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DataSource Filtered Query in Repeating Section.

Posted By:      Posted Date: May 22, 2011    Points: 0   Category :C#

Hey everybody,

I'm using a second datasource to connect to a webservice that retrieves orders. the webservice has a parameter to return a filtered set of orders. So i use the filtered Query to retrieve data from the webservice. I have created a textbox where the user can enter an number to use in the query filter. I created a button to execute the query. Then there is a dropdown list which gets the choices from the datasource. When a selection is made, other textboxes are filled with values from the datasource depending on the selction made. So far so good.

Now i want to do this in a repeating section in the infopath form that displays multiple orders. But now i have to filter again for the second order. This queries the datasource again. So the data for the first order will be lost. Has anyone a suggestion how to handle this? 


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SSIS OLEDB DataSource - Parameterized Query

Hi Team,We use SSI 2005 for one of our projects. We need to connect to the Oracle database and extract data. When we extract data from the source, we use the OLEDB Source and pass the SQL statement through an expression. We have a limitation of 4000 character when we use these expressions. To avoid this, we tried using parameterized queries as mentioned below:SELECT col1, col2, col3 ... col n FROM tab1 WHERE col1 > :PARAM1;When we try to assign the parameters, we end up getting an error as below."Parameters cannot be extracted from SQL Command. The provider might not help to parse parameter information from the command. In that case, use the "SQl Command from Variable" access mode, in which the entire SQL commands is stored in a variable"However, if use the SQL Server as a data source, I can assign the parameters. Could anybody let me know if this is a limitation from SSIS orif I am doing something wrong.Please suggest.ThanksAtukuri

How do you change the datasource for a list based on another? ie a secondary list being a filtered

I'm actually using Sharepoint 2007, but am hoping this forum will help.  We want to be able to create a list based on a filtered view of another list.  I can create a Filtered List in Designer, but evidently this is saved as a query object on the server and not as another list that can be selected when using the basic Sharepoint tools.  In other words, it's only visible when in Designer.  This means that in order to use this for say a lookup column in another list object, I have to modify the datasource tags for the EditForm and NewForm.aspx pages within Designer.  Also, it means that adding a column would constantly require use of Designer.  We need this to be simple as not all those tasked with administrating pages will know how to do this.  I thought it would be easier if I could simply source a secondary list with the filtered list I created in designer.  In other words, make a secondary list source be that of a queried view of a master list.  Then this list could be used with all the simple tools provided.  Is this possible?  If so... how?

How to identify new row in repeating table and repeating section of browser enable infopath form

Hello All,   I have Exp form that contain repeating table as well as repeating section. When i click insert new item it inset new row but i didn't got identification of that row. Is there is way to get identification of each row in repeating table as well as section.  Please help on this.  Thank you.

how to duplicate values to a new repeating section from a previous one?

It's nice to have repeating section. Is there any easy way to duplicate values from a previous section to a new one, even with manual process (eg, click a button)? THanks,

List contain two parts: Repeating section and fixed section (without repeating option) in the same l


Dear All,

For MS Infopath 2010 and Sharepoint 2010

when I opened MS Infopath and from file-->New--> sharepoint list-->Design Form

I did not find the containers like (Repeating section , table ...etc. ) in the tools bar

Where I need a list to be contain  fixed section (without repeating option) and another Repeating section in the same list how I can complete this task ?

Thanks for your help


List contain two parts: Repeating section and fixed section (without repeating option) in the same l


Dear All,

For MS Infopath 2010 and Sharepoint 2010

when I opened MS Infopath and from file-->New--> sharepoint list-->Design Form

I did not find the containers like (Repeating section , table ...etc. ) in the tools bar

Where I need a list to be contain  fixed section (without repeating option) and another Repeating section in the same list how I can complete this task ?

Thanks for your help


Launch a Repeating Section based on changes in form values



What I am trying to do is launch a repeating table based on what the user selects from a drop down box. This is a form I am using for Users to test new applications. If this is the first log in attempt there is no need for a 2nd section but if the user chooses 2 or more I would like the form to automatically launch the next section just like if the user clicked the button to add another repeating section.


Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

Infopath Repeating section does not show repeat records


hi, i have a infopath form. with a repeating section.

firts i used to click the run query button and it display all the records in the repeating section.

then i modify the form that the user could add a new record in the repeating section.

that works. but now when i click the run query button again it does not show the new record with all the other records in the repeating section it shows onlt the first record of all

is someone familiar with this?

