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Sending email with Link of an listitem --> INFOPATH

Posted By:      Posted Date: May 22, 2011    Points: 0   Category :C#


Is it possible to get a link of one existing listitem, which was created with an infopath form?





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Sending an email with a link that verifies an id in sql server

I have an online job application program that the user fills out and submits the information to our database and on the last page they give there email address so that we can send them an email that has a link that is associated with the ID that's autogenerated by the sql server database when the user submits the information, when the link is clicked it verifies to the database to keep the information submitted by that user per their autogenerated ID. Below is the code that i've written to send the email I have the link setup to go to yahoo right now but I am not sure how to get this to send the autogenerated link that is associated with the ID that is autogenerated already in my sql server database.Private Sub SendMail()        Dim emailSender As SmtpClient        Dim theMessage As MailMessage        Dim EmailAddress As String = txtEmailAddress.Text        emailSender = New System.Net.Mail.SmtpClient("ppicom")        theMessage = New MailMessage        theMessage.From = New MailAddress("PeerlessProductsInc @mail.com")        theMessage.To.Add(EmailAddress)        theMessage.

Cannot get subscription email when including report, but can get it when just sending link


When I set up an email subscription for a report, I can get the email notification if I only include a link to the report, but get the generic "Failure sending mail: The report server has encountered a configuration error. See the report server log files for more information." error message when I attempt to include the actual report in the email; either as "Web Archive," or PDF."  When I consult the ReportServer log file, I do not see any sort of exception that would indicate the true source of the error.


I have set the file security on the RSTempFiles folder to allow the IIS_WPG group to modify the folder, but when I looked into the RS config files, it looked as though SSRS wasn't configured to use temporary storage.


Any suggestions?



InfoPath 2010 People Picker - Find Email Address

I am creating a form that uses the people picker to find information on a user but it doesn't appear to contain an email address for the user. I can create another form that uses a web service to connect to the SharePoint 2010 user profile service and pull back the current user details but I want to be able to send data from the people picker to fill in parts of the form with that users details (includiong email) and not the current user

Email InfoPath form located on secure SharePoint 2007 using Outlook


I have a 2007 InfoPath form that is stored on a secure 2007 SharePoint team site that needs to be emailed to outside users for feedback on a certain subject. The form is opened by a team member (with site access), sent to the reviewer to provide feedback (via Outlook 2007), and then submitted back to the team member for review and submission to the SharePoint site.

The issue I've encountered is that the outside user who receives the form in Outlook as the body of the email cannot enter information in any fields in order to provide feedback. The option to "include the form template with the email" is blocked in my InfoPath form options (I believe because the form location is a secured site). I have tried adding the users to permissions in just the library where the form is published to, but they still cannot enter any information.

Can someone provide me with a solution for this problem?

submit infopath form to sharepoint library and email



how can i submit an infopath form to a SP library as well to the approvers email.

the email has to send to the manager's emailaddress that is automatically filled in the form.

i now how to submit to an email address but how can i use 1 submit button for both actions?


Link Directly to InfoPath Web Form

I've got an InfoPath form connected to a form library.  I have it configured to use the browser to fill it out.  When I go to the library and click "New" everything works GREAT.  What I want to do is provide a link off my home page directly to the form itself.  Is this possible?  When I just copy the URL, it prompts the user to Open/Cancel/Save the xsn.  That's not what I'm looking for.

InfoPath Link Error



When I choose 'Customize Form' from within a SP2010 list, I'm getting the following error:

The SOAP response indicates that an error occurred on the server:

Server was unable to process request. ---> List does not exist.

The page you selected contains a list that does not exist.  It may have been deleted by another user. ---> List does not exist.

The page you selected contains a list that does not exist.  It may have been deleted by another user.

Any quick fix for this? :)



Converting an Infopath form to a doc or pdf, attaching that file to an email that is then sent to an


Hi, we are looking to have internal users submit a browser based Infopath form hosted on our internal Sharepoint 2010 portal, have that submission start a workflow that converts the form to a .doc or .pdf, attaches the converted form to an email and then sends the email to different external addresses depending on the value of 1 field in the form.  Is this possible?

