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Mysites deletion

Posted By:      Posted Date: May 22, 2011    Points: 0   Category :C#


I have two set of domain users(Enterprise and partner). I dont have problems with enterprise domain users but my partner domain users are temporary users(like contractors). These partner domain users are using sharepoint 2007 sites for 1-2 months, later those partner domain users will be deleted as per needs. I would like know if a partner domain user creates a mysite after that user leaves the company, will mysite will be automatically deleted? Is there any way to track how many partner domain users are present in my sharepoint 2007 farm?



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MySites colleagues update


Running MOSS 2007.  I am having difficulty with the Colleagues webpart within MySites.  Across the organization, I have found multiple users whose Colleagues do not accurately reflect their Organizational Hierarchy, either as it displays in Sharepoint or as it displays in AD.  Imports do not resolve the issue.  The data for these users is accurate in AD, and in their profiles.

While I am aware the webpart allows the user to manipulate their colleagues manually, we do not permit it in our environment.  I would like to find a way to broadly correct the data rather than having to go to each site individually.  So here are my questions:

First, is the colleagues list meant to stay synchronized with the AD hierarchy listings, or is it populated once upon site creation and that's it?
And, depending on that answer, is there any way to force the webpart to synchronize as an administrator?  Or to repopulate the list as if new?

Thanks for your time.

SharePoint 2007 - my site is schedule for deletion


My manager is getting the following email "The My Site of XXXXXXXX is scheduled for deletion. As their manager you are now the temporary owner of their site. This temporary ownership gives you access to the site to copy any business-related information you might need. "  Can anyone tell me the number of days before the my site gets deleted and can the deletion be stopped?

Limiting MySites and Email during closed POC.

SharePoint 2010, Small Farm Installation. Win2008R2, SQL2008R2  Howdy, I'm wrapping up a Proof of Concept and about to deploy it to users.  Management has asked that I limit the visiting of the Mysites to only the core POC folks.  About 40 or so people, likely a slowly expanding circle. Once the POC is completed, I envision it opening up to the entire company, and creating an extranet, and a second farm for clients.  This POC will enclude Enterprise Search, Productivity Hub, and numerous collaborative type sites.  What is the best way to effectively remove rights to all but the minimal group from accessing the Mysites.  If I pull the profiles from AD for the entire company does this somehow provide rights to this area? Also, is there a way to block emails from being sent to staff, with the exception of the POC group..  I hope I'm explaining this with enough detail.  Thanks,  

Database deletion not working when parameter involved

Hi,I have a system in which users can enter records into a database via ajax.  Each user may hold many values in the database, with different pageId and itemId values.  Each user is identified by a GUID set to a cookie.  The system needs to prevent the user from entering two pieces of data with the same pageId and itemId, so I've created a script to do two database updates:Firstly, all records are deleted from the database where the memberGUID, pageId and itemId fields match (i.e. they've already added this item).Secondly, the record is then recreated.It all works brilliantly, except when the GUID value is passed into the delete statement, then I just get a caught exception.So this works: public class UpdateValue { public static string Hello(int pageId, int itemId, string inOut, string period, decimal value) { //Initialise variables and objects string cookie = HttpContext.Current.Request.Cookies["visitorGUID"].Value; inOut = inOut.Substring(0, 1); //Delete value if already present SqlConnection connDel; connDel = new SqlConnection(GlobalSettings.DbDSN); SqlCommand commDel; commDel = new SqlCommand("DELETE FROM budgetData WHERE pageId = @pageId AND itemId = @itemId;", connDel); commDel.Parameters.Add("@pageId", System.Data.SqlDbType.Int); commDel.Parameters["@pageId"].Value = pag

General question steps to configure mysites in SharePoint 2010

I am trying to configure the mysite web application, so I have created a DNS record "mysite" and created a web application for the mysite and created a mysite host site collection on it. Now I have read somewhere that u have to create managed paths for the profile and the mysite, which actually corresponds with the name of the DNS record/mysite webapp. For some reason when i am opening the mysite, i get a url something like http://my/my. What am i doing wrong? Can somebody just give me a step by step approach on how to configure Mysites in MOSS 2010?I am a SharePoint Infrastructure Engineer, focussed on Administration and Installation of SharePoint Server environments.