Customize Repeating Section Commands


I have an Infopath 2010 form which will run as a web browser form. 

There is code to add or remove Repeating Sections automatically - I don't want the user to be able to  add or remove sections using the icon that appears at the top left of the repeating section.  However, in order for the code that adds or removes sections to work, it is necessary to enable "Allow users to insert and delete the sections" i.e. if I uncheck this option, then the code fails - if I check it, the code works.

Firstly - is this meant to be the case ? (Some of the forum comments on Infopathdev imply that you can replace the menu commands with a button.)

So as a result, I thought I could customise the menu commands - despite unchecking all the options - the insert Repeating Section command is still there - all other commands (e.g. Remove, Remove All, Insert Above / Below)  have disappeared as expected.

Any thoughts,  thanks.

infopath repeating section only for insert new item not editable



i'm trying to use a repeating table in my form. where the user can only insert new item and not edit the existing items that are loaded in the form.

i have set the fields read only when they are not blank. but when the user wants to insert a new item and he makes a mistake he can not fix the field because it will be read only.

can some one help me with this.

i've been asking some question without getting help, hope someone can help me with this one

thnx in advance

Infopath: problem with structured layouts within a repeating section or table



I've run into a bit of a problem when trying to structure information in a repeating section or table.

What I need to be able to do is use a repeating section or repeating table to receive data from a secondary data source and then structure this data and have the ability to have the field names at the top of each row in the table.

Both options seem floored:

repeating table: this method seems ok at first but it doesn’t seem possible to have the field names at the top of each row, which is a requirement. 

repeating section: this does include the field names for each row but for some reason will not allow me to structure the fields in a nested table, so its messy.

Forum FAQ: How do I hide repeating values in query results?



Sometimes, we need to hide some repeating values in query results.

For example:

CategoryId   SubCategoryId     SubCategoryName

1            11              subA

1          &

Repeating section appears above when insert command clicked


I have a form containing a repeating section.  The section contains a number of control within a layout table.  The repeating section properties are set to allow users to insert a new section.  By default new rows/tables in repeating controls are inserted below the existing when the command line is clicked.

Is there a way to change this default, ie. when the command line is clicked the repeating section is added ABOVE the existing section? 

The form will be operationg as browser enabled within SharePoint (2005)

SP Datasource select Command not working for Status Column



    (MOSS 2007-Webuser control Web part)

    I'm having a cutom list that i'm binding using SPDatasource to a gridview. I want to filter the list based on column values. I tried the following code

            SPList taskList = site.Lists["Accounts"];
            SPDataSource mySPDS = new SPDataSource();

         mySPDS.SelectCommand = "<View><Query><Where><Eq><FieldRef Name='Vendor_x0020_Name'/><Value Type='Text'>"+ddlVendorName.SelectedItem.Text +"</Value></Eq></Where></Query></View>";


mySPDS.SelectCommand = "<View><Query><Where><Eq><FieldRef Name='Status'/><Value Type='Choice'>" + ddlStatus.SelectedItem.Text + "</Value></Eq></Where></Query></Vi

Repeating Section does capture addtional entries


Hi! I am new to InfoPath 2007. I have a repeating section in my form capturing a single field - NAME.

When clicked on the button, the system created additional fields for me to capture the additional names. However when I submit it to SharePoint, only the first name was captured.

Any advice on how I could fix this?

Thanks in advance.





How to filter data in repeating section using field value in repeating table?



My form is web-browseable. I have a repeating table and repeating section in one of my form views. 

I want to filter data in my repeating section by field value in selected row in repeating table. How is it possible? How to fire event on row change in reapeating table? How to get value from field in selected row?

Actualy, it is the same data in these sections, but its a list with some fields in the reapeating table and all fields(details)  in reapiting section. I would like to filter data in repeating section by field DPNumber in repeating table.


how to not let users edit a repeating section in infopath


Hi everyone. I'm new with infopath. i hope you guys can help me with this.

maybe it is a logic thing, but i dont seem to get this.

i have a infopath form. where the user can klick on load. all his data appaers on a repeating section with some fields in it.

now what i want is that the user can add new data to those fields in the repeating section.

but they can not edit the old data. it is for a security issue. they can only add data to their existing data but can not edit the old one.

how can i do this an eseay way?

maybe i have to ask this way. how can i add new records to an already existing user?

i'm using infopath 2007 with sql server 2005


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