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Joomla MD5 Hashes with Salt

Posted By:      Posted Date: May 22, 2011    Points: 0   Category :Windows Application

Hi, Im trying to upgrade someones e.com site, and have to migrate there users table data accross to SQL Server, does anyone know how to compare the Joomla password fields using .NET so far have not found the comparison - most examples do not include the salt, and none I have tried work, except for one application which authenticates from the Joomla DB structure, but Im not sure how to view the DLL source (JoomlaAuthenticationExample can't find the URL where I got this from, somewhere in the joomla forum).

the values in Joomla password fields are formatted as



b7352b63c5594547f50a52e4eb5fdc93:U3s8hmmi6Atd76nAD4TSq1WJ2zSg07Vd (Sorry posted the wrong row from the DB)

This should match "password"

Would appreciate some help


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Joomla And WebMatrix !!!


hello ,

I would like to know how to install or integrate Joomla in WebMatrix


thanks ,Laughing

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