MySites vs. Sub-sites - Can security be unique for each subsite

Good Day; I have a sharepoint farm with several 100,000 mysites, each of these mysites consumes 2MB of space when being set up.  There is no need for this in the way we implement and use sharepoint.  As we are moving from Sharepoint 2007 to Sharepoint 2010 I am looking to change our format if possible.  What I am thinking is to change from individual MySites for each user and move to 1 MySite for each organization and then a sub-site for each user in that organization.  My question is, if I create an MySite named Company-A and then have 600 sub-sites below it, named User-1, User-2,...User600 for example, can I set up individual security on each sub-site or is their security profile inherited from their main MySite.  For further detail I need to offer individuals the ability to control their own security or have the company control the security for them but some users will have more permissions that others, some will be able to use difference services and service apps while others will have very limited access.  I can do this when I give each user their own MySite but that is a lot of overhead, so by switching to 1 MySite per Orgnaization and individual sub-sites, I save a lot of space, overhead, and increase my performance of crawls, etc... Can what I am thinking be done? How granular is security trimming for sub-sites? Thanks C

Auditing of a Site Collection deletion

Is there a way in MOSS 2007 to determine who has deleted a site collection?  From my understanding you can use the Audit Logs of a Site Collection to see what was deleted but where do I look, if there is somewhere, to see who deleted the site collection itself. I have looked in the "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server\extensions\12\LOGS" but can't find anything related to the deletion.  My current diagnotic log settings for "Administration" assuming that is the correct category are set to Event Log: Error and Trace Log: Medium. Thank you, Don

Automatic deletion of "missing from import" user profiles ?

Hi everybody!Can someone help me about his subject.When I delete a user in AD, he is marked as "missing from import" in MOSS user profile database after a full import.I read that for SPS2003, after the 3rd full import, if the user is still missing, he is automatically deleted from MOSS user profile database.I tried with MOSS2007, but the automatic deletion does not seem to work.Is there something to configure in order to make it work, or how to make the deletion automatic ?Thanks a lot for your answers.jerome

deletion of records after inner join

i have table Emp_service where i have data, but when i inner join the table with itself the records are not shown up: The code is: SELECT t.[Emp_KEY] ,t.[Emp_ID] ,t.[Emp_CODE] ,t.[dept_NUMBER] ,t.[Emp_DESIGNATION] ,t.[FACILITY_CODE] ,t.[DATE_OF_Hire] ,t.[DAYS_Of_Working] ,t.[ENTRY_NAME] ,t.[ENTRY_DATE] ,t.[UPDATE_NAME] ,t.[UPDATE_DATE] FROM [Emp_service] t INNER JOIN ( select MAX([Emp_KEY]) as [Emp_KEY] ,MAX( [Emp_ID]) as [Emp_ID] ,MAX([Emp_CODE] ) as[Emp_CODE] , MAX( [dept_NUMBER]) as[dept_NUMBER] ,MAX( [Emp_DESIGNATION]) as[Emp_DESIGNATION] ,MAX( [FACILITY_CODE]) as [FACILITY_CODE] ,MAX([DATE_OF_hire]) as [DATE_OF_hire] From [Emp_service] Group by [Emp_ID], [Emp_CODE], [dept_NUMBER], [Emp_DESIGNATION], [FACILITY_CODE], [DATE_OF_hire] ) a ON a.[Emp_KEY]= t.[Emp_KEY] I have record for that particular Emp_Key in table Emp_service, but aftre running this query i am not getting records Can anybody please tell me why it is showing this abnormal behaviour. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks, Punia

Customize MYSites in SharePoint 2010

Hi, I have to add few webparts to MY Contentin My sites, And change the existing web part name from Shared Document to Documents but when i do that it is applying only in my page & I want this to be done for all the users, I tryed to login with firm account and change but it is changing only with that user Is there any way that it will apply to all the users in my sites? 

