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Emial Alert Notification on Task Creation

Posted By:      Posted Date: May 22, 2011    Points: 0   Category :C#

Have a site that we think has some database corruption so we exported the site and then imported in into anotehr new site with a slightly different name.

When we run workflows on the new site tasks are created properly but the email notification is not sent.  Looking at the site names in the ALERT COLLECTION they appear to be the same, that is, the old site SITE1 has now been cloned to SITE1_2.  However the ALERT COLLECTION SPSite name for both sites says Site1.

Am wondering if this is why the email notifications are not being sent?


Thank you


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email alert notification when task status column value is chaned


Hi All,

I am creating a document library in which there are few columns present (like Assigned To,Task Status,Reviewr etc.)

I want to send alert or email notification when the status value is changed. Alert should go to "Assigned To" selected value from the Reveiwers name.

I have tried this with "alert me" functionality provided by WSS 2007 but I think it will not sufficient for me?.

I am not able to proceed please help me?

notification email not sent when updating a task programmatically

I have a task that's in the task list and has no value in the Assigned To field. When I update the field like this: listItem[SPBuiltInFieldId.AssignedTo] = SPContext.Current.Web.CurrentUser.ID; ListItem.Update(); The task is updated (the assigned to has filled in). But no notification has been send to the person in the assigned to. But when I change the assigned to manualy to another person, and then again to the person it was before, the notification is send. So the email works and the notifications are activated, why is there no notification sent when I change the assigned to programmatically?

Error: The task with the name "Data Flow Task" and the creation name "DTS.Pipeline.1" is not registe

Hi, I am trying to create a simple BI Application for SSIS. In Visual Studio 2005 I just get a Data Flow Task from the toolbar and add it to the project. When I double click it I get the following error: The task with the name "Data Flow Task" and the creation name "DTS.Pipeline.1" is not registered for use on this computer. Then when I try to delete it it gives this other error: Cannot remove the specified item because it was not found in the specified Collection.  I am creating this application in an administrator account in this computer, so I doubt the problem is related to permissions. I am running SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio 2005 in WinXP Tablet PC Edition. Any suggestions why this is happening and how to fix it?

Sharepoint 2010 WorkFlow Task AssignedTo Windows Group doesnt send email notification

Hi, Which configuration would prevent sharepoint to send a notification when a workFlow task is assigned to a Windows Group with an email ? The same task with a single User send a notification. Thanks, Patrice      

Notification not working on task assignment

Hello all, On a task list when "Read access" is set to "only their own", and you select "Yes" for "E-Mail Notification", the user is not being notified when a task is assigned to them. This was supposedly fixed in the Feb 2010 CU (see http://support.microsoft.com/kb/978396/en-gb) where it says... "You are no longer notified when a task is assigned to you. This issue occurs when you set Read access to Only their own." We're on the June 2010 CU and it doesn't seem to be fixed, or perhaps I'm missing something? I've found others who have this issue post Feb 2010 CU (see http://sharepointalert.info/2010/07/email-when-ownership-is-assigned-item-level-permissions/) Notification works fine otherwise, so their's no email issues etc. Can anyone explain to me why this does not work? Cheers, Phil.

Task notification integration win WSS 3.0 - where have I gone wrong?


I have set up a WSS 3.0 server running on Windows server 2005 r2 - fully patched.  I am trying to set the server up so that when a user is assigned a task within a SharePiont site it is added to their tasks in Outlook.  Is this possible?  Users get notifications if they are set up, but I can't see if there is any way of integrating with Outlook.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance.


How to get the Task/Components Source Creation Name at Event Handler level


My SSIS Package has Task1 and Task2, there is an Event Handler attached at Package level OnPreExecute event.


Events are captured fine on OnPreExecution of Package, Task1 and Task2 but

I want to capture the Source Creation Name at Event Handler level…I have only variables like SourceID, SourceName, SourceParentGUID and Creation Name at Event level... not the Source Creation Name.


Is there anyway we can capture the Task/Components Source Creation Name at Event Handler level??



Other users added to task list notification


Using SharePoint 2007, MOSS.

A user edits a task that is assigned to him, once the task is updated a new notification email goes out with other people, who aren't assigned to the task. This happens occasionally, not all the time, on several sites. Never the same way twice!

