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Create 'WebService' layer automatically

Posted By:      Posted Date: May 22, 2011    Points: 0   Category :Windows Application

Hi all.  is there a utility to automatically create the 'webservice layer' from an existing namespace?  I have several business objects, and I want to expose both the types and methods so that the consumer of the webservice can use the webmethods and also pass custom objects back and forth from the consumer to the webservice and back.  I believe there is something that will do this automatically, but I'm not sure what is available to do that.  Any help would be appreciated.



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Webservice using socket layer programming



   I want to access a webservice in asp.net programming. This webservice was done using socket layer programming and also i am having the ipaddress and port address. Did any one know about how to access webservice using socket layer and if know let me know how to access the webservice. Thank you

Workflow - automatically create discussion item using title field of of custom list item as its subj

Anyone any ideas as to how I can configure SharePoint to create a discussion item using the title of a list item. e.g. user creates list item on a custom list - SP automatically creates a Discussion thread for this list item in the discussions list. I'm guessing this can't be down OOTB . would I be looking at SPD or a coded solution ? regards, Counie

Create Dynamic WCF webservice



i need wizard that i can add service and it's methods dynamically (ie... i need interface that enable non-technical maneger to add service such as first step define protocol then add link to service next step get all methods and there classes and run sevice in dynamic interface so no re-build for soluation ) can some one help me when should i start ????

can use ProxyFactor?

best regard

How to create a wiki page by webservice??



Someone can tall me how to create a wiki page in sharepoint by webservice??

I need Detailed description of the steps!!!


how to create a restful webservice in mvc ?


i am working in asp.net mvc & want to create a restful web service.
Can you please let me know how can i create a restful web service in MVC & how can i use it ?
My requirement is :
i have an application server which send some parameters to web service & the web service should connect to remote server & return image on path (whose path will be generated by the parameters from application server).

Thanks in advance

Create Dummy WebService



I am new to WCF web service. I have only consumed the web services previously, so dont have much experience in developing webservices. My task here is to emulate a previously exsting web service but i dont have access to its source code. My basic requirement is that no changes should be made to the client application to incorporate the dummy web service.

I would like to have your suggessions regarding my approach. Some of the points (client application perspective) to note are:

1. From client application we add the reference through "Add Web Service" and  url i give is http://localhost/Dummy/DummyService.svc?wsdl. So my first question is can i go with WCF to acheive this?

2. The web service uses Request/Response model. We have to create request and response objects for each operations. How can I achieve this? Do I have to create Request and Response classes for each of the operations i expose through my webservice?

3. Operations are basically CRUD operations to a database. Can i achieve this in a similar way to what we usually implement using ADO.Net? Is there anything else that i should consider when it comes to web services?

It would be great if some body can help me.




Invoking .Net WebService automatically using URL


Dear all,

I have created a WebService in C# which accept 2 parameters.

What I want is to call the invoke the webservice from either

1. An Oracle Form


2. by just clicking on a url and pass the parameters throu the URL

Is it possible?

If so, please help me.

Many Thnks


Content Organizer - Target Location - Automatically create a folder for each unique value of a prope


I would like to create a content organizer rule to route documents from the drop off library to their final location in the document library.

I also want to create a subdirectory based off a metadata field, so that a folder gets created for each year.

There is a metadata field called "Document Classification Year".

I check the chebox to  "Automatically create a folder for each unique value of a property" and choose "Document Classification Year" as the field.

For "Specify the format for the folder name:" %2

I was hoping this would create a folder called "2010" if the meta data field "Document Classification Year" was entered as "2010".

But it creates TWO folders. The first folder it calls "Document Classification Year", the SECOND folder it calls "2010".

I don't need a folder called "Document Classification Year"! Just the folder "2010".

Can this be achieved without the content organizer??


how to create an image from webservice on desktop application


Hello Partners,

On desktop application I am uploading photos and storing physically on the webserver with the help of webservice and in DB I am storing physical path of that photo.

On the other hand, I want to download the images for later use at that time I am creating bytestream from the physical path and storing it in the dataset column whose datatype is VARBINARY(MAX)

I can return byte array which creates the images on the client side very easily.

The main problem I am facing here is, I am not able to convert the byte array into dataset's VARBINARY format.

I really will be thankful for ur help...

Create WebApplication using C# and also using Out of the box WebService?

How Create WebApplication using C# and also using Out of the box WebService? in SharePoin Foundation 2010

How to create a Login Page.aspx via WebService


Does anyone know where I could look to find how to create a simple login page.aspx via WebService? 

How to create 3 tier application using LINQ

As you know that in 3 tier architecture there are three layers

User interface layer. (Is our Form in Windows application and .aspx page in Web application)
Data Access layer. (Which provides interface between Business logic layer and Database)
Business Logic layer.(Which stores your application logic)

Create ToolTip for GridView Header

The following allows you to add a tooltip to the header links of your GridView, a feature that is lacking.

Create And Run Excel Macro At Runtime in C#

You've been tasked with writing a Windows Form application using the .NET Framework that interacts with Microsoft Excel. If you are new to working with Excel in .NET and are having trouble learning how to format certain cells or cell ranges, then this little tip will come in handy. Rather than scour the internet hoping to find the correct set of constants or method syntax for formatting your spreadsheet, use the built in tools in Excel to write the familiar VBA code for you. Then, you can paste the VBA code generated by Excel into the sample C# code below and run it dynamically at runtime.

Create and Use a Typed DataSet by Using Visual C# .NET

This article shows you how to create and use a typed DataSet in a small Web application. Typed DataSets, which inherit from the DataSet class, create first-class members of a DataSet's DataTables and DataColumns, yielding the many benefits that come with the use of strong typing.

Connestion string create any database server

This links important to how to create connection string to any data base sever.

Dynamically Create Controls in ASP.NET by Using Visual C# .NET

This article demonstrates how to dynamically create a control for an .aspx page. The sample project does the following:
Creates two TextBox controls.
Verifies that the contents (TextBox.text) and the attributes of the TextBox are saved across posts to the server.
Illustrates handling events that are posted by a dynamically-created control
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