We are running Sharepoint 2010 Enterprise and I have Infopath 2010 and Sharepoint Designer 2010.  Thank you in advance for any help!


Link to Infopath Form web filler


Hi guys,

Does anyone know how link to sharepoint so that it opens an Infopath 2010 form through the web interface as opposed to the desktop client? If u use the Encoded Absolute URL in my workflow emails it tries to download / open the document through my desktop client.


The world is the mollusc of your choice

infopath change link tekst with getelementByTagName


i have  2 questions:


when you create a new document library, you have a link that points to the upload.aspx page.

i whant to change this link.

i can find the tag name, and also change the "link text name", link the following example

var ttnA = document.getElementsByTagName('A');
for (var j=0; j<ttnA.length; j++)
  if (ttnA[j].id == 'idHomePageNewItem')
      ttnA[j].innerHTML= 'Upload new document';

how do i change the link to a different page?


How can you hide the "new document" button in the ribbon?

with javascript code

are there 2 issiues possible, is yes how.


Infopath will not allow to customize list forms if the list contains lookup fields with "link to ite


I am posting this here, because the error message is a little misleading: It will say that you may have an incompatible field types, corrupt fields, or fields are mandatory and should not be. As a remedy it's suggested to either make them non-mandatory fields or to delete them and recreate them.

Solution: Just lookup to your field without the "link to item" option. 


New/Edit Default Form Link for InfoPath Created Forms


I've created 2 forms using InfoPath (Edit & New).  Both forms publish correctly, however I would like the "New" form to display by default when a user creates a New list item, and the "Edit" form to display (by default) when a user attempts to Edit an existing item.

Currently, Each form is available, but the New Form displays by default for either action.  The get the Edit form, the user has to select the the Edit form from the View dropdown box.  I'd really rather not have the dropdown box at all, and simply open the correct form per the action requested by the user.


Infopath send form as email

I have created a infopath form and it is published to a sharepoint 2007 with form services.
We use a support system, that only support plain/text, how can I convert the output to plain/text ?
When infopath automatically converts the form to plain/text, i does not look good.
I would like a format like:

Field1: Value1
Field2: Value2

And another thing, is it possible to use the users email as sender, and not the email setup in our sharepoint environment ?
Every email sent from sharepoint / infopath, is sent from: noreply@domain.tld
I would like: user@domain.tld (user = the user who is logged in)

Jakob Olsen

Automatically send custom email to upon InfoPath form submission


I would like to have an InfoPath form automatically send out and email upon submission.

I would like the email to be comprised of content from the fields of the form. For example:


To: <data from the "Manager" field>

From: <data from the "Requester" field>

Subject: You have a request for <data from the "Project Name" Field>.

Body: Hi <Manager>,

I would like more information on <Project>

-< Requester >


Is this possible? It doesn't need to be part of a workflow, we just want the relevant manager aware of the request.

InfoPath Submitt sending to and Exchange Distribution List


I have an Infopath form that needs to send the completed form to a large distribution list.  Using the data connection wizard to send an email seems to take manually entered email addresses but does not appear to accept an actual exchange distribution list.  Since we need a logical place to maintain this distribution list rather than editing the Infopath form as people change, what would you suggest.

We have implemented Qdabara Contact Selector to pick recipients linked to active directory for random email addresses to distribute to.



Email Active View vs. Email Attachment in InfoPath 2007


I'm developing an InfoPath 2007 form that is based on an existing InfoPath 2003 form.  When the form is submitted, the customer wants the email message to display the active view of the form and wants the form attached as well.  However, she wants the attached form to display some different fields than the view (don't ask me why).

My question is, is this possible?  I am not aware that you can separate what is in the active view and what is in the attachment (wouldn't the attachment have to be what is showing in the active view anyway?)  She swears the 2003 version of the form achieved this functionality.  I've tried a couple things (hiding/unhiding fields based on rules, switching views), but the view and the attachment always com out the same.  If anyone has any insight, it would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

Contact Selector in infopath (view Email also) sharepoint/infopath 2007


hi ,

first i want to know what is the benifit of contact Selector.

what is the best method to configure this.

and i want to view the Email(WorkEmail) with DisplayName,AccountId,AccountType.



Thanks and Regards Er.Pradipta Nayak
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