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Best way to learn MVC

Posted By:      Posted Date: May 22, 2011    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net

Hi. What's the best way to learn ASP.NET MVC? Can you point me to some free resources and tutorials? Thank you.

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learn basic about share point.

This learn basic about share point.

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Robert Bogue explains five reasons why you should make learning Microsoft SharePoint Technologies a priority, including its framework for user interface components and the embedded search engine.

Robert Bogue

MSDN Magazine December 2007

Distributed .NET: Learn The ABCs Of Programming Windows Communication Foundation


Windows Communication Foundation unifies the existing suite of .NET distributed technologies into a single programming model to improve the developer experience. This article introduces WCF so you'll be prepared to take advantage of all the new capabilities.

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Learn SharePoint 2010 Best Practices

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I'm pulling out my hair,hard to find a suitable mvc sample application to learn from

I've noticed several samples in the url:http://www.asp.net/mvc/application-developmentbut,nerddinner seems too hard for me ;MVC MusicStore cannot run in my computer. seems it use sql2008&i have sql2005 installed in my computerASP.NET MVC Storefront Starter Kit        even worse  after i've download the source code from codeplex as told by the author, just find that I  can not compiled it  in vs2010(it's deveplopped using vs2008)and it seems out of date(the project begun at 2008),actually i wanna find a sample written after 2010.And I hope the sample is classic   and easy to learn,  and the technology used should not turn out to be a past after a new version of mvc or .net framework released.Anyone can help me out?

Software needed to learn Sharepoint 2010 and silverlight?

Can I use VS 2010 Express to learn sharepoint 2010 and silverlight?

Need to learn how to change FONT SIZES within web parts through Sharepoint

I'm a new user to Sharepoint 2010 - have casually used Sharepoint Services since 2.0. I'm trying to find a way to change the FONT SIZE of Links in a LINK web part - there does not seem to be a user-friendly option for this.  How can I increase the font size of links in a LINK web part, so that the user can see them more easily?  Does it require something in Sharepoint Designer to do this?  If so - is there any info on easy steps to navigate Sharepoint Designer, to do a simple task like increasing a font size of the links?

Convert the Sql query to LINQ .. can anyone please help me I need it ASAP as no time to learn and im

 SELECT DISTINCT HP.PartNumber, HP.MIRevision, HPEXData.InstructionImage, EXAttr.PlacementImage from dbo.HardwareParts HP   INNER JOIN dbo.HardwarePartEXData HPEXData     ON HP.HardwarePartID = HPEXData.HardwarePartID   LEFT JOIN dbo.EXMIAttributes EXAttr    ON EXAttr.EXTypeID = HPEXData.EXTypeID   WHERE    HP.PartNumber = @PartNumber     AND REPLACE(SUBSTRING(HP.MIRevision, 1, 13),'.','') >= REPLACE(SUBSTRING(ISNULL(@PartRevision,''), 1, 13),'.','')    AND ISNULL(HP.ProjectID,'') = ISNULL(@SINumber,'')    AND (@ChassisIdentifier IS NULL OR HPEXData.EXMI_Type NOT IN ('Add In Card','Storage') OR EXAttr.ChassisIdentifier = @ChassisIdentifier)   END;anji

Where to Learn SQL Server?

Hi folks Can anyone help me know where one can get SQL Server 2008 Tutorialsfor beginers. I want to learn SQL Server but haven't found a site yet or a free PDF Bookthat offers tutorials. Regards William

Book to learn and Develop enterprise application using InfoPath with workflow in MOSS 2007

Hi all, I'm new to infopath forms and i dont find much articles to develop enterprise application (I'm coding for an ERP module). I have sys environement of MOSS 2007, windows 2008 (64 bit), MS SQL 2008  Though it is easy to design and publish form to a site,  devloping the form with more business rules and validation seems to be vague for me. So please refer a good book to find the deveopment procedures to master Infopath with workflow integration. it is quite urgent. Thanks Gomathi Sha   sharepoint development

ASP.NET Dev Trying to Learn MVC, Need Advice

Hey guys,SO - I'm the project leader of a .NET API wrapper for Chargify, and my project is hosted here. I'm trying to duplicate the ASP.NET Chargify Sample site and create an ASP.NET MVC version but I'm having a little trouble figuring out how to do a pattern I use in ASP.NET.In the ASP.NET site, all the pages that would need access to the API wrapper would inherit from ChargifyPage and then access the wrapper through the property "Chargify" and that works great. My question, is how is this pattern implemented in ASP.NET MVC? By gut feeling, is that I would be creating a base model that the other models would inherit from? Does that sound right?Thanks!Kori Francis, MVC Newbie 

Best resources to learn MVC


I've got a number of books, but all seem to get you to do things in a slightly different way. (Apress Pro ASP.NET MVC, Sams ASP.NET MVC, and a Manning book)

I've got to grips with the view, controller side of things, as I pretty much did that in PHP anyway, but it seems to be the model side of things where these books seem to go in their own direction.

I have one book telling me to use the entity framework wizard to create everything from an existing database. Then another book saying to create a model, put all the linq to sql stuff into it(I liked this), then use an IoC (castle windsor) to manage the connection between the model and the database, which involves creating a solution with multiple project within it, (model, UI, and interface).

It's actually getting a little confusing.

I was enjoying reading the Apress Pro ASP.NET MVC book, until it got to the point where it started talking about IoC, and wanted me to do something with castle windsor. At the minute, I don't particularly want to be relying on 3rd party stuff until I know the limitation of what .NET can provide.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

how can i learn writtin script in c# in sql script task

hi i want to learn how can i access each transformation and rows and columns that pass through it so basically i wan to learn how can i access each transformation using c#. is there any one know web sites, tutorial, anything help me to get started? thanks in advance

Any good website to learn by video?




I want to learn ASP.NET 4 and C# from scratch to intermediate at least. I want to follow videos. Do you know any good website even if it is paid, I have found this http://www.learndevnow.com but I am not sure about it, anyone tried it?



Do we have to learn esql in order to use EF?


I've just finish readding overview of EF  : http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/Aa697427 

And, I find that although we are freed from using sql, but EF bring in esql that we have to use to query entities.

Is it a must to use esql, can we use linq instead to do the same as esql does?

If it's a must, how long will it take to learn enough

how to learn asp.net ? (a big problem)


first of all, my english isn't my mother language but I hope you will understand..

I live in Israel and i'm 21old

when I was in high school I built this website http://www.gamesff.com by simple css&xhml..

before 5 month learned professional css&xhtml via this book


and via the web.

currently I want to learn Asp.net with C# 3.5  ! and I'm not sure what is the best way to learn.

I'm learning via this book

the problem is that this book learning only the fundamentals of each topic.  I want to be a professional asp.net  developer (as job)

I think to register to MCPD:

All this I have to learn !!


I am learning ASP.NET in the present and I have found that O have to learn C# or VB.NET and that is OK, I started learning one of them then I found I have to learn About SQL Server database and that was also OK and then I found I have to learn LINQ and then....


Oops! I have to learn all this? Tell me what should I learn if I want to be professional Web Developer?



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