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Recycle Bin

Posted By:      Posted Date: May 22, 2011    Points: 0   Category :C#

I had deleted some important files like the windows\systems32\rundll32.exe and I cannot retrieve it anymore. My recycle bin icon doesn't have any steps that I need to do so. like "site collection recycle bin" "site actions', "site settings' modify all site settings'

Can someone help me please?


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SharePoint: Add a Recycle Bin to Windows SharePoint Services for Easy Document Recovery


Windows SharePoint Services helps improve collaboration and workflow while protecting documents and intellectual property. But one feature is conspicuously missing - an easy way to back up and restore deleted files from document libraries. In this article, the authors take advantage of the extensibility of WSS and its server-side and client-side object models to build a restore feature that works like the Recycle Bin in Windows Explorer.

Maxim V. Karpov and Eric Schoonover

MSDN Magazine February 2005

Can't see items in the recycle bin

I cannot see items in the recycle bin, but others can see items there.  I am an owner of the site and this there are no modifications to the default master page.  Anyone know what is going on here?

Restore from Recycle Bin - ItemAdding and Item Added

When restoring an item (specifically a document back to a document library) I need to be able to conditionally stop the restore from occuring. Let me tell you why... Say I have a doc lib with a custom column on. The column is of type datetime. The value in the column has to be unique. To do this I have an event receiver on itemupdating which runs a simple CAML query on the list to check that the value I provide is not being used elsewhere. If this test passes the update occurs, if not I do a properties.ErrorMessage="Column must contain a unique value" and a properties.Cancel=true. Simple. My problem is, say someone uploads a document, doc A, and gives it the date 01/01/2011. If I try and upload document B with the same date it will stop me - good. However if document A is deleted and I add my document B with 01/01/2011 it will allow that - still good as nothing in the doc lib has that date. The problem now would be if someone restored document A back to the library document A and B would both have the date 01/01/2011. Not good. I've had a look at the event receivers and the SPItemEventProperties object when a restore is performed and both adding and added fire. During adding there doesn't seem to be any of the original list item meta data available for me to interogate? During itemadded I can see the values on the SPListItem contained within the SPItemEventProper

Restoring from Site Collection Recycle Bin - Item Added

When I restore a list item from the normal recycle bin I can access the item using properties.ListItem. However, when restoring from the Site Collection recycle bin, the listitem is null?! Ok, I thought, the SPItemEventProperties object I have also provides me with WebUrl, ListId and ListItemId so I can spin up a new SPSite with WebUrl, use openweb to get my SPWeb, use ListId to get the correct list and then the ListItemId to get the item. A bit long winded but should get me where I need to be. This would be ok, but at runtime I got an exception list not found. On investigation it seems the WebUrl property is wrong. I've run this on a few different lists/sites and it is consistently wrong! The value I'm seeing is http://[webapp]/sites/[sitecol]/sites/[sitecol]/[web]. Note the repitition of /sites/[sitecol]?! This is really frustrating and very poor. So not only is the ListItem property null(?), but there is no easy way to get the list item manually! Does anyone else see this behaviour? Sharepoint is really testing my sanity this week!    

SharePoint 2007 - Windows 7 - Explorer View (Leaves a copy in recycle bin)

Hi All, I am facing a strange problem with SharePoint 2007 & Windows 7. I open an existing word document from my PC(Windows 7) and click "save as" and provide a SharePoint document library file path (\\machinename\sitename\DocumentLibraryName) and save the file. The word file becomes visible in the Shared document library, BUT it leaves a copy in the recycle bin of the SharePoint site. Works Normal from Windows XP PC. Any clues. Would greatly appreciate anybody's effort. Regards KCM

VB.NET 2008 - How can i get system/shell icons position (Recycle Bin, My Computer etc) on Windows XP


Please, read this carefully. It is very important.

I already have the working code for all desktop icons position in VB.NET 2008, but it DOES NOT retrieve the systems icons position (like Recycle Bin, My Computer, My Documents etc), ONLY for the operating system Windows XP 32bit. This vb.net code works perfectly well and get the systems icons position, on Windows XP 64bit, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

So, the only problem that I have with this VB.NET 2008 code, is that it's NOT retrieving the system icons position, only on XP 32bit.

Can anyone help me ? I really need help, as I can't figure this out by myself.


Here is the VB.NET 2008 code:


Imports System.Runtime.InteropServices

Module mdlDesktopIcons

    Private Const STANDARD_RIGHTS_REQUIRED As Integer = &HF0000
    Private Const SECTION_QUERY As Integer = &H1S
    Private Const SECTION_MAP_WRITE As Integer = &H2S
    Private Const SECTION_MAP_READ As Integer = &H4S
    Private Const SECTION_MAP_EXECUTE As Integer = &H8S
    Private Const SECTION_EXTEND_SIZE As Integer = &H10S
    Private Const SECTI

Hide ribbon, Hide site content/recycle button. Caledar overlay. Document publishing. Other questions


I have a 2010 farm operational and working well. I had a few questions.

(1) How to disable ribbons from appearing on the top (for anonymous sites).

(2) When I move the mouse over a tab in the top bar, how do I display a banner. It was easy enough in 2007, but I am not sure in 2010.

(3) I have disabled quick launch. But it still displays all site content and recycle bin. Is there a way to not to show those.

(4) Calendar overlay - Is this to display multiple calendars in one calendar using different colors to differentiate them. But if I had calendars in different site collections, then I guess due to the gallery boundary, I cannot calendars from multiple site collections.

(5) Document publishing - For some reason, this was easier in SPS 2007. I am not able to get it to work in 2010. Basically update a web page dynamically from a word document. Could anyone kindly provide a link. Also, would I be able to update a page in one site collection from a document from another site collection.