Force deletion of Search Service Application

Hello, we have a farm consisting of 5 servers. The server hosting the search services instances (admin component, search component, query component) crashed. The crashed server has been removed from the farm (manage servers, remove server). How can we get rid of the Search Service application? When we try to delete it, the job runs for hours (Processing, please wait.....) but never finishs? Thanks a lot for help Christoph

Sharepoint Mysites

Hi, We upgraded out Moss from Moss 2007 to 2010. We decided not to upgrade the "Mysites" but now im not sure how to get them working. Whemn browsing to the mysite i get the following: "Your personal site cannot be created because the managed path "my/personal" has not been created for this site. Contact your site administrator for more information." How do i get it created? Thanks

Profile EMM fields error when using Mysites cross farm (SP2010 RTM)



I have a question that took me a while already. I set up an evironment at a Customer of mine as following:

2 farms:

Farm 1 (publishing farm (PF)):
Service applications (User profile and metadata services)

Farm 2 (consuming farm (CF)):
Webapplications (my.portal.nl webapplication).

I published all the services on the PF and succesfully made a connection to the service throughout the CF. The mysite host location is created under the my.portal.nl webapp.

Everything seems to work perfect. The only thing that doesn't work is the following: When I open the my site host and want to edit my profile properties all the fields that need keywords or metadata are not reachable. When I put the my site host location on the publishing farm --> IT WORKS....

I get the red error beneath every EMM field that says: "the service is temporarily disabled...."

I believe I missed a configuration step somewhere in de connection part between the webapp and the service app when going cross farm????

I think problem is somewhere in the combination of Cross farm, Managed Metadata and User profile service....

Can anybody help me with this problem??

Thanks in advance!



Problem Accessing Mysites




I accedentialy deleted a handfull of users profiles. All of the users had created mysites. I just let FIM sync everything up and thought I would be alright, since I never deleted their AD account. When the users with recreated Profiles try to access their mysite they get the following error

Your personal site cannot be created because a site already exists with your username. Contact your site administrator for more information.

If I try to access any of the sites from the user profile service and click "manage personal site" it says the site has not been created.


The site is there users can successfuly access their personal and shared documents from the following links


http://xxx.xxx.com/persoanl/username/shared documents

but when trying to access

http://xxx.xxx.com/persoanl/username it gets redirected to the settings.aspx page on the mysite host site

Its as if the newley created profiles are missing a link to the already create mysites. I can successfuly get to _layoute/settings.aspx on the sites and have verified the permissions and actually reset them. Still no luck.


any ideas ?


Branding MySites: fixed width & centered?


I'm trying to brand MySites, though finding it very difficult. I tried editing the MySites custom master and default master by the normal way:

1) scroll="no" away from the <body> tag.
2) Rename the s4-workspace ID to s4-workspace-mod.
3) Append these CSS in a CSS file:


body {
overflow:auto !important;
font-size: 8pt;

#s4-workspace-mod {

form {

However in the blank MySite, I noticed that if I select 'Edit page', I get into the page edit state, but the normal 'Page' toolbar in the ribbon doesn't appear. There's just a blank space where it should be. So I cannot e.g. stop editing among other things. I can however add web parts and so on.


My question is, is there any way to brand MySite with fixed width and centering without breaking the functionality?

To make things worse, I can't seem to be able to fix things once I broke them. I tried undoing my changes and resetting the master pages to the Site Default, however it did not fix the Edit page state. Is this broken permanently until a new My Site Host is created or what?

Moved MySites. Now suddenly while Search finds the user profile pictures, user profile pictures don'


We did an architectural change and moved MySites by creating a new MySite host, assigning it to the User Profile Service application and then deleting the old MySite host.

I'd like to avoid recreating the User Profile Service application. Is it possible to fix this UPS issue (I assume it's an UPS issue), without recreating UPS?

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