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Using Taxonomies in Orchard

Posted By:      Posted Date: May 22, 2011    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net
In this screencast, I will demonstrate how to use the Taxonomies module in Orchard to create a simple news site. Read More......(read more)

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Building my new blog with Orchard - Part 1

Several people have asked me if I would move my blog to Orchard. There are actually several challenges with this that have nothing to do with Orchard itself, but suffice it to say that right now I'm not really considering it. On the other hand, for a long time I've been wanting to create a second, more personal blog about movies, books, video games and opinions to clearly separate the software stuff from the rest. I've been posting several times on science, games and even on politics here but it always felt a little wrong and I felt obligated to tone it down seeing that this blog has a clear association with my employer, Microsoft. Anyway, the release of Orchard 0.5 looks like the perfect opportunity to create that new blog. I have big plans beyond just blogging for this site and the flexibility of the Orchard platform will be perfect for this. I will document the whole process here as it unfolds.I'm starting with a standard 0.5.144 zip release as downloaded from CodePlex. As I wanted to be able to do local module development that I would later deploy to my hosted account, I started by deploying into a local IIS 7 directory configured to run in the default ASP.NET 4.0 application pool. This way, I can point VS or WebMatrix to my local directory and hack new modules. My next step was to deploy the files to my hoster after convincing him to switch my site to the 4.0 app pool.

Building my new blog with Orchard - part 2: importing old contents

In the previous post , I installed Orchard onto my hosted IIS7 instance and created the "about" page. This time, I'm going to show how I imported existing contents into Orchard. For my new blog, I didn't want to start with a completely empty site and a lame "first post" entry. I did already have quite a few posts here and on Facebook that fit the spirit I wanted for the new blog so I decided to use that to seed it. The science and opinion posts on Tales of the Evil Empire always seemed a little out of place (which some of my readers told me quite plainly), and the Facebook posts were blocked behind Facebook's silo walls even though they were public. You still need a Facebook account to read those posts and search engine can't go there as far...(read more)

New RSS or ATOM feed for the Orchard Project !

You can now subscribe to the blog aggregation feed from the www.orchardproject.net home page in your favorite feed reader: http://orchardproject.net/blogs/atom http://orchardproject.net/blogs/rss Read More......(read more)

Building my new blog with Orchard - Part 3: one way to skin a cat

These last few weeks I've been refraining from starting any deep work on my new Orchard-powered blog because most of what I had in mind involved widgets, which are being built right now. Version 0.8 is just around the corner: the team is just putting the final touches to the new theme engine and to the widget system. In the meantime, there is still some work I could do that I knew would not be throw-away, and that is CSS. My objectives with this new blog is to reflect in design what the content is about and what it is not about. VuLu is about knowledge, science, art and philosophy. It's not about shiny gadgets, technology or engineering. That of course means I want nothing web 2.0 in here. Good thing as I don't have much love for rounded corners...(read more)

Migrating an Orchard site from SqlCe to Sql Express using WebMatrix


In this short video, I show how to use WebMatrix to migrate an Orchard site from using the file-based SqlCe to a SQL Express database.

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