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Top navigation bar displays twice as Team site>Team site

Posted By:      Posted Date: May 22, 2011    Points: 0   Category :C#


In my site the top left navigation bar comes twice like Team site > Team site. It should be 'Team site' only. Also it reflects in all the subsites also like Team site>Team site> sub site.

I have checked the code in default master page and it seems to be correct. Where do I check for removing the duplication?

     <asp:ContentPlaceHolder id="PlaceHolderGlobalNavigationSiteMap" runat="server">
    <asp:SiteMapPath SiteMapProvider="SPSiteMapProvider" id="GlobalNavigationSiteMap" RenderCurrentNodeAsLink="true" SkipLinkText="" NodeStyle-CssClass="ms-sitemapdirectional" runat="server"/>




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Top navigation menu having submenu in Team site in MOSS2007

Hi, In MOSS2007, Collaboration portal site is showing sub menu on onmouseover of top navigation menu, but it's not showing in case of Team Site template. I would like to know how to achieve this. I tried to activate publishing feature on team site, but doesn't work.

Share The Load: Report Visual Studio Team System Load Test Results Via A Configurable Web Site


This article discusses a new load test tool in Visual Studio 2005 Team System for performance and stress testing your Web sites, Web services, and other server components. Combined with its handy reporting capabilities, the load test tool provides some powerful options for sharing and managing test results.

Wen Ding

MSDN Magazine June 2006

Adding a custom control to the SharePoint 2010 Team Site Wiki Page Template ( wkpstd.aspx ) programm

Topic This is maybe my last post about the Team Site Wiki Page customization with the aim of exceeding its limitations. This time we are going to customize the unique template ( wkpstd.aspx) by replacing the control that renders the editable content by a custom one. In this post example, we will take advantage of the use of this custom control to render not editable additional contents, for instance, a header and a footer that could be the same for a specific Wiki Page Library. Of course, we are not going to really customize the template, but we are going to use a delegate control to replace the control at runtime. Here are the screen shots of the result: We can see a non editable Header and Footer on the Team Site Wiki Page In edit mode these additional contents are not rendered, but we can add new content as usual And of course, after having saved the page, the new content is rendered wtih the non editable Header and Footer. Steps required   If you look at the Team Site Wiki Page template, wkpstd.aspx, you can see the control that is rendering the editable content/ <SharePoint:EmbeddedFormField ID="WikiField" FieldName="WikiField" ControlMode="Display" runat="server" /> We are first going to create a custom EmbeddedFormField control Then, we are going to use a delegate control to replace the native EmbeddedFor

Calendar overlay only works on list calendar in team site?

Currently, I have a site collection with a top-level site and 7 sub-sites (all on an equal level just below the top-level site). I have created a calendar at each site.  On the top-level site, I've used calendar overlay to add the 7 sub-site calendars to its calendar.  It works just great! But if I try and edit the main page of the top-level site to add that calendar as a list item on the page, or as a web part (rather than having the user have to click on the Calendar under the Lists in the Navigation) - the overlay doesn't show up on the calendar. Why won't it work when I edit the home page and try and add it a web part or as an "existing list"? I get no errors regarding this - it just doesn't work!  Frustrating!!! Thanks in advance!

Using Tables on Team Site pages

The users at my company want a specific looking table on their page. I set up different depts with different child sites. On each child site I was able to create it using a table. But they want to combine of all the depts' tables on the main site. Is it possible to do something like this? The reason I need to use a table is becuase it allows me to change the background color of each cell. This is mandatory for them. I couldnt figure out any other way of accomplishing this. Thanks, Ninel

Publishing Portal Missing Team Site Template



I created a new site collection and set the root site as a publishing portal.  I then went into "manage site features" under "Site Actions" and activated the "Team Collaboration Lists" feature.  However I cannot find the "Team Site" template when I try to create a new site.  Is there a feature I'm missing? 



