a web?



i need to create a group programmatically and assign it to a list inside a website. How to achive this?


Best regards,
Yavuz B.

My Sharepoint and Enterprise 2.0 Blog http://www.starcoder.net
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Create Sites of different Departments and give the access rights on the sites according to the Group



I have to create sites for the departments like( IT, Admin, Payroll, HR and so on...) and these sites should be in the top link bar and according to the user's group or profile the above departments should be visible on the top link bar.

I want to use same URL but for different groups top link bar of the departments should be visible.

Example:in the top link bar HR department should be visible only for the HR. and If i create a group that can see the two departments then two department should be visible in the top link bar.

Thanks and Regards




How to create a webpart that links to another sharepoint server?


Hi guys,

Im currently an intern at a company and i want to edit their wiki eviroment made in sharepoint. I can edit all I want, but now I want to add a list located on their company section.

To clarify: their wiki is located at //company//wikipedia and their department is located at //company//departments//my departpent

Now I linked a picture to the wiki wich i stored on their company sharepoint site, but now i want to show a webpart that i have on there on the wiki page.

Let's say its a list of assignements and i want it to show on the wiki but with a real time update, i want to be able to press new assignment on both the department and wiki side to update the list. '

Now im pretty new at all of this but i was hoping I could use the code editor to just copy and paste a standard list webpart and change the url to that of the department.

I believe we have SP 2007, i hope you guys can help me with this!

Sorry if im vague, ill be glad to clarify :)

How to group or pivot the out put to create columns out of row outputs?


I have a view where I have the following type of information

user_id, username, checkin_time, checkin type, checkin_#, date, location

These are currently showing in rows of each user's checkin appearing on a new row, generally each user has 4 checkins per day. The location is also the same for each date, they never change the location.

I would like to alter or pivot my results to show each checkin a user has per a particular day. For instance it would appear

userid  date  username  location checkin_time 1, checkin_time 2, checkin_time 3, checkin_time 4

1         5/18/2011  USERNAME!  home  8 AM  12PM  1 PM  6 PM


Is there an easy way to translate my current date to the output I'm seeking.

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