Empty field on Alert Notification email sent to user when they add an 'Alert Me'




I'm trying to figure out the empty field that should be populated in the email that a user receives when adding an alert. The missing field is the bit in single quotes that is blank. I have added a link to a screenshot below as well.

What is the source of this field? Any ideas why it is blank?


thanks in advance.


Alert 'xxx' has successfully been added on '' .

You will receive alerts in e-mail. The timing and criteria for the alerts depend on the settings entered when the alert was added.

You can change this alert or any of your other alerts on the My Alerts on this Site page.



Change the format of List Alert subscription Notification


When we subscribe to any list item for alerts we get an email message for confirmation of successfull subscription.


the email  looks like below :


Subject : You have successfully created an alert for 'Team Discussion: Topic 1


Body ;

Alert 'Team Discussion: Topic 1' has successfully been added on 'Test Site'.

You will receive alerts in e-mail. The timing and criteria for the alerts depend on the settings entered when the alert was added.

You can change this alert or any of your other alerts on the My Alerts on this Site page.


I wish to change the format of this email. Any Inputs ??


Is there a way to customize alert creation email?


Hi there

I am working on the branding of alerts and have successfully branded the alerts but am wondering if there is a way to customize the email which user gets when alert is created by a user.

For alert creation, this article(http://blogs.msdn.com/sharepointdeveloperdocs/archive/2007/12/14/how-to-customizing-alert-emails-using-ialertnotificationhandler.aspx) was very helpful.

Thanks in advance.


Email alert is created but i didn`t received any notification when an item changes

I received an email alert when an alert is created.but i didn`t received any email notification when an item changes.??can any one please help me with this..?

Send Mail Task Delivery Notification


I am using a send mail task in my ssis package. Is there a way to get a delivery notification. Thanks.

Why wss 3.0 backup site throwing email notification for completed task




We have taken backup and restore site in different box with all document and workflow (including workflow status) using STSADM.


Now the new backed up site is sending email notification for completed task from new box where task status is showing as completed.


Is it something that we also need to take backup of workflow runtime also? Not sure


Please advice.

Regards Sudip Misra sudipmisra@hotmail.com +91-9916768623 Bangalore

SQL Server Shutdown Alert Notification

Is there a way to setup a notification within SQL Server when a shutdown or terminate is requested, in process, going to occur...anything? I see the events in sys.messages, and setup alerts for notification, but the alert isn't sent out, I am assuming because a shutdown or failover is in progress so alerting is stopped?? Just my thought, but I want to just send an email to a group saying "<SQL Server Shutdown In Progress>" or something, so we have a heads up. We currently have a cluster that fails over to another node (out of sequence) and we don't really find out unless we go look. We have no 3rd party tool for this atm.
John M. Couch

Failed to activate worker process manager - alert or notification is not sent, despite checking lis

04/05/2011 14:06:35.69 	SPUCHostService.exe (0x0368)      	0x0CA4	SharePoint Foundation     	Sandboxed Code Service    	ei0v	Verbose 	 - Failed to activate worker process manager for "ipc://6f87b90b-c7a9-411b-850c-a3919c35ca92:7000". Sleeping 1 second(s) before trying again.	 

The error occur when the workflow process use option "collect data from user".
The task is created and assigned correctly , but alert or notification is not sent, despite checking list option
"Send e-mail ownership is assigned "

Need help regarding C# / AJAX Dynamic Controls creation


radiobuttons is assigned before page init.. 

public partial class Default : System.Web.UI.Page
//Assign values as a specific Dynamic WebControl Creation.
List<RadioButton> radioButtons = new List<RadioButton>();
List<CheckBox> checkBoxes = new List<CheckBox>();

Then I created a class that would dynamically create a table containing the available flights depending on session.. (See CallPageLoad())

The placeholder and button is inside the UpdatePanel...

on the button inside the update panel, (btnSelect)

i have this code which works... 

protected void btnSelect_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

Label1.Text = Convert.ToString(radioButtons.Count);

It detects the number of radiobuttons that were dynamically created...

But when I use the following code inside the BtnSelectClick event...

//PLS HELP.......
foreach (RadioButton button in radioButtons)
if (button.Checked == true)
Label1.Text = "You select... " + button;



It does not work even though t
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