SharePoint 2010 team site "Save site as template " not available



I have a newly created site based "Team Site" template. Now I want to export this as a site template and use it as base in my Visual Studio 2010. Now I am not able to see the command "Save site as template " in site settings of that team site. What I am missing here ?

But I get same "Save site as template " when I create a site based on "Blank Site" template.


Sharepoint team site not seeing all AD members


We have a team site and I used an email enabled AD group to provide membership.  This was for student elections, class of 2014.  When the students logged in, some were fine but some called and were getting access denied errors.  When I look at those students portal pages, the team site is not showing on their web part.  If I add them in directly they can get in.

Is there an issue between sharepoint and AD where it doesn't see all the members in an AD group?  This same thing happened when we added students to the portal, some could logon and some could not with access denied.


Access Denied when trying to give read only access to team site.


I am using a Team Site template with a custom master page for my SharePoint site.  I am now trying to setup a group of users that only have read access to the site.  The site is not inheriting permissions from the parent site and the users are setup with Site Visitor access on both the site and the customer master page.  The problem I am running into is that when I try to access the site with one of the read only accounts, I receive an error that the current user's access is denied.

Am I missing some other areas where I should have changed permissions?
Is there a different way I should have done this?

Issues with Enterprise Wiki Sites unavailable when create Intranet Team Site


I have created Enterprise Wiki Sites and have created an Extranet Team Site and was able to create an Enterprise Wiki Site as well with it but for some reason I do not have the ability or option to create an Enterprise Wiki Site or even page when I have a Team Site on an Intranet.  I have turned on all of the publishing features but the only wiki item available to me is the wiki library.  

I'm assuming I must have to activate or deactivate some other feature but I have no idea which one.

Enable BI features in Team Site



i am using sharepoint 2010 Enterprise RTM trial on Windows Server 2008 SP2.

is it possible to enable Business Intelligence features on different site templates especially on Team Site ??


Activating Publishing Feature for Team Site Template in SharePoint 2010


A new site collection has been created and uses SharePoint 2010 team site template. How can you activate the publishing feature on it?


I have activated the publishing feature at site collection and site level but I still can edit pages etc without requiring check out and approval/publishing. There are probably settings I need to activate on other doc libraries but I wanted to know the best practice for this scenario and how to configure it.



Replacing the default Team Site in SharePoint 07


Hello everyone,

I have created a custom site based on the SharePoint Team Site template. I want to know if there is a way to replace the default Team Site with my Customized Team Site. I have some automation in other sites that create Team Sites automatically and I would like for this automation to use my Team Site.



No longer have the ability to move webparts to different zones on the default "team site" template

I noticed today that one of the default site templates that i most widely use in sharepoint 2007 -the "Team Site" template when used in sharepoint 2010 i can no longer move webparts on the main home page from one zone to another from the browser in sharepoint 2010, or specify where they should be when creating them.   I am able to do this if i create a blank site, but that would also involve creating all the neccesary document libraries and  other team site lists.  I suppose as a last resort i could make my own template off of the blank site template that is similar to the team site template. but i am curious as to why this has been setup this way, or if anyone else has noticed this behavior

Ryan Klick

Team Site under Team Site - Master Page inheritance

I have a Team Site selected as the template for a Site Collection. customized the v4.master to include jquery file and is set as the default master page for this site. Now when a site (Team site) is created under this Site collection, is the master page inherited automatically by the subsite ? Do I need to go through any additional steps ?

moving Team Foundation Server 2010 site to SharePoint 2010 farm.....

What is the best way to move a Team Foundation Server site over to our SharePoint 2010 farm? Can someone please point me to some documentation on how? Thanks,

Publishing subsite inside Team site


Hi All,

I have a publishing site as root site and I have 4 subsites under it with Team site template.

I would like to create a new subsite in one of the team site template subsites.

When I create a publishing site, the site was created with the publishing feature on but looks like it still retained the team site layout (with the left side quick launch navigation). Is it possible to create a actual publishing site under team site in this scenario?

Thanks in advance!



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