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TCP and Apdu. Gemalto .net smartcard.

Posted By:      Posted Date: August 28, 2010    Points: 0   Category :.NET Framework
Good day guys I'm using a .net smartcard from Gemalto to create a smart card web server.  C# is used and the smart card API.  The API is based on the .net 2 framework but a lot of functionality is taken away.  A web browser should be able to connect to the smart card with http commands like any web server.  The problem I have encountered is that I can't use socket!  Httpchannels aren't supported.  The only remoting features I have are APDU channels.  Do anyone have a suggestion how I can solve my problem?  The confusing thing is that in the documentation it states: "Unified communications between smart card and host.  Consistent, reliable communication is enabled through the .NET Remoting communication mechanism.  This feature supports standard protocols such as XML, SOAP, and HTTP, as well as traditional 7816-4 protocol APDU commands." But in the API documentation it states: "The mechanism by which a client connects to the server is completely isolated from the marshalled object.  Conventional .NET remoting applications generally use either TCP or HTTP as the transport protocol for applications.  The .NET Smart Card Framework uses ISO 7816-4 as a transportation protocol for communication.  However, because the transportation protocol is isolated from the service object, a developer does not

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ContentInfo contentInfo = new

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