(6) Is it possible to move a folder/doc from one document library to another in one site collection (without webdav). Further, can I move a document library from one site collection to another.

Please advise. Sorry if I asked too many questions in the same post. I am newbie and this is my first post.



Event ID 5586 when deleting items from Admin recycle bin


We have one WFE running MOSS 2007 August 2009 Cumulative Update, one Index Server(same MOSS version) and a separate SQL server 2005 SP2 64 bit.

Attempting to delete items from Admin recycle bin, get a SharePoint Unknown Error. Application log has this entry:

Event Type: Error
Event Source: Windows SharePoint Services 3
Event Category: Database
Event ID: 5586
Date:  9/30/2010
Time:  6:58:28 AM
User:  N/A
Computer: servername
Unknown SQL Exception 515 occured. Additional error information from SQL Server is included below.

Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'DiskUsed', table 'databasename.dbo.SiteQuota'; column does not allow nulls. INSERT fails.
The statement has been terminated..

Any ideas of how to fix this?

Thanks in advance!

Site Collection Administrator and Recycle Bin


Hey everyone,

I would like to know if it iwas possible to block the site collection administrator from accessing the site collection recycle bin.



Error occurred in deployment step 'Recycle IIS Application Pool': Provider load failure



I am using Visual Studio 2010 to create page layouts and preview images(http://blog.beckybertram.com/Lists/Posts/Post.aspx?ID=71). I was successful in creating page layouts but the image was not coming properly.

So I decided to change the path of image and deploy the project (Empty SharePoint project). But this time, I am getting an error
Error occurred in deployment step 'Recycle IIS Application Pool': Provider load failure
I am sure there is no relation between changing image path in elements.xml and this error.

I also browsed through and found some related issues, but they are not specific to VS 2010 or SharePoint 2010. And I am apprehensive of implementing them.

1. The logged in user is site collection admin and local admin
2. Windows Management Instrumentation service is running
3. App pool's identity is configured to the local admin & password has not changed.

Thanks in advance

Vighnesh Bendre


Is it possible to disable the recycle bin at the site level?


In Sharepoint 2007 we would like to be able to have items automatically deleted & not show up in the recycle bin at the site level or the site collection level without changing the settings for the entire site collection.

Can this be done? Could I setup a workflow to do this for me automatically once something is deleted from a list or document library?

Deleted 60GB of data from both recycle bins, database still massive. - How can I shrink it?



I have a 90GB ContentDB, that was full of 1000's of infopath forms... I have deleted all the forms, and the database remains the same size, and when I go to shrink the database it says no free space is available in SQL Server Management Studio.

Do I have to wait for the recycle bin retention date to kick in, regardless of having deleted the data from BOTH the end user and site collection recycle bins?

I really need to get the size of the database down before backing it up and moving the site collection.

Conrad Goodman MCITP SA / MCTS: WSS3.0 + MOSS2007

Recycle bin, how can one see items deleted by others ?



When I have contribute rights I can delete items from a list/library.
I'll find these items when I open the recycle bin.

When a colleague of mine checks the list/library he doesn't find the item I deleted.
When he opens the recycle bin, he doesn't see the item there.

How can I change this behavior? It would be nearly impossible to search who deleted something in order to ask them to restore it, and it shouldn't be something to ask the site collection administrator each time because it's a basic task for end users.

Session State Expiration after Application pool recycle


Hello All we have a global ships position tracking website which runs smoothly until IIS application pool recycles.When there is workerprocess recycling looks like session state expires as a result i loose all session data and when customer clicks refresh button he is redirected to login page.

In web.config Session state mode is set to InProc so i changed it to State Server but to my luck i have MAP object which is not serialiazable which is causing the maps from not appearing on the website.I tried adding serializable attribute to the object class but still not succesfull.Our website is accessed by our customers whose count is more than 1000.

Changing the session state mode from InProc to StateServer can really slow down the response time so Is it good to go further fix the serailizable issues and move to state server?.

Is there any way I can retain my session data when application pool recyles?..

Stopping Application pool from recycling may not be a good idea considering health factor of web server.


Any Suggestions?..









Permissions for DirectoryEntry.Invoke("Recycle") on Application Pool


I'm trying to write code so that certain website users (not Windows users!) [editorial staff] can recycle the application pool of the current site.  I've gotten through finding the name of the current site's application pool and even how to recycle it, but I cannot seem to get the proper permissions.  Below is some hack code:

Protected Sub cmdRecycleAppPool_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles cmdRecycleAppPool.Click      
      Dim strPoolName As String = Request.ServerVariables("INSTANCE_META_PATH").ToString.Trim

      Dim strVirtDirPath As String = AppDomain.CurrentDomain.FriendlyName
      strVirtDirPath = strVirtDirPath.Substring(4)
      Dim intIndex As Integer = strVirtDirPath.Length + 1
      intIndex = strVirtDirPath.LastIndexOf("-", intIndex - 1, intIndex - 1)
      intIndex = strVirtDirPath.LastIndexOf("-", intIndex - 1, intIndex - 1)

      strVirtDirPath = "IIS://localhost/" & strVirtDirPath.Remove(intIndex)

      Dim objDirEntry As New DirectoryEntry(strVirtDirPath)

      strPoolName = objDirEntry.Properties("AppPoolId").Value.ToString

      strPoolName = "IIS://localhost/W3SVC/AppPools/" & strPoolName
      objDirEntry = New DirectoryEntry(strPoolName)


does analysis service recycle cache/memory?


hi all,

i executed an MDX query  which i executed yesterday,it still took me such a long time that i guess it did NOT benefit from yesterday's execution. while i executed it again, the result returned almost immediately, as expected.

so i wonder whether AS2008 performs regular recycling?

anyone gets a certain answer?


Andrew Chen
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