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Display / Show Multiple Web Parts

Posted By:      Posted Date: May 22, 2011    Points: 0   Category :C#

Currently i trying to do display / hide multiple web parts (content query) based on user click. I have created 5 content query, on default it will show only 1 web part and others web part will be "hidden". When user click another selection, it will show the correct web part information and hide others. I will really appreciate if anyone could give me the idea, guideline to perform this task.

Roughly i have an idea which is using getElementByID to control the webpart ID however i did not try it yet . I also go through below link however i still cant understand well how it works. Thank you.

Ref: Show/Hide Multiple Web Parts by Bryon Wyle



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Autocomplete display multiple columns


 Hi --

I have an autocomplete extender working great returning one column and I can also retrieve multiple columns just fine from my stored procedure, but here's what I really need to do:

1. Format the data in the autocomplete extender in the following format:

Location Number
City, State, Zip

2. When the user makes a selection I want only the Location Number to populate the textbox.

I've looked quite a bit on this site and others on how to do #2 and I can't seem to find exactly how this should be done. Is there some javascript that needs to be involved in order accomplish this?

If anyone has done this I would really appreciate an example.




Is it possible to use multiple date fields to have an event show more than once on a Sharepoint 2007

Hello, Is it possible to use multiple sets of start and end times to have events display multiple times in a sharepoint calendar? To clarify: - I have the standard fields of "Start Time" and "End Time" in my calendar list. - Events show on the calendar just fine. - Would like to create additional fields called "Start Time 2" and "End Time 2" within the same record and have the event show multiple times on the calendar. - The recurrence functionality of sharepoint will not meet my needs because the pattern I need to use is not in one of the allowed choices. Thanks in advance, John

web parts does not show under galleries

I hvae a sbasic SP2k10 setup where I have a couple of site collections, 2 BI sites. In oine of the BI sites, when I go to site settings, I don't see the "web parts" item under "Galleries" as the other sites. I cheked activated features, it seems they both have the same features..... Thanks in adavnce

Display records in multiple columns in asp.net mvc

 Hello,i'm newbie to asp.net mvc. i use mvc 1.0 since my host supports that.i have a piece of code in my view like this and i want to change it in order to be able to show records in 4 columns.What should i do?<table>            <% foreach (var item in Model) { %>                     <tr>                                  <td>    <%=Html.ActionLink(item.CategoryName + "(" + item.NumberOfWebsitesInCategory + ")", "SubCategory", new { CatID = item.CategoryID }, new {style="text-decoration:none;" })%>                         </td>                    </tr>        <% } %>    </table>

how to display multiple calendar list data in single calendar view

Hi, Normally, we can used to extend the ListViewWebPart's ViewType property to display a particular calendar list items in Calendar View in our custom webpart. Is it any way to display multiple calendar list data in a single calendar view ?? or please provide some pointers related to this issue. Any help is much appreciated.    

Using a List View web part to display documents from multiple document libraries from different site

Hi there, I am trying to have one web part display documents (or list items) from different document libraries (or different lists) from different site collections. I have achieved this under a single site collection using Data View Web Part (using SPD). I have also achieved displaying a single document library (or a list) from a different site collection by using List View Web Part. but I am not sure how to get my head around displaying documents or list items from different document libraries or lists across site collections. I have thought of using SPSiteDataQuery or ListViewByQuery, but they all seem to focus one site collection at a time. If any of you have done this before, please share your best practice on this one with me. Much appreciated. Clark

Contact Details web parts on pages won't show any more than 7 pictures



For each new person that is added to a company department, we add a contact details webpart and their picture to the departmental page. We can't seem to add any more than that, the contact details webpart and their name shows up, but no picture. The other 7 pictures do continue to show up. Is there a limitation on the contact details webpart?

How to return looped procedure results so that they display as multiple rows of a single output inst


I understand that the below fragment will return a separate 1-row results set for each successful loop (also unnecessarily repeating the column header each time). How can I alter my procedure so that each value returned by the loop is appended underneath the previous value as multiple rows of a single results set? Do I have to store each return value in a temp table or someother storage object? It would be nice to just be able to spit them out row by row as each loop returned. Possible? Easy? Hard? I really appreciate the help I've received here so far.

SELECT (whatever)

OPEN techCursor;
FETCH NEXT FROM techCursor INTO @techNumLoop;
EXECUTE pr_FindExpenses4Tech @techNumLoop, @itemCount OUTPUT
SELECT @itemCount Item_Count

How do I get PrintPreviewDialog to show multiple pages?



I’m developing a Windows program using VS2010 and .NET 4.0.

I want to preview the printing of a text file using the PrintPreviewDialog.ShowDialog method.

The text being sent to the preview is 192 lines, but when the preview dialog box appears, it only shows one page of 60 lines.

How do I get the print preview to show multiple pages?

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

WPF BUG, Window not show when showintaskbar is set to false when display is turn off automatically



I met a problem regarding to WPF window on windows vista SP2.

I create a window with following properties:

WindowStyle="None" ShowInTaskbar="False" ResizeMode="NoResize" Background="Transparent"

The ShowInTaskbar is set to false, which means the window will not show taskbar button, but you can see it in the taskbarlist using Alt+tab

In my application, when receiving some events, the window will be created and Show(), for example,

window1 wd = new windw1();

wd.topmost = true;


I happen to find in the followin case, the window is not show correctly

My display setting in the power manager is set to turn off display in 1 minute,

After 1 minute, my display turned off, after that, there is a event which triggered the window to show, but after i move the mouse to get the display back, i didn't see the window is showed, instead, when i use Alt+Tab, i can find a window transparent in the taskbarlist with my application icon. It's very strange. after i click "show desktop" for two times, the window show itself.

i googled in the internet, and found it seems that when showtaskbar is set to false, there will be another transparent window created which is the owner for the current window, this explains that why i can see transpa

fetching values from multiple tables to show on crystal report

Can somebody guide me to make crystal report showing values from multiple tables?

Web parts - Can't get all the display modes



I am studying for the 70-562 examination and I came to the web part section.

I was trying to do the exercises presented in the Microsoft's book for this examination, but there is a part where I have to gather all the Display

Modes in a combobox. In my case, I can only see the "Browse" mode, I can't get the others.

I have this code in the code behind to populate the combobox

WebPartManager _manager = WebPartManager.GetCurrentWebPartManager(Page);
            foreach (WebPartDisplayMode mode in _manager.SupportedDisplayModes)
                if (mode.IsEnabled(_manager))
                    ListItem item = new ListItem(mode.Name, mode.Name);

But the only enabled mode is "browse".

What could be the reason for this? How could I fix it?

thank you,

How to show all ValidatorCalloutExtender multiple controls



I am trying to implement ValidatorCalloutExtender to the RequiredValidator controls.

I can say it is working, but i cannot find a way to show all ValidatorCalloutExtender at the same time.

When I click submit button, all RequiredValidator controls are fired but only first ValidatorCalloutExtender control is visible. To activate the others, user needs to click other controls, then related ValidatorCalloutExtender controls pupup.

How to show all ValidatorCalloutExtender multiple controls?


Common parts in multiple orders - Resultset


What I have in this list (SQL Call is below) is a subset of a table with 3 orders (could be more) worth of parts.... I need a summation of what are the common parts (based on Part), and in a seperate query, based on Part and Part_Rev. Using SQL Server 2005 SP3.

WHERE ORDER_id IN(203,198,205)

Thank You


Show filtered data from multiple data lists in a view


I am attempting to build a very simple Sharepoint site with 3 data lists: 1) Themes,  2) Value Statements, 3) Supporting Details

Each Theme has 2+ Value Statements and each Value Statement has 2+ Supporting Details. 

Currently, I have the Forms setup so that when I enter a new Supporting Detail, the individual must select from the avaialable Value Statements (using a Lookup Column). 

What I would like to do, now, is allow an individual who is looking at a view of all the Value Statements to see the Title field of all the Supporting Details that have been entered for that particular Value Statement (with hyperlinks).

I'm guessing that I need to use SharePoint Designer 2010 to customize the view, but am not certain how to do it from there.


How to display Multiple TextBoxes ?


Hi everyone,

How can I display a list of TextBoxes with values from the MS SQL Server 2008 database ?

The code below only display one TextBox, even there is 5 items in the database. How can I

make my code to display 5 TextBoxes with values ?

<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">
<head runat="server">

  <script src="Scripts/jquery-1.4.1.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>    
    <script type="text/javascript">

        function getUrlVars() {
            var vars = [], hash;
            var hashes = window.location.href.slice(window.location.href.indexOf('?') + 1).split('&');
            for (var i = 0; i < hashes.length; i++) {
                hash = hashes[i].split('=');
                vars[hash[0]] = hash[1];
            return vars;

        var CategoryId = getUrlVars()["CategoryId"];

        var Sotring = getUrlVars()["Sorting"];

        $(document).ready(function () {
            //$('.getUsers').click(function () {
                type: "POST",

                data: "{ CategoryId: '" + Cate

How to connect twp web parts on multiple lookup filed basis?



I have two webparts. One has to fetch column values from List A and the other has to fetch the values from List B. List A and List B has common column "Service". This column is multiple value lookup type in List A and single value lookup type in List B. I have to connect two webparts in such a way that clicking on Service (mutiple value lookup filed) from the first webpart filter the second webpart on this column basis.

As, the first webpart has mutliple values, i am not able to filter on a single value as it is treating the multiple values as a single string.

Can anyone suggest me how to achieve this?

Thanks in advance,



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